Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Arnie Gundersen Discusses Dangerous Situation With Mike Adams, The Health Ranger!

I have spent months warning people that the situation at Fukushima is indeed dire, and now it does appear that more are finally listening.  However, we still have the mysterious and very troubling silence coming from both our Jewish controlled media sources as well as our criminal governments.   Again, it does appear that these groups are doing everything to keep the public misinformed on exactly how deadly the situation truly is!

I came across the following article from ENE News at, and I wanted to share it with everyone who reads my own blog, and to share some of my own personal opinions.  This article is entitled: "Nuclear Expert: Tokyo radiation data “terrifying” after Fukushima meltdowns — US knew city was in jeopardy since beginning and didn’t warn people (VIDEO)", and I want to share it with everyone here to view and see for themselves.  The video interview enclosed in this article between Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger" who edits the important site: Natural News, at, and Arnie Gundersen from Fair Winds, at, is absolutely worth the time to view.  I have my own comments of course to follow:

Nuclear Expert: Tokyo radiation data “terrifying” after Fukushima meltdowns — US knew city was in jeopardy since beginning and didn’t warn people (VIDEO)

Published: May 12th, 2012 at 3:55 pm ET
By ENENews

May 11, 2012

“Gundersen is chief engineer of energy consulting company Fairewinds Associates and a former nuclear power industry executive” -Wikipedia
At 10:30 in
FOIA requests from NRC [...]
They had data from the roof of the embassy in Tokyo in the first week that was terrifying, yet they never made that information public.
We had a business man in Tokyo who was staying on the same block as the embassy take a sample from the rooftop of his hotel and levels were hotter than a pistol, and this was six months after the accident.
We have known that Tokyo was jeopardized at the beginning of this accident, since it was happening, and really didn’t do much to warn the citizens.

NTS Notes:  Yes, I do know that this video comes from Alex Jones`: "Infowars" website, that I do not support...But it is probably one of the best interviews that Arnie Gundersen has done in a very long time, and the information that he presents is absolutely essential for everyone to listen and understand exactly what is going on at Fukushima that our own governments and media refuse to divulge.

The simple fact is that what we are told about Fukushima from our Mainstream media is total bunk.   As Arnie Gundersen states, if that spent fuel rod pool above reactor#4 does collapse, before governments stop their stupid bickering and actually do something to prevent the collapse, then we are looking at a very possible human extinction level event.

It is so imperative that everyone share this information with everyone possible.  We MUST stop all of the BS push for new wars of aggression and instead divert that money to taking care of the disaster at Fukushima immediately.   The world can no longer sit back and wait!

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