Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Charlie The Tuna Glows In The Dark

One personal note: I have been taking some time away from this blog for the last while to take care of some personal and work related business.   It has therefore been hard to keep up with all the important news that has been coming our way even more rapidly than ever before... So bare with me while I have some catching up to do!

Everyone in the real truth movement and those who now follow the alternative press and blogs to get their real news knows by now about the astounding situation that was just reported the last few days concerning radioactive fish caught off the coast of California that are laced with radioactive Cesium isotopes.   It is surprising that most of the so called "mainstream" media has not said much about these alarming reports, since the implications could be devastating to the entire Pacific Ocean itself!

I came across the following report from my friend, Noor, who writes the blog "Snippits And Snappits" ( entitled: "Charlie The Tuna Glows In The Dark".   This report perfectly summarizes the alarming situation with radioactive tuna caught off of California, and I want to share this report with my own readers here.   I have some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. Now on to a story that ~ tragically ~ just won't go away: The Fukushima Nuclear crisis. 
Tragically, it will never go away.
Radioactive fish are now swimming in U.S. waters. Scientists have ~ for the first time - discovered Blue fin tuna that were contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan last year ~ swimming off the coast of California. Radioactive cesium ten times above the normal level was found in the fish ~ though health officials say the levels are too low to be considered a health threat. 
Then again ~ no amount of radiation is good for you. 
Meanwhile ~ back at the crippled nuclear plant ~ a bulge was detected in the walls of reactor four ~ increasing fears that the structure holding tens of thousands of highly radioactive spent fuel rods is not sound. 
Should the reactor four building give way ~ it could trigger a nuclear disaster even worse than Chernobyl. 
But never fear America, you, too, have your own huge stockpiles of spent rods.

NTS Notes:  I have been watching some of the video reports from MSNBC and CNN about this situation, and again I am surprised about how they are quick to dismiss it as nothing to be concerned about.   But people must be aware that radioactive Cesium isotopes are toxic, and consuming these radioactive contaminated fish can lead eventually to the development of Cancer...

I put up articles months back saying clearly that what we are witnessing is the death and destruction of the north Pacific Ocean itself.    Hundreds of millions of people are dependent on the fish caught in the Pacific for their daily food intake, and now they may have to avoid that staple for decades to come....

One other note... The failed reactors at Fukushima are absolutely not under control, no matter what our criminals in our government and media continue to spew otherwise.   These failed reactors are spilling their radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean, and that situation will not change for years to come.   Therefore these reports of radioactive tuna caught off of California are only the beginning... The worse is yet to come!

More to come


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