Sunday, May 6, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 6th, 2012

It is now Sunday, May 6th, 2012, and people everywhere around the world are finally waking up to the threat this planet faces from the impending collapse of the spent fuel rod pool above failed reactor#4 at Fukushima, Japan, primarily through the alternative press.  If anyone expects to see news on that life threatening event to be found anywhere in the Jewish controlled mainstream media, they can forget it!

There are those out there that have long tried to figure out what makes me tick... I can tell them that I am a very logical individual that is an absolute realist with no religious beliefs.. I gave up on the idea of religion years ago,and have never looked back. OK, there will be those that are shocked by my stating that, but I look upon religion as a crutch that has actually held back human development for thousands of years.  To those who have strong religious beliefs and are suddenly turned off by that statement, then all the power to you, and you can either continue reading, or go to other sites...

I sometimes wonder why I continue to do this blog and why I continue to spew out my rhetoric and views.   I have always had my own critics and it goes with the territory.  I have been called everything from the usual "anti-semitic" lies, to others such as "racist", "fear-mongerer", and even "piss poor" writer.   I say to those critics that if you do not like what you see, then why are you even here?  I actually do not mind healthy criticisms and I always say that if there is something that you do not agree with, or have issues with, my comment sections are always open...

Now that that is out of the way.. On to other issues at hand... I see that the insane Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Milikovsky, aka.. "Netanyahoo" has suddenly gone to extremes in trying to get his war against Iran off and running.  He has been pushing for his long sought after attack on Iran to take place sooner than later, and now his own Generals are questioning his leadership and there have been rumblings of a military coup possibly occurring in Israel itself that would (thankfully) remove this madman from office.   

The fact is, readers, that there has been absolutely no evidence at all of any Iranian "threat" to Israel, and because the world is waking up to that reality, these insane nuts in Israel may shortly attempt a false flag attack somewhere in the world, primarily aimed at America, to blame such an attack on Iran and get their American slaves to support their attack on Iran's nuclear facilities and possibly trigger World War III.

We have also seen in the last week a sudden call up of forces in the reserves of the IDF, and the rush to move them to the borders of Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria.   The reason is simple.. Something very big may be going down very soon, and Israel is preparing for major military operations.  

And we have the situation in Chicago, Illinois, that shows all the signs of being the target of a false flag attack on America.   There have been major training exercises taking place in Chicago itself for possible "biological" and "nuclear" attacks, and of course we have the training exercise in Milwaukee for the scenario of receiving "refugees" from Chicago.    With the NATO summit coming up very soon in Chicago, we definitely could be looking at an Israeli false flag attack to again be blamed on Iran!

I, like others, have been reading the alternative media reports of a possible nuclear attack on Chicago, using one of many stolen nuclear weapons from the US arsenal itself.  Many have forgotten about the flight out of Minot AFB in North Dakota a few years back where a B52 bomber was loaded with 6 nuclear tipped cruise missiles but supposedly only 5 arrived when it landed at another airforce base in Texas.   So what the hell happened to the 6th cruise missile and its warhead?

Reports have come out now showing that the missing Minot cruise missile warhead is a W80 warhead of approximately 100-150kt yield.  If such a weapon was to be used in Chicago, the blast would create a fireball a few miles in diameter, and kill at least 500,000 people instantly.   Personally, I could not even imagine these criminals using such a weapon and killing innocent people, but we must not forget that they cared not when they murdered 3000 on 9-11, and that to them, we are nothing more than sheep and cannon fodder for their wars for Greater Israel!

In other news... It is nice that the people of France have thrown that criminal and Mossad agent, Sarkosy, out of the office of President.. But I have some severe doubts that his replacement, Hollande, is any better. We must not forget that the Rothschilds originally planned to have their stooge, Dominique Strauss Kahn, to be the leftist leader, and the next President of France.  But because of his sexual exploits in NYC, the criminal Rothschilds had to find someone else, and I guarantee that they selected this Francois Hollande to be their leftist party man... So realistically, it did not matter who the French voted for, because both sides were controlled by Jewish interests,and France will continue to be under their evil criminal grip for years to come.

And about the rest of Europe... To me, the European Union is dead, and should have died years ago.  Nations cannot survive the Rothschild IMF imposed criminal austerity measures, and they all would be better off by breaking up the Union and going it alone.  They would also do themselves a world of good by doing what Iceland did, and tell the IMF to take their austerity measures and shove them up their butts!  As I said in my last rant, there is no way you can create money out of nothing without ruining economies.. There is no "11th marble"!

There are other issues that I could cover, but I will leave them for future rants.. So in closing, I will close here with my usual closing tidbits:  The US economy is in total shambles, and Barry Soetoro and Mitt Romney have no plans of saving the nation....  Israel is still a criminal and terrorist state.....Iran is a peaceful nation that means no harm to anyone.... Joseph Kony is still dead..... Osama Bin Laden, aka, Tim Osman is also still dead and did not write those recent "letters" unless he is a letter writing zombie!....Obama did not get Osama, in spite of his ego....The criminals running America will never allow Ron Paul to be President, because they will have him done in if he ever gets close....Radiation in the form of fallout is still falling all over the Northern Hemisphere now a full 14 months since the original disaster...Fluoride, Aspartame, Sucralose, MSG, and High Fructose Corn Syrup, should all be avoided at all cost....Vaccines also should be avoided at all cost... Man made Global Warming is still a massive fraud and swindle, and people should now know better...We still never put men on the moon......And finally:  The Kardashians are still lousy "skanks" and only there for mutton brained people with no lives!
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Anaughty Mouser said...

Every single fact in your 'rant' I fully agree with - except that there is no God.

Great rant!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how many people read your website and I don't blame you for wondering why you continue to keep the site going.I'm sure you have to deal with alot of troublemakers who don't want anyone speaking the truth. They are a bane.
I just wanted to say I appreciate your time and your work.
It is very difficult, and sometimes very discouraging, to hear the truth,but I'd rather have truth, however ugly it is, than lies and mendacity.
How the talking heads on tv smirk in our faces as they keep us in the dark about every important subject. Their lies are lies of omission mostly. But, they will commit lies of all sorts to keep us in the dark.
"Our" mainstream media has blood on it's hands.Lots of blood. They are disgusting.I look forward to the day all newspapers and tv news stations go out of business.I know that's a pipe dream, but at least more and more people are turning away from mainstream media.
Thank you for your work. Joe

Harry II said...

In what appears to be yet another Holohoax blackmail payment, Germany has sold six nuke-firing subs to Israel. I think #5 was just delivered.

So the tiny Zionist entity is capable of deploying massive nuclear firepower all over the world. This is highly suitable for an Israel-dominated globe.

As for saving the U.S. economy, the Powerz that crashed it to ensure Obama's election may now crash it again to ensure Romney's election. Obama's usefulness has been diminished, and Romney is just as much an Israel-firster as any Jew. Indeed, he has already built a shadow governing apparatus dominated by Jews that will take over on January 20. With either Obama or Romney, Jewish control continues without missing a beat.

We have been living under the Jew World Order for a long time already. The way out of it is not immediately apparent.