Wednesday, May 9, 2012

12 Year Old Canadian Patriot, Victoria Grant, On Press For Truth TV

A month ago, I put up an article that contained a video of a brave young Canadian woman, Victoria Grant, who gave a startling and very truthful speech in front of some 600 businessmen and women explaining to them the absolute truth about our entire banking system, and how it is nothing more than an elaborate hoax and swindle.  That article should have gone viral, but for those who have not viewed it, I have the link here for everyone to see.

The fact is, readers, that what we all have been taught to believe about our entire monetary system and our entire financial system as a whole is a massive LIE  that most people are absolutely totally unaware of.   Our present banking system is not owned by the people at all, but is run by a private consortium of bankers that basically prints our money out of thin air and charges usury interest for the usage of their fake money by the general public.   What we are seeing today as a result of that elaborate system of interest (usury) debt based money is a corrupt system on the verge of total collapse, primarily due to an outrageous amount of  un-payable debt owed to these con artists behind this corrupt scheme...

I have long said through many articles within this blog that throughout history every single country that has adopted a system of usury debt based money eventually collapses because of the crushing debt that is created and can never be paid back.  Our present financial system is right now on the verge of such a collapse unless we take drastic action to rectify the monetary system by taking it out of the hands of those private criminal bankers.

Right now, I want to present a follow up video interview that was just recently conducted between Press For Truth TV and Victoria Grant, for everyone to see here for themselves right here.... I have additional comments to follow:

Now I also want to present a video of Victoria Grant speaking in front of some US business men and women, at a Public Bankin in America conference on April 27th, 2012 for everyone to see right here:

NTS Notes:  I have not given up hope for nations such as Canada, and especially the United States, that the citizens will finally learn the truth about this massive "ponzi" scheme of criminal private banking, and remove these criminals from our lives.  

The first step is quite obvious for everyone for saving our nations... STOP the payment of the debt owed to these banking swindlers immediately!   Because the debt was criminally obtained in the first place through their usury interest, we owe them absolutely NOTHING!

The second step is obvious.  Start issuing currency immediately that is printed by the government itself and absolutely debt free.   Remove the printing of currency by private banking immediately and forever.

The third step is for the passage of laws that forever disallows any private banks from issuing money, period.  They cannot be trusted to ever try to re-impose a criminal usury system on the general public, so laws must be in place to prevent such greed from ever rearing its ugly head again.

We can all learn from this young lady, and do our parts in informing the uninformed about the true nature of our corrupt financial system.   It is imperative that everyone take this information and spread it around for everyone to see, because right now, we are all on the verge of a total world wide economic collapse due to our criminally corrupt private banking system.

Victoria Grant, for such a young lady, is extremely bright and can see what most Canadians are not even aware of.  If any more video presentations of her work comes available, I will definitely bring it into this blog for everyone to see for themselves...Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the post. Your web site is very good - many thanks.

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Unknown said...

Great interview. Smart girl.

I would like to ask the bankers "are you smarter than a 5th grader?"