Friday, June 22, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Japanese Government To "Apologize" For Withholding Radiation Maps (!)

I put up an article in this blog a few days ago that gave a very shocking revelation about how the Japanese government was provided with radiation data from the United States within days of the initial disaster at Fukushima, but failed to act in the best interests of the Japanese people by not providing them with that information!  

If the people had been aware of the initial dangers from the high radiation in the days right after the March 11th, 2011 disaster, many more would have been evacuated out of harms way.  But the Japanese government again was negligent in providing that data, and the potential consequences to the unaware populace around Fukushima could be catastrophic, with many potentially now dying of Cancer and other radiation caused ailments as a result!

Now, comes an interesting article from NHK online news, at, where the Japanese government has just come out now and "apologized" for withholding radiation maps from the Japanese public!   I have that entire article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own additional comments and thoughts to follow:

 Govt. to apologize for withholding radiation maps

The Japanese government will apologize to communities around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant for not disclosing radiation maps provided by the United States immediately after the accident last year.

Officials from the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency will visit Namie Town and other municipalities soon to explain what happened and offer an apology.

The move comes after officials from municipalities designated as no-entry zones criticized the government response. Science minister Hirofumi Hirano has said the government will review its handling of the matter.

The US government drew up maps showing the spread of radiation around the nuclear plant based on aerial surveys days after the accident.

The documents show high levels of radiation in areas to the northwest of the power station.

The government's move is seen as an attempt to ease distrust among municipalities as they are in the final stages of compensation negotiations with Tokyo Electric Power Company, the plant's operator.

Jun. 21, 2012 - Updated 23:21 UTC (08:21 JST)

NTS Notes:  To me, this is outright criminal.  To somehow save face and avoid a massive public outrage in Japan itself, the Japanese government comes out and "apologizes" for not giving the people the information necessary to warrant an evacuation?  In my view, I say screw the apologies and get the people out of that disaster area immediately!

If I was in Japan right now, I would definitely be outraged and demanding the resignation of the entire government in Tokyo for their woeful misconduct in this entire disaster.   There are still hundreds of thousands of innocent people living in the region of Fukushima, and their own government has basically signed their death warrants...

This goes beyond "distrust" and if more people now die of radiation poisoning as a result of the government's "negligence", then as far as I am concerned, the Japanese government should be charged with willful genocide of its own people...

It is time for the Japanese government to stop with their ignorance and this stupid apology, and instead call on the world to assist them in finding more permanent solutions for the horrific disaster at Fukushima.  That time is again long overdue...

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