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The Upcoming War On Iran: The Farce Of The P5+1 Meetings In Baghdad - US Senior Negotiator Rushes To Israel To Get Her Marching Orders!

The criminal and terrorist state of Israel desperately wants to get their nice little regional war against Iran off and running.   But we have seen in the last while that several roadblocks have occurred that has delayed them from launching their attack, and getting their American slaves to step in and do all the fighting for them.  One of those roadblocks is the negotiations going on right now, in Baghdad Iraq, by the so called "P5+1"  global powers including the United States, along with Iran, to try to reach a peaceful settlement on the non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons "threat".   The first  round of those negotiations supposedly ended yesterday, with some agreements in principle , and the nations involved are to reconvene sometime in the near future...

However, I came across a very startling report, from PressTV, at, that states that the American senior negotiator at that Baghdad meeting, Wendy Sherman, has suddenly, right after these first round of talks concluded yesterday, rushed over to Tel Aviv to meet with Israeli government officials for "consultations" (!). 

I have that PressTV report right here for my own readers to view for themselves, and I have some of my own comments to follow:

US negotiator at P5+1-Iran talks visits Israel for 'consultations' 
US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman
US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman

The senior American negotiator present at the recent talks between the major world powers and Iran in Baghdad has arrived in Tel Aviv for 'consultations.'

US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman is due in Tel Aviv on Friday “to reaffirm our unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security,” read a statement by the US Department of State.

The report did not elaborate on details pertaining to Sherman’s agenda during her visit to Israel other than stating that she would consult with the Israeli regime on regional issues.

The development comes following harsh criticism by top Israeli officials against Baghdad talks between Iran and the P5+1--Britain, China, France, Russia, and the United States plus Germany.

Iran and the P5+1 wrapped up their meeting in Baghdad on Thursday evening after two earlier negotiation sessions on Thursday and Wednesday.

The Iranian negotiating delegation was headed by Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili, and the delegations of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany were headed by the European Union's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier this week that world powers “must show determination, not weakness” and toughen their stance against Iran.

“They do not need to make concessions to Iran. They need to set clear and unequivocal demands before it: Iran must halt all enrichment of nuclear material. It must remove from its territory all nuclear material that has been enriched up until now and it must dismantle the underground nuclear facility in Qom,” he said.


NTS Notes:  Does anyone, besides me, see the problem with this?  To me, this shows again the total control of the US Government by the criminal state of Israel.

This Israeli slave woman has put forward the "official" claim that she is in Tel Aviv right now for "consultations", but even a complete moron can see that she is there to both disclose to the Israelis what went on in those meetings, and to get her new marching orders for the next round of "negotiations".   I can guarantee that the Israelis have again commanded their American slaves that there is to be "no deal" no matter what concessions the Iranians have to offer...

The fact that this traitor to America has rushed over to Israel to bow to her masters is bad enough.  But to disclose any delicate information that went on in those meetings in Baghdad should signal to the Iranians instantly that they are not in any time of fair negotiations at all.   What the criminals in both America and Israel basically want therefore is a complete surrender by Iran!

This to me shows that these "P5+1 negotiations" are absolutely nothing of the sort.  I do strongly believe that these meetings were called  to fool the world into thinking that talks to end the "nuclear stalemate" went on "fairly", only to have Iran reject any deal (surrender).    That way, these criminals would have one of their excuses to go ahead and  attack an innocent Iran.

Lets not be fooled. Israel wants war by all means possible.   It does not matter that Iran absolutely does not have any nuclear weapons at all, and is absolutely not a threat to anyone..... The insane maniacs in Tel Aviv  and Washington will attack, and risk World War III in doing so..... It is time for people everywhere to see the picture clearly and finally put a stop to this madness!

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