Friday, April 27, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Interesting New Video: Officials Inspect Reactor #4 At Fukushima (!)

The situation at Fukushima Japan, especially with the dire circumstances surrounding the spent fuel rod pool above reactor #4, has not changed.   It is truly amazing that much of our media, and the criminals behind our government stooges, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a mass extinction possibility for this entire planet if and when that spent fuel rod pool collapses and releases radiation on the scale of some 100X the worse case experience with the disaster at Chernobyl, in the former Soviet Union.

I want to present a very startling video, that was released just a few days ago, that shows officials and nuclear experts examining the damage to reactor #4 at Fukushima for everyone to see for themselves.  The language is of course in Japanese, and there is no translation... But the pictures do speak for themselves.  Here is that video for everyone to see for themselves:

NTS Notes: I want to present the narration by the author of this video that gives a bit of analysis of what we see in this video here:

The video was taken when the deputy minister of the Cabinet Office visited the plant on April 24, 2012. He went inside the reactor building to inspect the support structure for the Spent Fuel Pool, and went up to the operation floor to view the SFP.

Around unit four, moves to unit 4 2nd floor, bottom of Spent Fuel Pool #4, and on to the 5th floor of reactor 4. What an Absolute NIGHTMARE!!!

I would love to hear what they are saying. Notice under spent fuel pool #4 the "braces" supporting the spent fuel pool? Is That really what it looks like... tinker toys supporting a tipping nuclear reactor spent fuel pool? OMG........ (Japanese)

I find the evidence presented in this video to be shocking.. It seems that the only thing preventing a total catastrophe for the entire Northern Hemisphere appears to be some rough braces like those used for scaffolding!  ONE huge earthquake and the braces will definitely fail, and we will see an unimaginable catastrophe on our hands..

But I am puzzled by what I see in this video to start with.. There have been reports that the radiation levels around the entire Fukushima facility is way too high for any humans to actually approach or go inside without basically doing so knowing full well that it is suicide.. So, why are these fools even in there to start with?  OR...There is another possibility that this entire video is a fraud and these officials are actually not in that failed reactor at Fukushima at all..  That would mean that this video if a fake is a propaganda stunt to try to calm the public nerves and falsely show that there is no danger at all....

Readers, the deadly situation at Fukushima is absolutely real, and very alarming.  We have been given little news from officials and our controlled media, and that is what has worried even me.... We must be given the truth about what is going on there, no matter how dire the situation really is!

As any more important information comes forward about what is really happening with Fukushima, I will continue to do my best in presenting it here for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned..

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Anonymous said...

NT, have you read Jim Stone's version of things in which he says #4 was out of action?