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More Real History Revealed: Japan's Atomic Bomb Project!

I am truly sickened by the lies that we have been taught about our history.   I am someone who has spent years now carefully going over our fraudulent so called "recorded" history, and re-evaluating what we have been taught in our equally fraudulent so called education system. 

After closer re-examination of the great wars of the last century, I have found what has been written gives a very bent and biased interpretation about the events and results of those wars.   We all have had our minds filled with massive lies about the winners and losers and about what these wars were actually all about and what our fore-fathers actually fought them for...   I therefore write this blog to bring forward truthful alternative views about such history.... 

We have all been led to believe that through the work of the American Manhattan Project from 1942-1945 that the United States of America was first to develop nuclear weapons with first a successful test at Trinity New Mexico on July 15th, 1945, and then the subsequent dropping of nuclear devices on both Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, and Nagasaki, on August 9th, 1945, in Japan.  These atom bomb drops killed some 300,000 innocent Japanese civilians, and helped to bring the second World War to a "successful" conclusion.  That is what the official history books say....

But it does seem that what is not known to the general public, is that the Japanese during the second World War had been secretly working on their own nuclear weapons program, and their program reached a successful conclusion with the test firing of their own nuclear device on an island off the Korean Peninsula on August 12th, 1945.  America may have won the race in being the first nation to explode an atomic bomb, but it seems the Japanese were definitely a close second....

First, I want to present a little known documentary series that actually came out a few years back that gives some great revelations into Japan's Atomic Bomb program during the second World War.  It is entitled: "Japan's Atomic Bomb" and comes in 5 parts.   First, I want to present the entire video series right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course I have my own comments to follow:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

NTS Notes:  Before everyone dismisses as fantasy this idea that the Japanese actually built and test fired their own nuclear device at the end of the second World War,  I must ask them to take a close look at an article that I put up just while back where the revelation of Japan's nuclear test on an island near Hungnam, on August 12th, 1945, in what is now North Korea was actually admitted by the US State Department as a test of a "partial atomic bomb"....You can read the article here....(section on Japan's WW2 atom bomb project)

The bomb that was tested by the Japanese in North Korea on August 12th, 1945 was most probably an Uranium 235 gun type device much like the one dropped on Hiroshima, but smaller in the 5-10kt range.   Evidence of that explosion would most probably still be found even today on the island off of Hungnam...But sadly, that island is in isolated North Korea at present and off limits to investigation...

Now there may be those who will continue to stick to the notion that Japan in World War II lacked the material and the know-how to build nuclear devices.  Many will point at the some 25 billion dollars spent on the US Manhattan Project as proof that little Japan could not possibly have developed their own nuclear device.   What I say to these people is that there was absolutely no lack of know-how at all in the Japanese scientific community, but the only things lacking were in fissionable material, a safe place to construct the device, and time to put the pieces together... With Korea safely not bombed by the Allies, and with the scientific know-how in place, there is logic in assuming that they could have done it even with a small amount of fissionable material!   What happened with their successful test firing on August 12th, 1945 is that the Japanese simply ran out of time, and surrendered to the United States two days later....Afterwards, the facts of the Japanese atomic bomb were purposely hidden from the public eye.

This is an important piece of history that everyone should know about.  We had been taught in our false history that America was vastly superior to Japan during World War II in scientific knowledge and development, and therefore stood alone at war's end in developing the atom bomb. True history shows otherwise...

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Dublinmick said...

The ainu were a European type ethnic group who lost their living space to the present day Japanese and are now crowded on a small northern area of the territory.

The invaders of Japan were the Khazars or known in biblical times as the Edomites. They moved into the mideast and toward Poland when Alexander the Great tried unsuccessfully to surround them. Many fled toward the east and were routed by Ghengis Khan and took silk road onto Japan where they displaced the Ainu.

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Japan dent a delegation to the US Embassy in Bern in May of 1945 with a note of absolute surrender. It was refused, because the US wanted to use the bomb to wave a nuclear stick at the emerging USSR.

BTW: have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

I used to accept the American version of history that the dropping of the bomb on Japan was an unfortunate necessity that saved more lives in the long run.
However, I revised my opinion when I learnt that the majority of the Japanese Catholic community lived in Hiroshima in Nagasaki.The fact virtually all the Catholics in Japan were obliterated in a few minutes by a jewish fabricated bombs was too much of a coincidence for my liking.
The history of Catholicism in Japan is fascinating. The Catholic communities survived for about 250 years despite persecution and having no access to the Mass, priests or Sacraments.
I am not and never have been a fan of Japanese society. The atrocites committed in the second World War were far worse than anything the Germans are supposed to have carried out but they have conveniently been swept under the carpet.
For years we have been led to believe that the Japanese were a superior people and civilsation but the mess they have made of the Fukushima crisis has highlighted the deficiencies of their culture, attitudes and intellect.

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***Breaking: Nuke Stolen From Germany, 3 Others Missing"""