Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Has Happened To Libya?: US Deploys 12,000 Troops To Libya!

Many of us called the war on  Libya that was launched by the United States and their NATO allies last year exactly what it was.. A criminal war of aggression for the possession of Libya's oil wealth, and to remove Muhammar Gadaffi from power.  Gadaffi had the will to stand in defiance against the criminal Rothschild empire's push for a private central bank in Libya, because he wanted his nation to be free and to prosper.  There was never any doubt that the Rothschilds would not accept a free and prosperous Libya without their criminal central bank and Usury system, so they demanded their minions to destroy Libya.  The resultant war, led by NATO forces,  has definitely destroyed Libya, and left its people in poverty and ruination.

Now, we find this interesting report from Press TV, at, that shows that the next step in the destruction, and domination of Libya is taking place, with the placement of 12,000 US troops on Libyan soil.   Here is that Press TV article for everyone to see for themselves, and I do, of course, have further comments to follow:

 US deploys 12,000 troops in Libya

 Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:56PM GMT

Smoke coming from an oil terminal in the Libyan port city of Brega. (file photo)
The United States has sent some 12,000 soldiers to Libya, in the first phase of deployments to the oil-rich North African nation.

According to Asharq Alawsat, the troops landed in the eastern oil port city of Brega.

Although the deployment is said to be aimed at generating stability and security in the region, the troops are expected to take control of the country's key oil fields and strategic ports.

Brega, the site of an important oil refinery, serves as a major export hub for Libyan oil. The town is also one of the five oil terminals in the eastern half of the country.

Following the popular uprising of the Libyan people, NATO launched a major air campaign against the forces of the former regime on March 19, 2011 under a UN mandate to “protect the Libyan population.”

The Western military alliance, however, was heavily criticized for its failure to protect civilians and taking action beyond the terms of the UN mandate.

On October 20, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was killed in his hometown of Sirte, eight months into an uprising that put an end to his 42-year dictatorship.

Human rights groups have accused NATO of committing war crimes and human rights violations against Libyans.


NTS Notes:  It now is definite that  the American government is putting troops on the ground in Libya, even though they had told the American people emphatically that they would not!   This move is definitely to secure the Libyan oil fields for America's needs, primarily to have them available if and when they launch their nice little war against Iran.  I can guarantee that these US troops are NOT there to give any "humanitarian aid" to the people of Libya at all...

What is truly sad is that now more people are finally realizing exactly what the so called "humanitarian" war on Libya was truly all about.   The criminals in the United States government, and those in the countries of NATO that helped in the slaughter of innocent Libyan lives, including my own nation of Canada, care not about the civilians or Libya at all... They have only cared about the resources of Libya, and answering their Rothschilds masters' demands of enforcing their private central banking empire on the people of Libya...It is truly a sad statement of what this world is truly turning into today....

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