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The Global Warming Fraud: Now The Global Warming Fraud Artists Are Claiming That Permanent Economic Recession (Depression) Is Needed To Tackle Threat Of Global Warming!

Almost everyone other than a rapidly dwindling number of hard headed nuts now knows that the entire Global Warming push is nothing more than a massive fraud and swindle.  The proponents of the Global Warming scam are criminals pushing for the public to pay into Carbon taxation schemes that will see the fraudsters themselves get rich, while others could see their dream of a One World Government take shape where they are the masters of all mankind, and we are to be nothing more than slaves.

But it seems that the scam artists behind the Global Warming fraud are now at the point of desperation in trying to get a more skeptical public behind their lies, for according to this article, from the website: Haunting The Library, at, the warmist "Scientists" are now saying that our world must be put into a permanent recession (depression) economically to tackle the "threat" of "Global Warming"!

I want to present that article here for everyone to see for themselves the ridiculous levels that the fraudsters behind the Global Warming fraud are now reaching.  I have my usual comments to follow:

Warmist “scientists” claim permanent recession needed to tackle threat of global warming

Who would have thought it? Warmist “scientists” have published a study claiming that in order to prevent catastrophic global warming we need permanent deep recession:
“If ‘business as usual’ conditions continue, economic contractions the size of the Great Recession or even bigger will be needed to reduce atmospheric levels of CO2,”
Science Daily – Global Warming: New Research Blames Economic Growth.
So rather than trying to restart the economy, and create jobs, put money in people’s pockets, and stimulate growth, we should be hoping and praying for never-ending depression? Well, not quite. The study stops short of making concrete recommendations, but it is insistent that “enormous changes” need to be made to the way the world and it’s economy are run.:
To break the economic habits contributing to a rise in atmospheric CO2 levels and global warming, Tapia Granados says that societies around the world would need to make enormous changes.
Granados doesn’t say in the study what sort of  changes to the world economy that he believes is needed. But he does elsewhere. As, for example, in the online Marxist magazine, The Monthly Review.  There he argues that the current capitalist system “has to die to allow for human progress” such as dealing with supra-national issues such as global warming. Threats such as these are so serious, he believes, that not only capitalism, but also national government must go. Only world socialism, it seems, can save us:
capitalism will have to disappear to allow for a system more in agreement with the present stage of human civilization.  That stage has led us to form a global society in which national states and governments have become historical relics, increasingly unable to cope with worldwide problems that require worldwide solutions.
Monthly Review: Green Shoots, Profits, and Great Depressions.
So they you have it. Capitalism and national government both have to go. Strange how “the science” of global warming always seems to end up “demanding” that world socialism is implemented immediately, isn’t it?

NTS Notes:  After reading this article, I actually laughed so loud that I fell off my chair!

Again, readers, this is how desperate these criminals truly are in that they are now trying to link economics to their swindle.

Mike Rivero at the website: What Really Happened, at, has a pretty good assessment of this entire scenario, and I want to present it here:

This is a pathetic attempt by the money-junkies to make you think that the Wall Street Mortgage-backed securities fraud that destroyed the entire western economic system was somehow a good thing.

I would agree with Mike's assessment in that the money junkies and criminal Jewish bankers are now looking for their excuses for creating the nightmare that we are presently in, and may try this scam in trying to link it to the Global Warming fraud....   It is truly pathetic....

And where is the mastermind behind the Global Warming fraud these days, Al Gore?   It does seem that he and his cohorts have been sussed out and are no where to be seen... For if he shows his face in public these days, he faces nothing but ridicule from people that now see him for the con artist he truly is!

Again, as before, it is time to put this entire sham of Global Warming out of our lives, and concentrate on other more important issues, such as actually saving the world from full economic collapse, and preventing the potential life threatening catastrophe at Fukushima from taking place...

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