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Great Article By Whitewraithe: "To Be Or Not To Be" ?

Over the years, I have established a very strong rapport with other people who have the same beliefs that I have.  We understand the importance of this fight for all humanity against the criminals out for our enslavement, and all know the importance of sharing that information amongst ourselves and with all of our readers.

One very close friend of mine is a fellow truth seeker: Whitewraithe, who hails from the southern United States.  Her work at the Pragmatic Witness ( is essential reading material for everyone, and I do implore that my own readers take the time to venture over to her site, and read her vast quantity of important information.   You will not be disappointed!

I want to present for everyone to see here, one of Whitewraithe's latest works, entitled: "To Be, Or Not To Be?", in its entirety.    I have some of my own comments about this amazing article to follow:

“To Be or Not To Be”?

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What do I mean; to be or not to be?  You either are, or you’re not.  It cannot be a question of black or white with shades of grey.  The inbetween will not save you, the country or the world from our common enemy.  We either tell the truth, all of it, warts and all, or, we deny the truth pretend it does not exist basically selling our souls to the devil.  Which would you prefer?  So, what am I talking about you ask?

Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple.  It’s complicated but not impossible to rectify.

First, we need to start with one basic truth.  America was not founded on freedom and  liberty for all its citizens and that fact has long been denied.  If all Americans, of all races, had been blessed with these gifts from heaven, I dare say that the nation would not be on life-support today, because we would have been a cohesive group of Americans fighting for the same causes and able to fend off any potential threat.  Our masters knew this and were able to insure that it would never happen on their watch.

Before I go further allow me to digress and say that every American; black, white, red and legal immigrant should now put their prejudices aside and come together to fight off an enemy that wishes for our demise every day.  We all are prejudiced regardless of our ethnicity.  It is human nature to want to be with other people that you identify with, yet, our enemy has taught the last few generations that way of thinking is prejudicial and politically incorrect.  However, they practice this way of life every day in their schools, their homes and their places of worship.  They are the most racist group on earth, but these days no one is willing to expose them.  How did our nation become so apathetically mute?

Again, I must refer to the enemy in our midst hidden behind a convoluted veil of partial reality weaving their way into our lives in every conceivable manner; to strangle our potential ability to realize just who they are and what purpose they have for destroying an entire nation.  They have lived amongst us for dozens of years maybe even as neighbors or colleagues but remaining silent about their lives and racist beliefs.  The horrible truth is that they are educated from birth to believe that they are better than everyone else, that they are in fact, superior to all other human beings.  In American culture, we call this racism; however, the enemy uses this premise as a foundation to teach this immoral value to their children.

The harsh reality is that these innocent children are taught that everyone else is cattle placed on the planet to serve only them.  Just uttering this truth is fighteningly surreal and a little extraordinary in the 21st century, where it was thought that mankind would be past his barbaric, brutal tendencies; reaching a more enlightened, harmonious path.  What we never contemplated, though, was that the ones who rule over us would have no reason to sacrifice their propensity for evil and suffering.  Most remain in a perpetual time-warp living in the past glory of their ancestors never prospering in humane growth, but like a parasite forever feeding off the works of others.

Personally, I did not discover whom the enemy actually was until a short seven years ago.  I thought the same as most Americans that they were ultra wealthy people who had lost touch with humanity and consumed with greed.  Unfortunately, the enemy is more complicated and difficult to understand, much less recognize in our police state, politically correct culture.  By the way, they created this climate so that we would be far less able to discover them.  Thankfully, they were discovered along with their plans by some of the most brilliant minds of our day.  The only problem that remains is for the average American to arise from his apathetic slumber, open his eyes and become aware that an evil monster beyond his comprehension is gearing up to slaughter him and his loved ones.  It’s that simple.

Ultimately, we are left with making extremely unfavorable choices that will effect our lives now and in the future.  Waking up to the real reality of our world is a cold slap in the face because the innocence is forever gone; no more looking through rose colored glasses.  It also means that rational, caring people will want to warn others with the knowledge they’ve gained.  Remember knowledge is power, which is why those in power remain at the top of the pyramid.  When the truth is revealed people tend to shy away and go hide under a rock.  It’s too uncomfortable to hear and even harder to accept.  Face the fact that you will not be successful every time you reveal the truth; about 50% will simply not believe you. The trick to success is being thankful for the “other” 50% that you woke up.  Tenacity and vigilence will win the day.

Always keep in mind that our mutual enemy has been smarter and much more successful than most other Americans.  They’ve literally cornered the market on everything that can be bought and sold and that includes human beings.  They control the government with an Ivanistic hand that cause our elected officials to cower in their boots; their perpetual, corrupt control of the educational system has dumbed down the nation for the last several generations producing high school graduates incapable of reading or writing.  Their sleazy entertainment forever perverted our Christian morals and values which has resulted in more single-parent homes and divorce than ever previously recorded.  And lets not forget the crime industry; did you know they fund both sides, just as they do in war?  While they’re outfitting police departments with the most modern equipment and armament, they are also supplying the drugs and other vices turning our cities into filthy criminal cesspools.  Therefore, we have to become better educated to have, at least, an equal opportunity on the battlefield, if we want to win.

With the most recent legislation in Washington it’s more than apparent that I’ve placed not only my own life but maybe the lives of my family at risk just by writing this blog.  Most would cease and desist.  Well, I am not most people.  I’ve always been on the outer fringes because I refused to conform to rules that were unjust and unfair.  Plus I’ve always rallied for the underdog.  For me and regardless of the circumstances, I choose “to be” a vigilant fighter for truth, freedom and liberty for all people everywhere.

As for the enemy in our midst, figure it out; then make a choice while you still can.

Remember; the cost of freedom is always high.


NTS Notes:  We all know by now exactly WHO the "enemy" is, as stated in this fantastic article,  and I see not the need to call them by name here....

I have now known Whitewraithe for several years, and I can state here that she does have the passion shown in this article, and is definitely a lady who stands behind her convictions.

One final note: Whitewraithe and I are planning some podcasts and other shows in the near future that I know will be for great listening by everyone... So stay tuned...

More to come


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