Monday, April 30, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: "Sachiko" Japan Radiation Fears

The situation with the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima has not become any better than a year ago.  And in fact, from what we are really seeing going on there, the situation is actually much worse!    The spent fuel rod pool above crippled reactor#4 is still in danger of collapse, and there is absolutely nothing the TEPCO officials can do right now to bring the situation under control until new methods of overcoming the deadly radiation are developed.  That could take years....

I and others have long said that what we are getting from our governments and our controlled media that they pass off as"news" about Fukushima has been nothing more than outright lies.  These criminals absolutely do not want the truth about how dire the situation to become known.   It comes down to a twisted thinking and an old saying that what the public does not know, can not hurt them!

I came across a new video today that I definitely want to share with all of my own readers.  It is an interview with a young Japanese woman who is trying to remain "anonymous" but is going by the name of "Sachiko".  In this interview, you will see for yourselves how many of the people of Tokyo are really viewing the disaster at Fukushima, in spite of what the media and government wants to portray.   First, here is that video, and of course, my additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The revelations made by this young woman are indeed shocking.  It does appear that many more people are suffering the effects of radiation than what the Japanese government is actually admitting.

She is also absolutely correct that there is no chance of any evacuation of the Tokyo metropolitan area.  It is physically impossible to move some 40 million Japanese residents out of that area, because there is nowhere for them to go!   The Japanese islands are already on the verge of severe overpopulation, and to suddenly try to find room for 40 million refugees in what little area is left and uncontaminated by Fukushima radiation is beyond Japan's capabilities.  So what we are left is for the entire Tokyo region to suffer the long term effects of radiation exposure along with millions potentially dying of Cancer and other radiation caused diseases in the near future.

Her perspective on how Japan made the mistake of building nuclear power stations is not entirely correct.  The problem itself has always been the TYPE of nuclear power stations, primarily the light water reactor GE design that are used at Fukushima.   These type of reactors are a disaster waiting to happen. 

I have always viewed the Japanese as resourceful people and that they would have long looked at safer nuclear power based on Thorium as an alternative to Uruanium/Plutonium based reactors.  But as in previous articles, there are still a lot of questions about the plant at Fukushima itself and whether or not it was secretly a fast breeder reactor for the production of weapons grade Plutonium as premised by Jim Stone and others.   If that is true, then Japan is paying dearly for that act of sheer ignorance and folly.

As this brave young woman says... This disaster is absolutely far from over, and the Japanese people will pay dearly for it.    As more information comes available about the disaster at Fukushima, I will of course try to bring it here for everyone to see for themselves... Stay tuned...

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