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Post#2000...Where We Stand Today, And Answering Some Critical Questions

This is officially my 2000th post on Blogspot.   When I started this blog some 4 years ago, I never thought I would actually reach this point, let alone publish some 2000 posts! 

For this article, I want to present a few questions that many have asked about what drives me to continue doing this blog, and what makes "Northerntruthseeker" tick.  Hopefully, the answers will help everyone understand why I continue to write, and do this blog....

Why do you write this blog?:  I state clearly that I do this for getting the real truth about our sick world out for everyone to see for themselves, and do it because I had become sickened by the lies perpetrated in our education system about our history.

It was not until I discovered "Blogging", that I found the right venue for getting the message out to everyone about the real criminals on our planet, and how they have manipulated our history, our education system, and our present political systems, for their eventual goal of total world domination.

I have always insisted that the information that I present is for everyone to research for themselves (if you do not trust the information presented), and to share with others.

The only personal gain that I hope to achieve in my writings is personal peace of mind in knowing that I have at least tried to awaken the masses to the truths that have been purposely hidden from them.

What do you say when some critics call you an "Antisemite"? :  I always tell these critics to DEFINE exactly what a "Semite"is before they go and try to call myself and others that false term...  I have shown these critics again and again with verifiable proof that the criminals who scream "Antisemitism" have been using that moniker falsely to cover for their crimes against humanity...

First you have to truly be a "Semite" before you can scream "Antisemitism" at others.  And the vast majority of those who scream that term at others, thinking of it as weapon to subdue their critics, are absolutely NOT Semites... The majority of these who scream that false term are actually Indo-Turkish Khazars, which have absolutely not one drop of Semitic blood in them what so ever!

What people dearly need to understand is that the Jewish Zionists who set out their plans for world domination have stated that they would use "Antisemitism" as a weapon towards attaining their goals.. That sadly is fact.   All that anyone needs to see is how each and every time anyone comes out and calls these criminals by name and criticizes their crimes against humanity, the criminal Jews come go and automatically scream their lie of "Antisemitism" and usually the critic is silenced immediately.  The use of the term "Antisemitism" has been a weapon of brainwashing and manipulation that they have done for over a century now...

What do you have against the Jews? :  I am constantly asked this question, and here is my perspective in a simplest way: I do not hate or have anything against anyone that does not have hatred for the rest of humanity.

I have long asked everyone to study up on the teachings of the Judaic "Torah" and "Talmud" that shows how these people who call themselves "Jews" are taught from birth to have a deep HATRED for the rest of humanity, and to think of themselves as Gods over all the rest of mankind.

It is also a fact that this "race" of "Chosen Ones" have been living a lie.   They have no past, and their entire biblical idea of being the chosen race of "God" shows their prejudice and racism towards all others... So everyone should be asking themselves.. Who hates who???

What people need to understand is that these people are deeply selfish and self-centered, and care little for the rest of humanity.   They have in fact publicly stated, through their Rabbis spewing their rabbinical teachings, that all "Gentiles" are subhuman and to be nothing more than their slaves when they finally attain world supremacy.  Again, ask yourselves then:  Who hates who?

I do not hate all Jews... There are many in this "tribe" of self proclaimed "Chosen Ones" that have come out against the criminality of their teachings and their tribe as a whole.   Those I support, for they are wanting to be part of the human species...  The rest obviously do not, or do not care...

I am out to expose their criminality, through their evil Usury banking system, their total control over the media, their total control over world governments, and their push for complete world domination with the rest of humanity to be nothing more than their slaves...  So again ask yourselves; What is there to hate???

Why do you avoid the question of the "Holocaust"? :  This is not by choice... I live in Canada, that has horrific "Hate Crime Laws" that were brought about by the insistence of Jewish groups back in the mid-1970's.  

The Canadian Hate Crime Laws, and similar "Hate Crime Laws" in other nations, have been put into law by Jewish groups to prevent any research into the Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II, and to prevent any speeches, writings, or publications that counter the "official" story.  

I have long asked:  Why not allow research into that part of history?    If the "official" story is true, then it will be proven as correct even through research.  However, thanks to the Hate Crime Laws, such research is forbidden.   So the obvious questions become: "Why?" , "What are they afraid of?", and of course... "What are they hiding?"

When it comes to the "Holocaust", and laws that prevent it from being properly researched here in Canada, I seem to remember a famous quote: "Truth does not need laws to support itself, only lies."

Therefore, I cannot put my personal ideas or views about that subject in here.  I only ask for others to research for themselves, and come to their own conclusions.

Why so much focus on the Apollo Moon Landings being a Hoax?:  I began my personal path towards enlightenment of how things really work in this world by first discovering years ago that the entire NASA Apollo Moon Landings of the 1969-1972 period were a massive hoax.

I have always had a love of science, having been trained in both University and Colleges in a wide variety of scientific studies.   For governments and corporations to try to pass off this fraud of history and science as factual is an insult to real science, and has in my view actually hindered man's abilities in developing real methods of space travel.

I will continue to support the people in the Apollo Moon Hoax community, and hope for the day that full disclosure of the fraud of Project Apollo is given to the public.  People deserve the truth....

What are your views on the continuing push for war with Iran? :  Tough Question... If the criminal and terrorist state of Israel gets its way, we will, sadly, be in World War III very soon...

The fact is that Iran has no nuclear weapons, has no aspirations for any war with anyone else, and has no reason to pick a fight with the United States at all... So why the rush to war?

On the other hand, the American administration is totally dominated by Jewish and Israeli interests and these criminals want their nice little war for a multitude of reasons.. The primary one is for the one remaining threat to total hegemony of Israel over the Middle East, which of course is Iran itself...

There are other reasons of course, such as the Rothschilds wanting the Iranian bank, and the US Petro-dollar being in dangerof collapse by Iran trading in non US dollars for its oil....But in any case, the war against Iran is on, and we may not be able to stop it!

We will be seeing the Jewish celebration of Purim this coming week, and these criminals have made it a strange habit of having either a war or a pretext for war (false flag attack?) happen on or around that date.    March 7th is Purim this year, and almost definitely something is coming...

What is the future for Northerntruthseeker?:  I started doing this blog 4 years ago, and have no plans on stopping any time soon...

I have considered changing the format of this blog, and expanding the scope of subjects.... But I do have my personal life and therefore cannot spend hours daily doing this blog.

And of course, some friends have suggested that I consider placing advertisements in this blog, but I absolutely will not... I am not in this for monetary gain, and never will.  

I plan to continue to reach out to others who want to know exactly what is happening on our planet, and am constantly expanding my contacts with those who I consider as the real seekers of truth.

I leave it up to readers to comment and ask any questions about the material that I present.... 

And as usual..

More to come



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Very good post, thanks for all you do. It takes a brave person to face up to the truth, and do what they can to expose the evil in this world. You are one of a kind my friend, God bless you.