Thursday, May 3, 2012

Important Health News: Vaccines Are The Greatest Health Lie From Medicine!

It has been a while since I last put up an article pertaining to important health news, and for this article I found a real good subject to cover.  First, it must be said that I am not a proponent of mandatory vaccinations at all, and am dead set against anyone taking vaccinations voluntarily.  To me, the consequences from the dangerous side effects from the chemicals in the vaccines themselves is much more dangerous than the actual diseases that the vaccine is supposed to "immunize" the human body from.

It does appear that what we have always been told about vaccines is again proving to be nothing more than lies, because according to the following important article from Natural News, at, some major medical experts are now calling into question all vaccines themselves, and that they may actually be the greatest (health) lie from medicine!   First, I want to present that entire Natural News article right here for everyone to read and judge for themselves.  I have my usual additional comments to follow:

The greatest (health) lie from medicine

Thursday, May 03, 2012 by: Jonathan Landsman

(NaturalNews) Don't worry - vaccines are safe and prevent disease. (yea, right!) The notion that toxic poisons injected into the body of humans can save lives has conventional medicine completely brainwashed into false realities. In truth, many health experts like, Dr. Leonard Horowitz believe there is a hidden agenda behind all of these "mandatory" vaccines.

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Medical doctors have a warning for humanity

Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. was an American pediatrician opposed to water fluoridation, coronary bypass surgery, routine use of X-rays plus much more. Dr. Mendelsohn once said this about vaccines:

"Much of what you have been led to believe about immunizations simply isn't true. I not only have grave misgivings about them; if I were to follow my deep convictions in writing this chapter, I would urge you to reject all inoculations for your child."

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a leading natural health advocate has been warning about the dangers of vaccines for decades. In fact, Dr. Horowitz gives us plenty to think about - when he said:

"President Obama's science czar, John Holdren is the man who co-authored the book, Ecoscience (in 1977) calling for massive global depopulation using vaccinations to transmit sterilizing agents." If you find this hard to believe - look it up yourself BEFORE your next doctor appointment." (it's worse than you think)

Shocking vaccine history facts

Have you ever wondered how vaccines are created? Imagine urine, blood or feces from a sick human or animal cultured on diseased organ tissue and then "de-activated" with toxic chemical compounds, like aluminum and mercury. Does this sound like a healthy choice? Needless to say, knowledge is power and it could save your life.

Did you know that statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide NO evidence that any vaccine reduced the rate of any illness? For example, it's unscientific to believe that the small pox vaccine - "saved the world". In reality, only about 10 percent of the world's population received the small pox vaccine. So, how did NINETY percent of the world's citizens survive without a vaccine? I guess truth is stranger than fiction.

Alan Phillips, J.D. is a leading U.S. vaccine rights attorney. He advises individuals, families, attorneys, groups and organizations throughout the U.S. on vaccine exemption and waiver rights; supports legislative initiatives aimed at expanding vaccine freedom of choice; is published internationally on vaccine health and legal matters; and appears regularly at rallies, conferences, and on radio and TV shows discussing vaccine rights issues.

Alan is a featured guest monthly on Freedomizer Radio and Liberty News Radio, and a weekly co-host for Homeopathy World Community's Vaccination and Your Rights radio show. In addition, Alan is also a regularly featured writer for plus many other freedom oriented websites.

NTS Notes:  It is truly shocking to people when they find out the truth about exactly how they produce vaccines in the first place.

It is bad enough that vaccines contain a wide variety of dangerous chemicals, and to top it off, deadly Mercury to boot. There have been alarming incidents of horrific side effects from taking vaccines, including a very troubling rise in cases of autism, which has been linked to the Mercury used in vaccines themselves.

What has been bugged me lately is the massive push by the Pharmaceutical industry and medicine as a whole to have people vaccinated even against their wishes.  There has even been a push by many states in the United States to ban children from attending schools unless their parents produce records showing that their children have had the federal prescribed amount of vaccinations. That is also absolutely sickening and a clear violation of peoples' freedom of choice!

The bottom line is that modern research has shown that vaccinations do not work, and many of the vaccines actually help the diseases themselves take a better hold on the human body.  However, It is still up to each individual to decide for themselves if they want to roll up their sleeves and take a vaccine injection, and to possibly suffer the consequences of their action.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't recommend to anyone to get a flu shot. I got a flu shot last year. Three days after the shot, I came down with Bell's Palsy.
One loses control of muscles on one side of the face:can't close your eyelid, very difficult drinking liquid(no feeling in lips),strange numb feeling in face.
I look like a stroke victim.It's very draining and exhausting also. I was a healthy 55 year old, now I feel like I'm 75(not even a healthy 75).
To make a long story short: A nurse friend told me that Bell's Palsy is a side effect of the flu shot. She tells her patients not to get the shot. I admire her for that. She is not allowed to tell patients about any possible side effects,but she breaks the rule (at some risk to her job).
In the meantime,I will always have the palsy to one degree or another for the rest of my life.
Please stay away from flu shots.It's just not worth the side effects. Joe