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New Article By Lasha Darkmoon: Our Noble Warriors!

I have been just as disgusted as everyone else has been over the last week since learning of the attack on a group of 16 innocent Afghan civilians by some 20 US soldiers in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

That brutal attack was bad enough, in which some 9 women and children were needlessly slaughtered, but now today came new allegations that at least 2 of the women were raped by these US soldiers before they killed them!   It is no wonder that the people of Afghanistan are all up in arms over this latest senseless murder by the American occupiers of their country, and there are new calls for the immediate withdrawal of all American and NATO forces from that country.   The Americans have been in Afghanistan for ten years now, and they have definitely overstayed their "welcome"!

For this article, I want to present the latest work by a fabulous writer, Lasha Darkmoon, for everyone to see for themselves.  It comes from her website:Darkmoon, at, and is entitled: "Our Noble Warriors".   In this article, you will see again how brave and noble those American soldiers, that murdered these latest Afghan victims, truly are.   I do have some comments to follow:

Our Noble Warriors, edited by Pandora Pushkin


The official line for the atrocity carried out in Kandahar has now been clearly established: a US soldier went off base alone in the night and proceeded to kill 16 civilians in a nearby village before setting fire to the bodies.

Tensions were already inflamed over the burning of the Quran by American soldiers, and following on from the revelation of “kill teams” collecting body parts as “trophies” and the leaked footage of troops urinating on dead Afghans.

The latest line from the US government on the killings has been to discuss at length the mental state of the gunman. Initially, he was described as being possibly “deranged” at the time of the shootings; then, it was stated that he had suffered a “mental breakdown”, yet another soldier from Fort Lewis-McChord to have buckled under the strain of warfare and gone on a killing spree — a considerably more common trait for US soldiers than their NATO allies.

Additional reports have since emerged pointing to a “traumatic brain injury”.

So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary with this narrative – until you include the eyewitnesses.

According to PakTribune: “One Afghan father who said his children were killed in the shooting spree accused soldiers of later burning the bodies.” Reuters were told by witnesses that “a group of US soldiers” arrived at the village and were responsible for the killings.

Resident Haji Samad said:

They [the Americans] poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them … I saw that all 11 of my relatives were killed, including my children and grandchildren.

A neighbour, Agha Lala, added, “They were all drunk and shooting all over the place.”

Afghan children on their way to school…only too aware that they, too, could one day fall victims to the psychopaths in uniform who have occupied their country.

The official response from the US came shortly after: “Based on the preliminary information we have this account is flatly wrong,” the official said. “We believe one US service member acted alone, not a group of US soldiers.”
No information has been provided to refute the testimony of the eyewitnesses, who also described shots being fired from several directions.

As Afghan lawmaker Abdul Rahim Ayubi observed,

It is not possible for only one American soldier to come out of his base, kill a number of people far away, burn the bodies, go to another house and kill civilians there, then walk at least 2 kilometers and enter another house, kill civilians and burn them.

Local Panjwai councilman, Abdul Ghani, corroborated the unlikelihood of a single shooter, stating, “The villagers said they were hearing machine gun fire and pistol fire from different directions.”


Afghan President Hamid Karzai to America: “You killed our children!”

While objectively-speaking the evidence would point towards multiple shooters, once again the media have taken the pronouncements of unnamed “US officials” as gospel truth.

The official line has been set in stone: in print and on the TV news channels.

As for the eyewitness accounts of drunken troops killing over a wider area, firing wildly, urinating on the dead bodies and then burning them—that, predictably, has been expunged from the record and gone down the Orwellian memory  hole.

It never happened.


Thank you, America.

Based on this article By Andy Dilks.
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NTS Notes:  I have been watching the US news media outlets for the last few days try to spin this latest act of cold blooded murder in their own vain attempts to somehow not put them to blame.   They are of course failing miserably in their attempts, and they are instead making themselves into laughing stocks in even trying!

The real farce is that the US Government is continuing to somehow spin this story that it was committed by a "lone gunman", even though all the evidence coming out since that atrocity shows otherwise.   The Obama regime's vain attempts at sticking to the story of a "lone gunman" is also making the US Government a true laughing stock to the rest of the world...

The fact is again that America and NATO should not even be in Afghanistan in the first place.  They were only sent there on command of their Rothschild Jewish masters to have the Opium poppy fields put back into production for the Rothschild drug lord criminals to profit from.   Now 10 years later, they have destroyed that nation, left it irradiated for the next 4 billion years by depleted uranium, killed thousands of innocent Afghan civilians, and are somehow now insisting that some of their troops stay behind even after "withdrawing" as "peace keepers"?   This latest act of murder by these American soldiers shows that they are not so called keepers of peace, but are in fact brutal occupiers that care little for the Afghan people.

The 20 or so American soldiers responsible for this atrocity must be brought to proper justice immediately, and the US must both apologize to the Afghan nation for this incident and withdraw its forces from Afghanistan immediately.   This murder of 16 innocent civilians will only lead to more bloodshed, and further darken what ever little prestige America has left on the world stage.

More to come


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