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Syrian Detour: Syria Is About Regime Change, Orchestrated By Western Governments (And Israel)

I have not delved into the  civil war which is breaking out in Syria, primarily because I have looked upon it as nothing more than an attempt by the criminal state of Israel and their slave minions in the United States to destabilize the Asssad government, and create the scenario where US and NATO forces will intervene for "humanitarian" reasons.   In doing so, because of Syria's defense pact with neighbouring Iran, these monsters will have their war against Iran that they so much desire...  This is therefore the "backdoor" to get into their long sought war with Iran going!

I found a very interesting article, from the website: Open Resource, at, that gives a pretty good  report on the present situation in Syria, and it gives a very valid argument that the war against Syria is to bring about "regime change".   I have that entire Open Source article right here, and I do have my own comments and views to follow:

Syria is about regime change orchestrated by Western governments

March 8, 2012 by 

The atrocities in Syria have been escalating over the past few weeks. News outlets have been running numerous clips highlighting the gun fire and explosions, interviewing Syrian rebels and drumming up support for western intervention.

What if the domestic unrest was escalatd by the west?

A December 7, 2011 Stratfor email confirms that in early December, SOF (Special Operations Forces) teams were “on the ground” performing “recce missions” (reconnaissance) and “training opposition forces”.

The meeting was a group of guys at the “Lieutenant Colonel level” called the USAF strategic studies group. They are responsible for explaining to the USAF Chief the “big picture”.

Although there was a “low level of understanding of what is actually at stake in Syria”, what the strategic interest is or how Turkey or Iran will react to western interference, there is a ton of information relevant to today’s situation in Syria.
“They have been told to prepare contingencies
and be ready to act within 2-3 months”
“…the idea ‘hypothetically’ is to commit guerrilla
attacks, assassination campaigns, try to break the back of the Alawite
forces, elicit collapse from within.”
“They emphasized how the air campaign in Syria makes Libya look like a
piece of cake. Syrian air defenses are a lot more robust and are much
denser, esp around Damascus and on the borders with Israel, Turkey.”
“They think the US would
have a high tolerance for killings as long as it doesn’t reach that very
public stage.”
Based on these emails, it is clear that the western governments, mainly the US, UK and France have been involved in stirring up anti-government sentiment in Syria.
The real question is why?

Syria is one of the last remaining representatives of Arab nationalism, a nation with close ties to the old Soviet Bloc and a nation with deeply rooted anti-zionism. This anti-zionism makes them historical Israeli foes. Without Syria, the only state left to oppose Israel is Iran. Iran, which is not typically a part of the Arab world is then isolated.

Is this the reason?

Whatever it is, the reason is important enough for CNN to commit fraud while reporting the “news”. As is all too common, instead of reporting the real story, the main stream media (MSM) use their high production facilities to create war propaganda.

Over the past few weeks, CNN and other news outlets including Al-Jazeera have been interviewing Syrian born, Brit “Danny”. Danny Abdul-Dayem has reported live the tragedies taking place in Syria amid gunfire and mortar explosions. His commitment under fire has helped paint the picture of Syria for our westerners. Unfortunately, it was all bullshit.

Here is a picture of Danny Abdul-Dayem laughing and joking mere minutes before appearing on CNN with Anderson Cooper amid gunfire.
And here is the interview minutes later where you can hear gunfire and explosions while Danny tells his tale that just 30 minutes ago, he was pulling people out of buildings. When in fact, he was waiting on the phone for CNN to call.
The full expose can be viewed on youtube. The seven minute clip shows Abdul-Dayem joking with his cameraman and testing out fake gunfire and mortar sounds while waiting for CNN to put him on the air.

Everybody understands that main stream news today is mostly sensationalism but this is out and out fraud. Hacked emails show that regime change in Syria is being controlled by western powers and proof exists that main stream media is outright lying about the current conditions.

At this point, the Syrian rebels may be vile insurgents completely undeserving of western aid, or they may be freedom fighters, battling oppression and in need of help. Syrian President al-Assad may be a saint, or he may be the devil. For his part, al-Assad has maintained that he is fighting “foreign backed terrorism“.

The problem is that we do not know. Our governments are content to embroil our children in further conflicts, toppling governments where they see fit and our media is content to lie to us about the real situation.

In a world where nobody knows the truth, everything is a lie. Is that the world we want?

NTS Notes:  I find this to be a very valid assessment of the situation in Syria.  However, it fails to mention the fact that Israel is in full control of the United States, and they want their slave minions in the United States and NATO going into Syria directly.  In doing so, they will have their nice long sought war with Iran off and running because Syria has a defense pact with its neighbour Iran.  Syria therefore is the "back door" needed to have the US and NATO fighting, and dying, in the war against Iran for Israel!

History shows again and again how countries got into wars through back doors... The Americans got into the war with Germany in World War II through their enticing the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.  Japan had its Tripartite agreement with both Germany and Italy, and by being at war with the United States, Germany honored their agreement with Japan, by declaring war on the United States on December 11th, 1941, four days after the Pearl Harbor attack...

What is not mentioned in this article is that the so called "atrocities" are being done by the CIA funded and trained "rebels".   This is so reminiscent of what happened in Libya, and it is too bad that most of the dumbed down public cannot even see that we are seeing Libya all over again.  We have almost exactly the same lies and falsehoods being charged against the Syrian government that were done against Libya's government to get the "humanitarian intervention" by NATO launched last year!

What will happen in Syria seems to be a replay of Libya... The usual lies by the Jewish controlled media to try to convince the American public that a "humanitarian" mission is "required" is already off and running... The next step will be to create a "No Fly Zone" over Syria to protect the (CIA funded) "rebels".  After that, the obvious step is US/NATO direct intervention, and expected Iranian response...

I have long said that these Jewish monsters care not that their actions, and the actions of their puppets in the United States, could lead to World War III.   They want Iran destroyed, no matter what, and Syria may give them the opportunity to do so sooner than later....

More to come


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