Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Nuclear Expert Says If Reactor #4 Spent Fuel Rod Pool Goes, Then Prepare To Move South Of Equator!

I have long been trying to convey as many truthful articles about the dire situation with the Fukushima nuclear disaster to the readers of this blog for the last year as they became available.  It is a fact that with the liars in our own government and our controlled media absolutely refusing to report any truthful information about the situation with the crippled reactors at Fukushima, it has fallen on the alternative press, and bloggers such as myself, to make the real information available for everyone to see for themselves.

Arnie Gundersen is a nuclear expert who writes columns for Fairewinds (, and has been giving his own expert opinions about the real situation at Fukushima for alternative news sources.   Recently, Arnie gave a very startling report on what will happen if and when the spent fuel pool of some 1560 nuclear fuel rods was to collapse, and the synopsis is absolutely terrifying!   I have a short video first for everyone to see for themselves that gives Arnie's advice on what to do if that fuel pool fails, and his outlook is for everyone to take their families and plan to move south of the equator!

First, here is that short Arnie Gundersen video for everyone to see, and listen for themselves.  I have my usual additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Again, I can understand fully now why the governments and media are refusing to report the truth about this deadly scenario.  It has been done as to not create a general state of panic for many of the people living all over the northern hemisphere.

I remember years ago watching a very shocking and disturbing end of the world movie called "On The Beach" that dealt with survivors of a nuclear catastrophe in Australia knowing that their own existence was about to end due to radiation coming to the southern hemisphere from the northern hemisphere.   I had always thought that such a situation would never happen and people would do what is necessary to avoid such a catastrophe. Now we have that possible scenario happening if that fuel pool at reactor 4 in Fukushima collapses!

I am one that is on nations wanting war in other parts of the planet to stop their stupid insanity immediately and work with all other nations to solve the life threatening crisis at Fukushima immedately.   Petty bickering and fighting for space on this planet will be for naught if there is no space to fight for!

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Concerned said...

It just dawned on me, after all this time, and all the reading I have done, I don't ever recall hearing of tsunami warnings being issued after the quake. Yet, they are issued with every other earthquake to happen in impoverished nations in South East Asia. So a highly technological nation doesn't posses this sort of capability???

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