Saturday, March 10, 2012

The "Stop Joseph Kony" Push Is A Fraud!

My son came home from school just this week, and he said to me that his entire class had been made aware of a viral Youtube video about a LRA rebel named Joseph Kony, and an organization called "Invisible Child" in Uganda.   Much of the world has seen this video, and now there are calls for an armed "humanitarian" mission to Uganda to "save" that nation from this supposed rebel....

But I found it absolutely strange, considering that I put up an article back in October of 2011 (link here),  that showed that the US was sending combat troops to Uganda under the false pretext of removing this "Joseph Kony" character, but their real aim was to grab the vast newly discovered Ugandan oil reserves, and I am not swayed by this latest "Kony" fraud one single bit..... In fact, readers, now just as before some 6 months ago, I smell a rat.....

First, to help again show how this "Kony" (phony) "Humanitarian" aid mission call is a fraud, I want to present a very good video by an astute young observer, who uses the Youtube name: "slubogo", right here for everyone to see for themselves that this entire scam, to me, is nothing but a push by the United States to seize resources in Uganda... I do have additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I fully agree with this young lady's assertions that this "Joseph Kony" character has most probably been dead for almost 6 years now!

I call again on everyone to read my previous post (again link here) back in October, 2011, to see the Global Research assessment that the move by the United States into Uganda is entirely for Oil, because if the Americans are stupid enough to attack Iran, and those supplies out of the Persian Gulf are potentially cut off, they will desperately need to tap into oil reserves elsewhere.

Bottom line:  We are again being played as suckers by the Jewish controlled governments, and media outlets.. What is truly sick this time is that they are trying to work the sympathy card for the people of Uganda against a non-existent foe.

Need I remind everyone that the idea of keeping a long dead foe alive to be used for war is not new with the criminals in the United States government?  Does the name "Osama Bin Laden" not ring a bell?  That guy has been dead for almost 10.5 years now, and the US used him for their war on terror until they conveniently "killed him off" in the fraudulent attack in Pakistan last May.    Keeping this "Joseph Kony" alive to warrant an invasion of Uganda by US forces shows these criminals trying the same sucker play all over again.   Lets not be fooled again!

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Anonymous said...

"We are again being played as suckers by the Jewish controlled governments, and media outlets."

What does any of this situation have to do with jewish people? Oh wait, literally nothing. Anti-Semite.

Anonymous said...

It gets even worse because according to my bro in law who is an Ugandan then that Kony character ain't nothing but an invention made by the military in Uganda as a way to get more funding from the state.