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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: What The HELL Was Stored At Reactor #3? TEPCO Officials Say Reactor #3 Has Doors That Should Not Be Disclosed For The Issue Of "Nuclear Material Protection" (!)

Ever since the initial disaster at Fukushima back on March 11th, 2011, there have been a wide variety of articles that have speculalted as to exactly what the plant was actually for, and WHY there was Uranium Oxide-Plutonium stored at Reactor#3 at all.   It is a fact that when reactor #3 blew sky high last March, much of that deadly material entered the environment and has been contaminating the entire Northern Hemisphere since.

Jim Stone came up with some interesting revelations that the entire Fukushima facility was a facade, and that it was actually being used for a clandestine Japanese nuclear weapons program.  Many people have since dismissed his ideas as pure bunk, but from what I have seen, he may have some real credence to his arguments...

To show everyone again that what we have been told about Fukushima, and especially reactor#3 may not be quite what the government and our media are willing to divulge, I want to present a new article that comes from ENE News, at where TEPCO officials are now clearly stating that Reactor#3 has "Doors that should not be disclosed for the issue of nuclear material protection" (!).   First, I have that ENE News article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have some of my own comments to follow:

Tepco: Reactor No. 3 has “doors that should not be disclosed for the issue of nuclear material protection” (VIDEO)

Published: May 10th, 2012 at 8:43 pm ET
By ENENews

Follow-up to:

Tepco spokesman questioned during May 10 press conference by Journalist Ryuichi Kino with translation by Fukushima Diary:
Kino: Since last year, Tepco has been taking some videos of Fukushima plants. Is it possible to disclose all of them?
Kino: Tepco entered reactor 3 on 9th of June (6/11 ?), is that video disclosed there too?
Tepco: We disclosed a part of the video, but we decided not to disclose the rest for the nuclear material protection.
Kino: Was that decision made by Tepco?
Tepco: Yes we did.
Kino: Does that mean it was not the nuclear agency to have decided not to disclose it for the issue of nuclear material protection?
Tepco: The video included the doors that should not be disclosed for the issue of nuclear material protection, so we made that decision by ourselves. [...]

NTS Notes:  Sorry, but I don't buy this one bit, and I smell a cover up.   To me, it may appear that Jim Stone may have actually been absolutely right all along about what this facility actually was...

Simple logic should tell everyone that something is terribly amiss when it comes to the entire Fukushima disaster if they are suddenly needing to hide some important pieces of information about exactly what was stored at one of its reactors.

When this disaster first occurred, I too was led to believe that it was a nuclear power plant that was rocked by both an earthquake and a tsunami and failed due to these natural disasters... Since that time, we first learned about the Israeli Stuxnet virus which could have ruined Fukushima's safety systems, and how an Israeli firm was in charge of security for the entire Fukushima facility.   Then we find out about when reactor#3 blew up, it spewed MOX fuel containing Plutonium into the environment, and people should have been asking why the HELL there was Plutonium there in the first  place.

Jim Stone and a few others came forward months back and said clearly that the entire idea of Fukushima being a "power station" was a fraud and that it was actually a nuclear bomb material making breeder plant.  People may have laughed at those assertions back then, but with this latest tidbit showing a coverup, I guarantee that fewer are laughing now!

If Fukushima proves to be a clandestine nuclear weapons facility, I guarantee heads will roll..... As more evidence comes forward about this mystery, I will bring it forward here for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned..

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Citizenfitz said...

Very intersting NTS. I hadn't heard that (the nuclear weapons) angle before; but it's perfectly clear something strange is going on over there.