Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Upcoming War On Iran: 16 US Intelligence Agencies Unanimously Declare Iran Is NOT Building Nuclear Weapons!

The primary excuse for attacking the peaceful and innocent nation of Iran has always been that the Iranian regime is, or is in the process of, obtaining or building nuclear weapons.  The Jewish controlled media outlets all over the world have been going absolutely insane over the last few months alone with their reports that Iran has nuclear weapons and would use them against targets everywhere around the world!

But there has been absolutely NO evidence ever that Iran is in the possession of, or is even considering building, nuclear weapons.   The IAEA has constantly been to Iran's nuclear power facilities, and they have come away saying clearly that Iran is absolutely not building nukes....But the criminal and terrorist state of Israel, and its puppet regime in the United States, has still continued their rush for war, based solely on their constant bantering that Iran is lying, and will have nuclear weapons very soon...

Now comes an important video, that I want to present here for everyone to see for themselves, that shows that 16 Intelligence Agencies have come to the conclusion that Iran is not in the possession of, or is definitely not building, any nuclear weapons at all!   First, here is that video for everyone to see here for themselves, and I do have some of my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is time for people to no longer be fooled by the constant lies coming out of our media about Iranian nuclear weapons.  Iran has no intention EVER of developing any nuclear weapons, for the basic reason that their leadership knows that if they even build ONE nuke, then the criminals in both the United States, and Israel, would have their excuse for having their country destroyed!

OK, readers, Iran is not building nukes.. Maybe its time therefore to have the forces being built up around Iran disbanded and sent home.... Fat chance of that happening, for the criminal state of Israel wants Iran destroyed, because Iran is possibly the last major resistance left in the region against their sick and twisted dream of Israeli territory expansion into a "Greater Israel".

We must also never forget that the only nation in that region that actually has nuclear weapons is the criminal and terrorist state of Israel itself.   It has over 300 nuclear weapons in its vast arsenal, and has long stated that it would use them in a heartbeat if it was ever in danger of failing...THAT is the real threat to world peace today, and people must no longer turn a blind eye to that fact...

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