Monday, April 30, 2012

More Real History Revealed: Japan's Atomic Bomb Project!

I am truly sickened by the lies that we have been taught about our history.   I am someone who has spent years now carefully going over our fraudulent so called "recorded" history, and re-evaluating what we have been taught in our equally fraudulent so called education system. 

After closer re-examination of the great wars of the last century, I have found what has been written gives a very bent and biased interpretation about the events and results of those wars.   We all have had our minds filled with massive lies about the winners and losers and about what these wars were actually all about and what our fore-fathers actually fought them for...   I therefore write this blog to bring forward truthful alternative views about such history.... 

We have all been led to believe that through the work of the American Manhattan Project from 1942-1945 that the United States of America was first to develop nuclear weapons with first a successful test at Trinity New Mexico on July 15th, 1945, and then the subsequent dropping of nuclear devices on both Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, and Nagasaki, on August 9th, 1945, in Japan.  These atom bomb drops killed some 300,000 innocent Japanese civilians, and helped to bring the second World War to a "successful" conclusion.  That is what the official history books say....

But it does seem that what is not known to the general public, is that the Japanese during the second World War had been secretly working on their own nuclear weapons program, and their program reached a successful conclusion with the test firing of their own nuclear device on an island off the Korean Peninsula on August 12th, 1945.  America may have won the race in being the first nation to explode an atomic bomb, but it seems the Japanese were definitely a close second....

First, I want to present a little known documentary series that actually came out a few years back that gives some great revelations into Japan's Atomic Bomb program during the second World War.  It is entitled: "Japan's Atomic Bomb" and comes in 5 parts.   First, I want to present the entire video series right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course I have my own comments to follow:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

NTS Notes:  Before everyone dismisses as fantasy this idea that the Japanese actually built and test fired their own nuclear device at the end of the second World War,  I must ask them to take a close look at an article that I put up just while back where the revelation of Japan's nuclear test on an island near Hungnam, on August 12th, 1945, in what is now North Korea was actually admitted by the US State Department as a test of a "partial atomic bomb"....You can read the article here....(section on Japan's WW2 atom bomb project)

The bomb that was tested by the Japanese in North Korea on August 12th, 1945 was most probably an Uranium 235 gun type device much like the one dropped on Hiroshima, but smaller in the 5-10kt range.   Evidence of that explosion would most probably still be found even today on the island off of Hungnam...But sadly, that island is in isolated North Korea at present and off limits to investigation...

Now there may be those who will continue to stick to the notion that Japan in World War II lacked the material and the know-how to build nuclear devices.  Many will point at the some 25 billion dollars spent on the US Manhattan Project as proof that little Japan could not possibly have developed their own nuclear device.   What I say to these people is that there was absolutely no lack of know-how at all in the Japanese scientific community, but the only things lacking were in fissionable material, a safe place to construct the device, and time to put the pieces together... With Korea safely not bombed by the Allies, and with the scientific know-how in place, there is logic in assuming that they could have done it even with a small amount of fissionable material!   What happened with their successful test firing on August 12th, 1945 is that the Japanese simply ran out of time, and surrendered to the United States two days later....Afterwards, the facts of the Japanese atomic bomb were purposely hidden from the public eye.

This is an important piece of history that everyone should know about.  We had been taught in our false history that America was vastly superior to Japan during World War II in scientific knowledge and development, and therefore stood alone at war's end in developing the atom bomb. True history shows otherwise...

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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: "Sachiko" Japan Radiation Fears

The situation with the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima has not become any better than a year ago.  And in fact, from what we are really seeing going on there, the situation is actually much worse!    The spent fuel rod pool above crippled reactor#4 is still in danger of collapse, and there is absolutely nothing the TEPCO officials can do right now to bring the situation under control until new methods of overcoming the deadly radiation are developed.  That could take years....

I and others have long said that what we are getting from our governments and our controlled media that they pass off as"news" about Fukushima has been nothing more than outright lies.  These criminals absolutely do not want the truth about how dire the situation to become known.   It comes down to a twisted thinking and an old saying that what the public does not know, can not hurt them!

I came across a new video today that I definitely want to share with all of my own readers.  It is an interview with a young Japanese woman who is trying to remain "anonymous" but is going by the name of "Sachiko".  In this interview, you will see for yourselves how many of the people of Tokyo are really viewing the disaster at Fukushima, in spite of what the media and government wants to portray.   First, here is that video, and of course, my additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The revelations made by this young woman are indeed shocking.  It does appear that many more people are suffering the effects of radiation than what the Japanese government is actually admitting.

She is also absolutely correct that there is no chance of any evacuation of the Tokyo metropolitan area.  It is physically impossible to move some 40 million Japanese residents out of that area, because there is nowhere for them to go!   The Japanese islands are already on the verge of severe overpopulation, and to suddenly try to find room for 40 million refugees in what little area is left and uncontaminated by Fukushima radiation is beyond Japan's capabilities.  So what we are left is for the entire Tokyo region to suffer the long term effects of radiation exposure along with millions potentially dying of Cancer and other radiation caused diseases in the near future.

Her perspective on how Japan made the mistake of building nuclear power stations is not entirely correct.  The problem itself has always been the TYPE of nuclear power stations, primarily the light water reactor GE design that are used at Fukushima.   These type of reactors are a disaster waiting to happen. 

I have always viewed the Japanese as resourceful people and that they would have long looked at safer nuclear power based on Thorium as an alternative to Uruanium/Plutonium based reactors.  But as in previous articles, there are still a lot of questions about the plant at Fukushima itself and whether or not it was secretly a fast breeder reactor for the production of weapons grade Plutonium as premised by Jim Stone and others.   If that is true, then Japan is paying dearly for that act of sheer ignorance and folly.

As this brave young woman says... This disaster is absolutely far from over, and the Japanese people will pay dearly for it.    As more information comes available about the disaster at Fukushima, I will of course try to bring it here for everyone to see for themselves... Stay tuned...

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Top 10 Lies/PSYOPS That You Need To Recognize!

I have long said to everyone that what we have been taught are mostly a pack of lies and falsehoods.  It is important for everyone to understand that we have been purposely programmed as sheep and slaves for the criminal monsters who control our governments and our entire world monetary systems.  It has always been their criminal aim in keeping us dumbed down to prevent us finding out the bitter truth about our enslavement to them, and to prevent us from rising up and removing them from power!

I just finished reading an absolutely great article written by my friend, John Friend, who writes the blog: "Mr. Friend's Blog" at, entitled: "10 Lies/PSYOPS That You Need To Recognize" and decided that I wanted to have it here in this blog for everyone to read for themselves and to spread to others as well.  First, here is that article in its entirety right here, and I have some additional comments to follow:

Top 10 lies/PSYOPS that you need to recognize!

Editor’s Note: This blog post is intended primarily for family members, friends, and others unfamiliar with the whole "New World Order" conspiracy. It is meant to serve as a guide for those trying to figure out this mess we find ourselves and our world in, and to set the record straight on some important issues. After looking into this "New World Order" conspiracy stuff for 3+ years now, these are the most important lies, in my opinion, that need to be recognized by all people who care about truth, justice, freedom, and dignity – you know, what the United States of America is supposed to represent. Here we go…

I’m certainly not a fan of major Zionist shill Alex Jones, but the slogan of his website is 100% spot on: “There is a war on for your mind.”

There is indeed a war on for your mind, taking place on a daily basis, playing out in schools and universities, popular culture, movies, the media, and all other aspects of society. The American public (really, the world public) is subjected to a constant barrage of propaganda meant to serve a particular agenda. This type of warfare is especially insidious, as an unsuspecting and gullible public often fails to critically think about the seemingly innocuous information they are constantly consuming from their teachers or professors, television, radio station, movies, newspapers and other forms of mass media and “entertainment”. Aptly called psychological warfare, or PSYOPS, this form of warfare’s only defense is critical and logical thinking, historical revisionism, and vigilance. You know, the types of skills that are (by design) sorely lacking in our country (and the West for that matter) today… at least on a wide scale.

So with this in mind, I have created a list of the Top 10 Biggest Lies/PYOPS that we all need to recognize in order to understand what is really going on in our world today, and why. And before you immediately dismiss this stuff as “conspiracy theory” nonsense, please understand that the basic definition of a conspiracy is two or more individuals secretly working together for an illicit end. Conspiracies happen all the time, especially when the government is involved. Don’t be afraid to use that brain of yours to figure out what’s really going on!

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms of this list in the comments section. And remember: the truth shall set us free!

1.  Osama bin Laden and his network of Islamic extremists carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and are engaged in a Global Jihad against the West with an end goal of destroying Western civilization and implementing a global Islamic Caliphate.

The official government conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11 posits that a group of 19 fanatic Islamic terrorists hijacked four separate commercial airliners on the morning of September 11, 2001, crashing two into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City and one into the Pentagon. A fourth hijacked airliner was overtaken by heroic passengers, and crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania as a result. This story is simply a fantasy folks.

Countless scholars, academicsjournalists, independent researchers, scientists, veterans, architects and engineers, and other concerned Americans have thoroughly established that the official myth put forth by the government and media is completely fraudulent. Anyone with even the slightest bit of intellectual integrity can spend five minutes looking into this subject and immediately discover it’s a major fraud.

All indications point to 9/11 being a staged false flag/PSYOP carried out by an international network of criminals both in and out of government. This criminal network is almost exclusively Jewish, and has deep ties to the rogue terrorist state of Israel. The entire Global War on Terror is a scam meant to further the Zionist agenda in the Middle East, while completely destroying the Constitution and other basic principals of Western jurisprudence in the United States and other Western countries. There is simply no other way around this folks, and it’s time to confront this issue head on.

Since 9/11, we've seen our country illegally invade Afghanistan and Iraq, thoroughly destroying those two nations, murdering millions of people in the process.  Countless other offensive military operations have been launched based the Global War on Terror paradigm, in which Islamic terrorists are determined to attack America and it's allies both at home and around the world.  The United States Constitution has been totally subverted, and an array of illegal, tyrannical policies have been formally institutionalized by the United States government, including torture, drone attacks, extrajudicial assassinations, and other outrageous policies normally considered war crimes.  All of these criminal policies and actions have been based on an absurd, laughable lie: that 9/11 was the work of Islamic extremists.  Nothing could be further from the truth folks, and it is past time we recognized this basic fact openly and unashamedly.

2.  Hijacked airliners crashed into the North and South World Trade Center towers on 9/11, causing WTC 1, 2, and 7 to collapse to dust. 

It turns out there is no evidence – ZERO – that any Muslims hijacked any airliners at any point in time on 9/11. In fact, the entire official conspiracy theory endlessly promoted and reinforced by the government and media has been thoroughly debunked, as indicated above. The phone calls made from the alleged hijacked airliners were all phony. There are countless issues relating to the planes allegedly hijacked on 9/11, and their passengers, not to mention the long list of other falsehoods put forth by the government and media, that I simply cannot go over all the information in this post.  I really encourage you to check out some of the links I've provided to truly understand how colossal of a fraud this event was. The entire episode was a staged psychological operation folks, using video fakery, planted witnesses, and a scripted narrative which was put forth immediately after the event to program a traumatized public into accepting Endless War against a made up enemy and a complete and open subversion of the United States Constitution.

No hijacked commercial airliners crashed into the WTC towers in New York City, at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, or in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. All of these alleged "crash sites" appear to be fabrications.  Besides, a plane crash and the resulting fire do not cause buildings to pulverize to dust. Some extremely advanced weaponry was used to destroy the WTC buildings, I think that is clear.

3.  Hitler was an evil maniac hell bent on world domination who ruthlessly murdered six million Jews in Nazi extermination camps during the course of WWII.

After careful review, the entire history of WWI and WWII taught in Western schools and promoted by establishment historians, academics, and journalists seems to be carefully crafted propaganda serving a particular supremacist global agenda. Far from being an evil, bloodthirsty monster, Adolf Hilter was a proud, patriotic German nationalist who sought to free his nation from the grips of international Jewry and their destructive agenda of economic domination, media monopoly, and social control. Or maybe he was a puppet of the Jewish bankers that fomented both WWI and WWII, as many people whose opinion I respect and value have put forth? I used to buy this Hitler was a Zionist Stooge narrative, but have since changed my mind, mainly because of things like this, thisthis, and this to name only a few examples.

But the fact remains that the standard history of WWII is completely fraudulent, especially the Jewish Holocaust myth and the extreme, irrational demonization of Adolf Hitler. During WWII, the Jewish controlled Allies (the United States, United Kingdom, and Soviet Union primarily) were used to destroy the threat National Socialist Germany posed to international Jewry’s parasitic usurious banking scheme that has been imposed on much of the world for centuries now. The Six Million Jews Killed in a Holocaust official narrative is a particularly pernicious PYSOP on the global public, meant to justify the creation of Israel and limit any and all criticism of Jewish power, crime, and subterfuge. There were real Holocausts in WWII, but they were perpetrated by the Jews (through their control of Allied governments) on non-Jews, which I recently wrote about here. In fact, the Six Million myth is more about occult Jewish prophecy rather than the facts of WWII.

Bottom line: the official government approved and Hollywood reinforced narrative about Hitler, WWII, and the alleged Jewish Holocaust is complete bunk, and should be rejected by any clear thinking, rational individual.

4.  Jews are a powerless, persecuted minority who are constantly used as scapegoats by racist anti-Semites that irrationally hate all Jews.

Oh boy, the Jews really, really want you, and need you, to believe this one. The official Holocaust mythology has been used to reinforce this lie to a “T”, rendering any form of criticism leveled against Israel, Jews, and Jewish criminals instantly “anti-Semitic” and “hateful”. The “You’re an anti-Semite!” canard is used by Jews to shield their crimes, and Jews have even admitted this.

The Jews are not a powerless, persecuted minority, especially in the United States. The Jews are the most organized, powerful segment of the U.S. population, and have effective control over the government, media, banking system, educational system, Hollywood and many other aspects of society. They run the show here, folks, and they often brag about it.  Just consider what Joel Stein, a Jewish pundit who wrote for the Los Angeles Times, said in the conclusion of his 2008 Op-Ed, How Jewish is Hollywood?:
But I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.
In fact, I’ve come to learn that the whole "New World Order" conspiracy is actually a Jew World Order conspiracy, in which supremacist Jews actually seek to control all major levers of power throughout the entire world. And they basically do. There is a lot of misdirection, misinformation, gatekeeping, and outright disinformation (Alex Jones!) in the so-called Truth Movement that would have you believe the "New World Order" is all about the Vatican or the Jesuits, the Masons, the Illuminati, the Globalists, the international corporations, or whatever else is popular these days. They will tell you the New World Order is about anything but the Jews.

But just open your eyes, look around, and tell me what you see?

Do you see our president bowing down and worshipping Jesuits or the Vatican? No, you see him bowing down and worshipping the Jews and Israel.

Do you see our country ruthlessly destroying Muslim countries around the world on behalf of the Masons? No, you see our country fighting all these wars for the Jews and Israel.

Is the media owned and controlled merely by “corporations”? No, the media and Hollywood is owned and controlled by Jews folks. Jews with a specific agenda they are promoting and have promoted for years now.

Is our government run by the Illuminati?  Or is it run by Jews?  Which lobby is the most organized, well funded, and ruthless in their zeal to control all of our politicians?  Is it the Vatican lobby or the Jewish lobby?  Just open your eyes and take a look at all the Jews you see in positions of power, whether it is in the media, government, finance, or whatever.  It is all about the Jews folks, it's as simple as that.
Think about it: why are you so afraid to say the word “Jew” out loud? Why is anyone of any stature immediately ruined, financially or otherwise, when they speak out against or expose Jewish power or crime? Why are Jews the one group of people we cannot openly, honestly, and frankly talk about or criticize?

You can talk all day about Jesuits, Masons, the Illuminati, the Nazis, or any other kosher approved “conspiracy theory”, but don’t you dare talk about the obvious criminals behind this "New World Order" conspiracy: the Jews.

5.  Israel is the only legitimate democracy in the Middle East, and is the greatest ally of the United States.

Nothing could be further from the truth folks. Israel is an illegitimate, rogue nation-state founded on lies, terrorism, murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing. It is a supremacist Jewish state that seeks to completely eliminate and destroy the native Christian and Muslim Palestinian inhabitants whose land they illegally confiscated.

Although we are constantly told how great of an ally Israel is to the United States, the facts simply do not support this contention.  Israel has repeatedly engaged in espionage operations against the United States, stealing nuclear technologies, military secrets and weapons systems, often times selling this stolen information or technology to third parties.  Israel has attacked the United States on multiple occasions, including the USS Liberty in 1967 and on 9/11.  I could go on and on here guys, but I think you get the point.  If you follow my blog, you will see that I point out examples of Israeli (and Jewish) crimes all the time.  
I have said on numerous occasions that the only country the United States has a legitimate reason to be at war with is Israel.  If we were living in a just world, the criminal, illegitimate state of Israel would never have even existed in the first place.  Israel's repeated and ruthless attacks against Palestinians and other Middle Eastern nations, international visitors, and other supporters of the Palestinian people - the true owners of the land now called Israel - are an outrage and must not be tolerated.  The barbaric, genocidal regime now occupying Palestine must be eliminated.  It is time the world declare war on Israel for all the crimes she and her criminal network of supporters and agents have committed over the past 60+ years.  

6.  There is no such thing as organized international pedophile networks that cater to the global power elite, who engage in ritualistic child abuse, sexual debauchery, mind control operations, and Satanic practices.

"Come on now John, this is too far out there," you’ll say. "Don’t you know about False Memory Syndrome? These ridiculous claims about elite pedophilia and sexual depravity, sex slaves, CIA mind control operations, and Satanic rituals are nothing but 'A carefully crafted hoax,' as one newspaper described these allegations. This stuff is simply ludicrous!"

Well, it turns out there are multiple instances of this sort of sickness occurring in many different parts of the world involving some of the top people in government, media, and other high profile positions in society. Notorious cases include the Franklin Scandal that took place in Omaha, Nebraska, the Dutroux Affair in Europe, and the McMartin Preschool case, to name only a few.

The excellent blogger aangirfan covers this issue quite extensively, as has Dave McGowan and John DeCamp in their must read books on this disgusting subject.

The global power elite are sick bastards people. The Jewish-led and financed criminal network that is behind the "New World Order" is Satanic at its core, and engages in unspeakable crimes against children and other trafficked individuals. Sorry to wreck your day, but this stuff is true, and has been going on for a looooong time now. It needs to be exposed and the perverts need to be executed. Period.

7.  We went to the moon!

Sorry folks, it just didn’t happen. Another Hollywood-style PSYOP on the American public, meant largely to boost the image of the United States at the height of the fraudulent Cold War. See herehere and here for more on this epic fraud.

8.  President John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Hahaha, no one really believes this anymore, do they? There has been so much extensive research done on this subject, you would have to be a fool to still believe the Lone Gunman theory. In all likelihood, Israel, through her Mossad and Jewish crime network, was the prime conspirator in the JFK assassination, in addition to elements of the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, organized crime, and local Dallas police officials.

9.  There are fundamental differences between the Democratic and Republican political parties in the United States, the greatest nation on earth.  

The only fundamental differences between these two completely bankrupt, laughable political parties are their public relations ploys and who they target their propaganda towards. Ask yourself: who funds these political parties? Whose agenda do these parties serve? What issues are they in lock step agreement on (war, Israel, Wall St.!)?

We have to recognize these phony, traitorous political parties for what they are folks. They are controlled opposition owned by the bankers, war mongers, and Israel-firsters. The sooner we all recognize this fact, the sooner we can move forward in our efforts to arrest the crooks and restore our Constitutional Republic.

As for the United States being the greatest nation on earth, a nation of liberty and justice for all... I hope you understand after reading this far how ridiculous this notion is at this point.

10.  Global warming and man-induced climate change is the greatest threat to our environment and future on this planet.

I don't think many people buy this lie anymore, what with all those scientists being caught red handed manipulating their data to support their fraudulent Man-Made Global Warming scam.  This is a subject that I honestly haven't researched in great depth, but needless to say, it is a major lie being pushed by the global power elite, and is in fact a central pillar of their "New World Order".  I would recommend checking out Dr. Eric Karlstrom's website, for more information on this subject. He can explain this fraud much better than I ever could. 

NTS Notes: Many people may not remember that John Friend was the guy who stood in front of the Occupy Wall Street crowd in San Diego California last year holding a sign saying that Israel did 9-11.   He exposed the fraudulence of the entire Occupy movement when the so called "Occupy" crowd booed him off stage for his truthful sign.  It showed that the Occupy movement at the time was a fraud and failed to touch the very important issue of Israeli involvement in the attacks of 9-11, and Jewish dominance over America as a whole.

I am glad that John is showing interest in the fraudulent Global Warming scam, and hopefully in the near future he will put up additional articles covering that key issue as well.... I have long shown that the Global Warming scam is nothing more than another of the criminal "elitist" attempts for world domination and our subjugation.

John and I have long discussed getting a podcast going where we can touch on these issues and other important issues as well.... Hopefully soon....

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 29th, 2012: Where Have I Been? 500,000 Hits! And Other Issues..

It has been a busy April for me with many personal issues that I have needed to attend, take care of, and get out of the way.  It seems that every year April is the busiest month of the year for taking care of family business and other stuff.  It therefore has not been easy for me to concentrate on this blog, but everything should be back to normal by next week...

I noticed my hit counter for this blog has surpassed the 500,000 mark.   It has taken me 3.5 years to reach the 1/2 million point for reader hits, and I want to say thanks personally to all those who surf to this site for information.  There are many that say that I could improve this blog by taking control over the domain and putting up a fancy website with all the bells and whistles... I don't see the point, when all I ever wanted to do in the first place with this is to convey articles and messages of truth.   I have no interest in getting rich in doing this blog, what so ever.  I only want to try to do my part in awakening everyone to the true dangers that we all face today.

I have put up a very high amount of articles pertaining to the ongoing disaster at Fukushima over the last year.  THIS disaster in my honest opinion is THE most important issue facing all mankind today.  It has especially troubled me that most of the criminals in both our media and our governments refuse to even take a serious interest in this disaster that very quickly could become a human extinction event with billions of people dying world wide.  Instead all we see is the usual fluff coming out of the so called media, while a life changing disaster is happening right before our very eyes...

I see that the so called media has now declared the Jewish controlled lapdog Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for the US Presidency to face the other Jewish controlled lapdog, Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama or whatever he calls himself, in the November elections.  If either of these clowns wins, then the criminal Jews win again, and I can guarantee that we will be at war with Iran shortly afterwards, if we are not forced into the fraudulent war long before that time...  There are those who stick to the idea of Ron Paul getting into office, and I can tell them that will never happen.  If Ron Paul was a threat to the Jewish control over America, then he would have had a bullet to his head a very long time ago.  Therefore as in my last rant, the US election campaign is a complete circus and an insult to anyone with any measure of intelligence.

The world economy is still in free fall with the so called Europe Union about to collapse and dissolve.  We had the report of the government in The Netherlands collapsing this week, primarily due to economic instability, even though for years we had always thought that the Dutch economy was on "stable" footing, but now we know differently.  We also are now seeing that all is still not well in Greece even though they accepted the criminal Rothschild controlled IMF call for austerity... Spain and Portugal are still messes, and Italy is also on the verge of economic collapse.  But when will people learn?  Any nation that bases its economy on a Jewish usury debt based monetary system eventually collapses due to crushing debt.   To put it in perspective, as I have read from Mike Rivero's WRH website... If you associate the entire world as a bucket with 10 marbles in it, and try to add interest demanding that an 11th marble be pulled out of the bucket, there is NO eleventh marble available!   You cannot magically invent an eleventh marble when there is only 10 available....   And we must not forget the real problem that world economists are always trying to avoid, and that is the criminal Derivatives market...

There are still those who say that I weaken my writings by my support of the Apollo Moon Hoax.. I say to them that our entire history is filled will lies, and NASA's phony man on the moon missions from 1969-1972 is one of the worst ever concocted on the human race.   It is time that people take a real close look at much of our history and see for themselves that we have been led like fools into a false reality...

I see that Israel is still not giving up on its dream of having its American slave puppets attacking Iran for them.  There has always been the speculation that Israel will shortly attack Iran and then when Iran rightfully retaliates, call on their American slaves to take over the fight and destroy that peaceful nation for them.  But their primary argument that Iran must be destroyed due to its non-existent nuclear program is falling apart, due to revelations from the Israeli government officials themselves that Iran is not a threat at all and in fact is NOT building any nukes at all.   Even their long standing lie that Iran wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth has finally been revealed as a media lie.... So why attack Iran at all?   Hopefully the American public finally wakes the hell up and stops the criminals in their own government from launching an attack and possibly bringing about World War III.

And about Israel... It seems that while the world is focused elsewhere, these criminals in that phony Jewish state are grabbing as much of the West Bank that they can and as quickly as they can.   It has always been their goal to make it impossible for a viable Palestinian nation, and they have definitely attained that goal now.  So what therefore is the future for the Palestinian people?  With no viable state and no hope for a future, I cannot blame them for fighting against these monsters...

As I have already stated, things in my personal world are finally getting back to normal, and I will be placing much more material in this blog very shortly... Until then, a few closing tidbits:   KONY 2012 is still a fraud... The US wants into Uganda for its oil wealth.....Canada is still Jewish occupied territory and there is still an ongoing push to make criticism of the evil and sick state of Israel a criminal act.... Fukushima radiation as fallout is still falling all over North America with no end in sight....The US economy is still in free fall and the bottom is still no where in sight.... To me, all religion is a farce and has held mankind back for way too long from proper development.... Alex Jones is still a buffoon and and agent of disinformation... And, honestly, who really gives a rats ass about the Kardashians other than people with no lives?

Thats it for now.... And as usual...

More to come


Friday, April 27, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Interesting New Video: Officials Inspect Reactor #4 At Fukushima (!)

The situation at Fukushima Japan, especially with the dire circumstances surrounding the spent fuel rod pool above reactor #4, has not changed.   It is truly amazing that much of our media, and the criminals behind our government stooges, refuse to even acknowledge that there is a mass extinction possibility for this entire planet if and when that spent fuel rod pool collapses and releases radiation on the scale of some 100X the worse case experience with the disaster at Chernobyl, in the former Soviet Union.

I want to present a very startling video, that was released just a few days ago, that shows officials and nuclear experts examining the damage to reactor #4 at Fukushima for everyone to see for themselves.  The language is of course in Japanese, and there is no translation... But the pictures do speak for themselves.  Here is that video for everyone to see for themselves:

NTS Notes: I want to present the narration by the author of this video that gives a bit of analysis of what we see in this video here:

The video was taken when the deputy minister of the Cabinet Office visited the plant on April 24, 2012. He went inside the reactor building to inspect the support structure for the Spent Fuel Pool, and went up to the operation floor to view the SFP.

Around unit four, moves to unit 4 2nd floor, bottom of Spent Fuel Pool #4, and on to the 5th floor of reactor 4. What an Absolute NIGHTMARE!!!

I would love to hear what they are saying. Notice under spent fuel pool #4 the "braces" supporting the spent fuel pool? Is That really what it looks like... tinker toys supporting a tipping nuclear reactor spent fuel pool? OMG........ (Japanese)

I find the evidence presented in this video to be shocking.. It seems that the only thing preventing a total catastrophe for the entire Northern Hemisphere appears to be some rough braces like those used for scaffolding!  ONE huge earthquake and the braces will definitely fail, and we will see an unimaginable catastrophe on our hands..

But I am puzzled by what I see in this video to start with.. There have been reports that the radiation levels around the entire Fukushima facility is way too high for any humans to actually approach or go inside without basically doing so knowing full well that it is suicide.. So, why are these fools even in there to start with?  OR...There is another possibility that this entire video is a fraud and these officials are actually not in that failed reactor at Fukushima at all..  That would mean that this video if a fake is a propaganda stunt to try to calm the public nerves and falsely show that there is no danger at all....

Readers, the deadly situation at Fukushima is absolutely real, and very alarming.  We have been given little news from officials and our controlled media, and that is what has worried even me.... We must be given the truth about what is going on there, no matter how dire the situation really is!

As any more important information comes forward about what is really happening with Fukushima, I will continue to do my best in presenting it here for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned..

More to come


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: Israeli Army Chief Admits Iran Is NOT Building A Nuclear Bomb!

Many people are under the false pretence that the push for war on Iran has been halted due to ongoing talks with Iranian officials to bring a peaceful "resolution" to the situation, especially concerning Iran's peaceful nuclear power program.  However, even while these talks are going on, the criminal state of Israel and its useful idiots and puppets in the United States are still building up their forces and may launch an attack on Iran regardless of the outcome of these "talks"...

The focal point of the entire push for war on Iran by the criminals in Israel has always been to halt its non-existent nuclear weapons program, so as to prevent another "holocaust" against the Jewish people themselves living in Israel.   But it seems that even that point is now being found to be totally false, because according to this article, from the Telegraph online news service out of the UK, at, the Israeli Army Chief himself is now saying that Iran is absolutely NOT building any nuclear bombs!    First, I have that Telegraph article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have some of my own comments to follow:

Israel army chief says Iran not building nuclear bomb

Israel's military chief said he does not believe Iran will decide to produce an atom bomb, describing its leadership as "very rational" in an interview published on Wednesday.

Israel's military chief said he does not believe Iran will decide to produce an atom bomb, describing its leadership as
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Photo: AFP/GETTY

Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz's characterisation of Iran's rulers appeared to be at odds with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's oft-stated warnings that Islamic leaders could opt to use nuclear weapons even at the risk of devastating retaliation.

"Iran is moving step-by-step towards a point where it will be able to decide if it wants to make a nuclear bomb. It has not decided yet whether to go the extra mile," Gantz told the Haaretz daily.

"In my opinion, (Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) will be making a huge mistake if he does that and I don't think he will want to go the extra mile," Gantz said.
Israel, believed to have the Middle East's only nuclear arsenal, sees a nuclear armed Iran as an existential threat. Tehran denies seeking the bomb and says it is enriching uranium for peaceful purposes.
Both Israel and the United States have declined to rule out military action against Iran should economic sanctions fail to curb its nuclear programme, saying all options were on the table.

"I think the Iranian leadership is comprised of very rational people," Gantz said. "But I agree that such a capability in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists, who at some moments may make different calculations, is a dangerous thing."
In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Netanyahu said he wouldn't want to bet "the security of the world on Iran's rational behaviour". A "militant Islamic regime", he said, "can put their ideology before their survival".
Iran this month began negotiations over its nuclear programme with six world powers for the first time in more than a year.
"Either Iran takes its nuclear program to a civilian footing only, or the world, perhaps us too, will have to do something. We're closer to the end of the discussions than the middle," Gantz said.
Western diplomats greeted Iran's first meeting with the United States, Russia, China, Germany, France and Britain with cautious optimism, and the two sides agreed to meet again in Baghdad on May 23.
But Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak last week voiced scepticism that negotiations will curb Tehran's nuclear ambitions. Netanyahu said the hiatus in talks awarded the Iranians a "freebie" – more time to enrich uranium.
Gantz said international pressure on Iran "is beginning to bear fruit, both on the diplomatic level and on the economic sanctions level".
Netanyahu said on CNN the sanctions were "certainly taking a bite out of the Iranian economy but so far they haven't rolled back the Iranian programme or even stopped it by one iota".
In an interview that appeared on Wednesday in Israel's Maariv newspaper, President Shimon Peres echoed doubts voiced by some former top Israeli security officials over whether a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities would be effective.
"You could also ask whether military sanctions would work. Nothing is clear. Therefore it makes more sense to start with economic, political and moral sanctions, without taking military sanctions off the table," Peres said.
Source: Reuters

NTS Notes:  OK, if the Iranian nation is absolutely not building any nuclear weapons, then why the hell are we building up a massive array of forces around Iran to attack it for exactly that reason?

The fact is that the criminal state of Israel has long desired to have Iran destroyed, primarily to remove the last major threat to its want for total hegemony over the Middle East, which is of course, Iran itself!   These criminals also care not that the war will have their faithful minions and slaves in the United States doing the majority of the fighting and dying for their twisted dream of dominance in the region... and in fact it seems that they also care not that the war could quickly spread and possibly become World War III where BILLIONS of people may die!

This is a very important article that everyone should see for themselves, and to show that the media and governments are again lying about a non-existent Iranian nuclear bomb programme just to have the public support a war of aggression against another innocent nation.  Lets put an end to this madness once and for all!

More to come


Exposing The Mindset Of The So Called "Chosen Ones": Natalie Portman - Cute Little Whore For Israel

Last month, I put up an article showing the true nature of one of Hollywood's most important actresses, namely Angelina Jolie, and how disgusting that so called "Chosen One" truly is.... The article exposes much about how that woman, who many still claim as one of the "most beautiful women" on Earth, is actually a very sick and twisted creature... I have the link to that article here for everyone to see for themselves here....

For this article, I want to present a great work by a fellow truth seeker, Jonathan Azaziah, through the website: Incogman (, that exposes the sick and twisted mentality of another so called "chosen one" named Natalie Portman.  The article is entitled: "Natalie Portman: Cute Little WHORE FOR ISRAEL", and I have it in its entirety right here for my own readers to view for themselves.   I have my own comments to follow:

Natalie Portman: Cute Little WHORE FOR ISRAEL

Natalie Portman Shills For The Zionist War Machine And Spews Lies On Syria: Jewish Hollywood’s Power In Action
by Jonathan Azaziah @Mask of Zion
The “humanitarian hawks of Hollywood” are at it again and this time their target is Syria. First it was CFR member, daughter of Nakba denier Jon Voight and Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Angelina Jolie declaring “some sort of intervention is absolutely necessary” because “we just must stop the civilians being slaughtered”, then it was UK best-selling singing sensation Joss Stone stating with vigor that “these stories have to be told” because if not, the “massacres will just get worse” (1), and now it is movie megastar Natalie Portman ranting about “President Bashar al-Assad’s ongoing brutal attack on the citizens of his own country” and posting a picture on Facebook with a note that says, “Unite For Syria. Stop One Year of Bloodshed.” Portman’s hysteria has been followed by singers Annie Lennox and Nelly Furtado, as well as legendary “liberal activist” actress, Susan Sarandon (2).
What separates Natalie Portman (real name: Natalie Hershlag) from the other “humanitarian hawks of Hollywood” is that she is an “Israeli”-born Jew with a strong Zionist identity, the daughter of an illegal settler from occupied al-Quds and is very much connected to the Jewish kinship networks of international Zionism. Syria of course, is a major adversary of the Jewish supremacist entity which has long sought to overthrow the Bashar al-Assad government and colonize Syrian land as part of “Greater Israel.”
A fluent speaker of Hebrew (3), Portman is very much attached to the usurping Jewish entity, once stating, “I really love the states, but my heart’s in Jerusalem. That’s where I feel at home.” And also, “Anytime anything happens to anyone there, it’s like a limb’s been ripped off. I’m very protective of Israel, obviously, but I’m more protective of humanity than of any of my own personal desires (4).” This, as it will be demonstrated by the evidence, is a blatant and purposeful falsehood; the only humans that Portman cares about are those of Jewish origin.
It is typical of the mentality of the Judaic supremacist to feel coziness on land that they, their parents and/or their ancestors criminally usurped from the indigenous people. And speaking of usurpation, the Zionist actress also studied for 6 months at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (5), an institution very much tied to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people during the (ongoing) Nakba. From May 1948 to February 1949, Jewish National Library and Hebrew University Library officials entered the West al-Quds homes of Palestinians driven out or massacred by Zionist terrorist forces and stole 30,000 books, newspapers and manuscripts, half of the total number of written works stolen by the Jewish occupiers in the aftermath of Plan D (6). Assuredly, Portman, who went to the occupation school to “learn more about the situation there (7),” learned nothing of this terrible and tragical crime against humanity.
Natalie Portman was the star of "Free Zone," an "Israeli" propaganda film centered around the disgraceful Zionist concept of "Palestinian terrorism."
Nor would she want to know about it even if it was presented to her for Natalie Portman is a Zionist, through and through, lock, stock and barrel. She has starred in an “Israeli” propaganda film called “Free Zone”, centered around the ugly Jewish paradigmatic concept of “Palestinian terrorism” and has visited “Israeli victims” in Zionist occupation hospitals hurt by Palestinian Resistance responses to the Zionist entity’s aggression (8). True to her tribalism, when 1,000 actors, directors and academics raised their voices against the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival for being “complicit in the ‘Israeli’ propaganda machine” and slamming the usurping Zionist dragon as an “apartheid state,”Portman was right there to affirm her support for “Israel,” becoming a signatory to a counter-protest in defense of the Jewish “state (9).” She did say that she was very protective of the genocidal entity.
During her studies at Harvard, Portman displayed her “protectiveness” again by lashing out with absurdity at a fellow student who rightly condemned the Zionist regime for the crime of “apartheid,” as well as its egregious racism. Her warped argument is as follows,“This {the aforesaid student’s observation of Zionist apartheid} is a distortion of the fact that most Israelis and Palestinians are indistinguishable physically. The Israeli government itself is comprised of a great number of Sephardic Jews, many of whom originate from Arab countries (10).” Stunning would not be an accurate enough term for the level of massive stupidity that this represents. This shouldn’t be so surprising however, as Portman also staunchly believes the age-old, monstrously moronic Zionist myth that “Israel,” where she says her“insides refuse to abandon”, is the place “where deserts bloom (11).” 
Someone should’ve told Portman then and someone should still tell her now that a similarity in physical characteristics is utterly and pathetically irrelevant. “Indistinguishable physicality” doesn’t change the fact that Zionist Jews have been illegally colonizing Palestine since 1881; that Zionist Jews have established at least 30 racist, discriminatory laws that deprive Palestinians of their basic human rights; that Zionist Jews have based the entireties of “Israeli culture” and “Israeli identity” on the theft of the traits from the indigenous Arab peoples that they colonized, mass murdered and usurped, from food to folklore and that while the Zionist regime practices apartheid, amongst other crimes, it is something far, far worse and far, far sinister (12).
Portman should also be reminded that the Arab Jews are not called “Sephardic” but “Mizrahi,” and that intra-Jewish racism against Mizrahim due to their Arabness is a regular staple of “Israeli” society, as most recently evidenced by high-profile Zionist rabbi Yehoshua Zuckerman declaring, “A Moroccan Jew can’t match Ashkenazi knowledge (13).” Mizrahim have faced “humiliating and sometimes horrifying discrimination” since the establishment of the Zionist entity, infamously getting sprayed with DDT on arrival because the Ashkenazi elite considered them dirty (14). Unfortunately, this historical racism has not deterred Mizrahim from participating in the criminal occupation or being any less brutal than their Ashkenazi brethren; they are as disgustingly supremacist as anyone else in the usurping entity. But like most Zionists, “facts” are of no matter to Natalie Portman, who would much rather wallow in the delusional Jewish romantic narrative known as Zionism.
 And if Portman actually believes that the Jewish invaders who raped Palestine “made the desert bloom,” someone should suggest that she give a thorough reading to “The Sacred Landscape: The Buried History Of The Holy Land Since 1948”, the book of former occupation mayor of “her city,” al-Quds, Meron Benvenisti, who describes in no certain terms what the Zionists actually did to the holy land, “Only a fraction of the olive groves were cared for and cultivated, whereas the vast majority were neglected. Tens of thousands of dunams of olive trees were uprooted to make room for field crops. The {overall} destruction of hundreds of thousands ofdunams of fruit-bearing trees does not fit Israel’s self image as a society that knows how to “make the desert bloom (15).” It is rare for a Zionist to spout or write words of truth, but that is exactly what Benvenisti does here.
Alan Dershowitz is a Jewish supremacist, one of the crudest "Israel" apologists in the United States and the mentor of Natalie Portman.
It is at Harvard where Portman would first become a vital asset to the usurping Zionist entity’s global machinations. It is at Harvard, the prestigious educational powerhouse that gave a platform togenocidal “Israeli” WINEP warmonger and Shalem College President Martin Kramer, who opined that Palestinian births should be “curbed (16),” where Portman served as a research assistant to none other than Alan Dershowitz (17), one of the most vocal, visible and voluminously vile proponents of Zionism in America. Apart from being a hardline Zionist that thinks defending “Israel” is a “secular religion,” Dershowitz is also an arch Jewish supremacist who believes “fighting for Jewish survival against their enemies is a sacred mission” and who revels in the dominance of Jews in entertainment and media (18). The “research” Portman provided to Dershowitz was for his hasbara extravaganza, “The Case for Israel,” a work since beaten to a pulp and debunked by Norman Finkelstein in “Beyond Chutzpah” but nevertheless, still touted in Zionist circles.
V For Vendetta: Blockbuster of Zionist propaganda.
Portman would provide international Zionism with an even greater service when she starred in the 2005 dystopian “revolution” film, V For Vendetta, a Zionist thriller filled to the brim with psychological projections of Adolf Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust® which has captivated a generation worth of would-be activists and patriots and brainwashed them into parrots of Jewish propaganda, whether they are aware of it or oblivious. The film has punctured holes in activist networks, opening them to subversive Jewish interests and allowed the Zionist Power Configuration to manipulate dissent and control discourse. And the fact that an “Israeli”-Jewish actress is playing the heroine of a film in which a “Nazi-like” totalitarian state is the villain is truly telling (19). When all of this “Israelcentrism” is taken into consideration vis–à–vis Syria, it can easily be deducted that Natalie Portman isn’t participating in these activities out of “humanitarianism” but commitment to the global Jewish-Zionist agenda.
Syria And Sudan: Under Assault From The “Israel”-Hollywood Nexus
Syria is caught in the throes of a trap set by the usurping Zionist entity and it's Zionist allies in America.
Since March 15th, 2011, the Syrian Arab Republic has been assaulted by a ruthless conspiracy of destabilization originally designed by the agents of the usurping Jewish entity and the morally bankrupt House of Saud in 2004. Using the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) as the chief proxy and assisted by the United States government, collaborationist Turkey, Zionist-run France and the atrocious Future Movement of ex-Lebanese Premier Sa’ad Hariri, the conspiracy has fomented civil war across Syria. The Ikhwan rebels have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity and their affiliates in the West, House Arabs always connected to Zionist organizations like the National Endowment for Democracy, keep the heinous propaganda flowing. “Israeli”-NATO war plans to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and replace it with a pro-“Israel”, pro-Saudi regime are already very much in place (20). The blood spilled already is unconscionable.
The Syrian National Council, pseudo-government body of the Ikhwan rebels, is in contact with “Israeli” media and with the help of Turkey, is receiving $1 million from the ambitious and filthy GCC giant Qatar every 5 days (21). And if the situation wasn’t horrific enough, neoconservative Zionist warmongers Joseph Lieberman and John McCain just met with the Ikhwan rebels in a blatant display of international meddling in Syria’s affairs (22). The remarks of Natalie Portman and her Hollywood constituents are coming at a crucial time when the ante has been upped to gain international support for another all-out “Jewish war of survival”, one that is right around the corner and literally sitting and wobbling on the fence, waiting to be waged.
The "Save Darfur" hoax: a project of the American Jewish community and the criminal Zionist entity.
Syria is in the sights of Hollywood like the oil-rich North African nation of Sudan before it. Accusing the government of Sudan, led by President Omar al-Bashir, of committing genocide by massacring over 200,000 innocents in the western Sudanese region of Darfur, the “Save Darfur” coalition mobilized support and pushed for “conflict resolution.” Using ultra-celebrity George Clooney and a plethora of other high-profile actors to “sell” the agenda, Save Darfur “begun exclusively as an initiative of the American Jewish community,” with powerhouse Zionist havens like the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, United Jewish Communities, UJA-Federation of New York, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the Jewish Community Relations Council, Yeshiva University and the American Jewish World Service aiding and abetting the dissemination of hasbara (23). And hasbara it absolutely was, as the “genocide” accusation and “200,000 innocents massacred” charge, which in certain neoconservative arenas had ballooned to as high as 300,000 dead, were both hideously false exaggerations based on zero evidence (24).
As reported by well-respected, Eritrea-based investigative journalist Thomas C. Mountain, in a critical report downplayed, ignored, denied and buried by varying elements of the octopus-like Zionist media, tens of millions of dollars from the $100 million (or higher) collected by the Save Darfur campaign wound up in “Israeli” banks to fund illegal Zionist settlements in the occupied West bank (25). This damning information confirmed that the Jewish organizations that birthed Save Darfur were not acting out of compassion for the Sudanese people but for the interests of the usurping Zionist regime.
It was this faux “humanitarianism” that provided perfect cover on the international stage while “Israel,” along with its marionettes in Uganda and Ethiopia, amplified the subversive Zionist warfare that had been waged on Sudan since the 1950s (26), and completed the goal of cracking the country in half, North Sudan and South Sudan, with the Zionist entity taking control of the natural resources in the latter (27). It is also vital to note that both Sudan and Syria, targets of the “humanitarian hawks of Hollywood,” are both prominently mentioned as candidates for Jewish balkanization in the landmark paper of “Israeli” foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon, “A Strategy For Israel In the 1980s (28).” This isn’t a coincidence by any stretch of the imagination.
Zionism and Jewish Hollywood: A Dangerously (and Historically) Symbiotic Relationship
Given Natalie Portman’s origins and her past with a Zionist stalwart like Dershowitz, the fact that she would lend her voice to give credence to such significant foreign policy objectives of the usurping Zionist entity indeed shows that there is a Jewish connection which permeates academia, entertainments and politics from the United States to “Israel.” It is this global Jewish-Zionist network, which also includes the Jewish religious establishment, “Israeli” intelligence and a consolidated group of tribal billionaires that organized, promoted, executed and profited from the annihilation of Iraq (29), and it is this network, which Natalie Portman is very much a part of, that seeks the exact fate for Syria.
This August 1996 issue of the Jewish magazine "Moment" says it all: "Jews run Hollywood...So What?"
It can never be stated enough that Jews are in full control of Hollywood (30). Again, Jews are in full, as in complete, as in total, as in absolute control of Hollywood (31). Every major American film studio was founded by persons of Jewish extraction, and this Jewish monopoly over Hollywood (film and TV alike) has continued uninterrupted to this very day. These Jews are deeply attached to the usurping Zionist entity, and as a result, Hollywood has exclusively operated from an “Israelcentric” perspective from the very start, in which “Israeli” interests are promoted and Jews and “Israelis” are always good, always heroes, and Arabs, as well as Muslims, are always bad, always villains, dirty terrorists, ignorant desert-dwellers, murderers, scoundrels, etc. This Jewish-fueled bigotry runs so deep, it even extends to children’s cartoons (32).“Israelis” themselves have premier sway over decisions that are made in Hollywood (33), and the entertainment capital of the world has even served as a front for illegal Zionist nuclear activities and gun running (34).
Natalie Portman does not care about Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, or anyone else for that matter; she cares only for "The Tribe."
In fact, the relationship between the Zionist entity and Hollywood is a “deepening” one and the two Jewish enclaves are “closer than ever before,” with more and more Hollywood Jews getting in touch with their ‘inner Zionist’ and making pilgrimage to the Jewish “state” and more and more “Israeli” television shows being adapted by Hollywood Jews for American television screens. The fortune that Jewish Hollywood is making, selling the Zionist agenda and indoctrinating all who immerse themselves in it, is intertwined with that of the usurping Zionist regime’s (35). Another key element of the Hollywood-“Israel” relationship isnormalizing the malevolent brutality of the occupation regime, improving its image “enormously” on the international scene through the importation of “Israeli” experiences and Hollywood’s implementation of them into film (36). Hence, the need for actresses like Portman who represent both sides of the same Zionist coin, “Israel” and Hollywood.
Conclusion: Portman’s Inhumanity And How To End Jewish Supremacy
When Natalie Portman said, “I’m more protective of humanity than of any of my own personal desires,” she was not only being disingenuous, she was maliciously lying through her teeth. She is helping build the hasbara against Syria because she is protective of the criminal Jewish “state,” because taking down Syria is very important to Zionist aims, not because she is “protective of humanity.” She is shilling for the Zionist war machine because it is her duty to do so as an “Israeli” citizen; as a constituent occupier.
Lebanese child, brutally murdered in the Zionist entity's 1996 shelling of Qana, doesn't register as a part of "humanity" for Natalie Portman.
If she gave anything worth a damn about humanity, it wouldn’t have been “Israeli” hospitals that she visited several years ago, but Lebanese hospitals, in summer 2006, when the genocidal Zionist regime wreaked havoc on Lebanon for 33 days, murdering, wounding or displacing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. It would’ve been Palestinian hospitals that she visited in illegally besieged Gaza, where the murderous Jewish entity animalistically butchered innocents for 21 days during Operation Cast Lead. It would’ve been Iraqi, Afghan, Yemeni, Pakistani or Libyan hospitals that she visited, where millions of men, women and children have had their lives stolen from them by the Zionist “war on terror.” How dare this person, this hasbaranik and usurper, even utter the word “humanity” when it is so translucently obvious that it is inhumanity that she represents. How dare this person, this Jewish supremacist and charlatan, speak of “stopping bloodshed” when every drop of innocent Arab and Muslim blood that her beloved “Israel” spills is on the hands of her and her odious tribal ilk.
As much of a necessity as it is to free the lands of the oppressed from the parasitic presence of Zionism, it is just as much of a necessity to dismantle the global Jewish-Zionist network that upholds it. It is like a tribal machine and one of the most important engines that guarantees its inertia is the “chosenite” filth festival known as Hollywood. And if there is any denying that this network is important to the existence of the usurping Jewish dragon poisoning the holy land, please do note that donations (in the billions) by American Jews to Zionist organizations have doubled, repeat, doubled in the last 12 years, solidifying that the American Jewish community as a collective is very much committed to the preservation of “Israel (37).”
By gutting the network of international Zionism and leaving it in shambles with no power, the criminal “Israeli” regime’s most strategic lifeline will have been severed. Only then will Jewish supremacy over the global landscape begin to wane and this can only be done if its might and inner workings are unambiguously discussed and relentlessly exposed to the public. End the Jewish Lobby. End Hollywood. End the Zionist stranglehold over academia. End the Jewish-Zionist stranglehold over the media. End it with the truth. Speak the truth fearlessly and liars will disperse in fear. Speak it for the slaughtered Lebanese and Palestinian children that Natalie Portman refuses to even acknowledge. Speak it so persons like Natalie Portman and her overlords never have a prominent place in society ever again.
~ The End ~
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NTS Notes:  I would say to Natalie Portman that if she loves Israel so much, then revoke your dual citizenship in the United States, and get on the first plane and move to your beloved country immediately.    That should also go for most of the Chosen tribe that totally infests Hollywood today.  America should give ALL these traitors the boot immediately!

I for one have long ago turned off the garbage shows constantly being programmed into peoples' minds via Talmud Vision, and absolutely refuse to watch the sick and vile trash that is being produced by so called "Hollywood".    

The criminal Jewish grip over America must be ended immediately.   These parasites have been sucking the life out of the United States for over a century, and they are almost done in totally destroying the nation itself.    It is up to the people of America to have their long overdue awakening and remove these criminals from their lives!

More to come