Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Video: Iran War Propaganda

Readers, it does appear that the rush to war against Iran by Israel and their slave minions in the United States has been temporarily put on the back burner.  As I write this report, the criminal and terrorist state of Israel has turned its attention to again attempting to destroy the Gaza Strip.  There seems to be a temporary cease-fire and stoppage of the Israeli assault that appears to have been brokered by Egypt.  But I guarantee that the Israelis will shortly resume their assault and break the cease fire.  It has long been their sick goal to have Gaza utterly destroyed.

Getting back to the situation with Iran.... I have long been trying to get the message out that Iran is absolutely no threat to anyone... In spite of the propaganda pushed by the Jewish controlled media, Iran is not building any nuclear weapons and has no desire to ever obtain these devices.  Iran also has not attacked anyone in over 300 years, and is definitely not any threat to world peace.  However, the media propaganda continues to spew out lies and falsehoods in trying to sway public opinion that an attack on Iran is necessary and that nation must be destroyed!

To help show what it is truly like in the pitched battle between the media propagandists and those with common sense when it comes to the upcoming war on Iran, I want to present the following video, entitled: "Iran War Propaganda" for everyone to see here for themselves.   I do have some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This video portrays exactly what it is like in this battle against the Jewish controlled media and their incessant falsehoods and propaganda that paints Iran as a nation that must be destroyed.  It shows how those with common sense are almost at wits end, when they come up against the ignorance of those who follow the false propaganda and false assertions made about Iran.

As this video shows, there have been totally false assertions made against Iran that have no foundation of fact.. Iran has not threatened to destroy Israel, and is not a terrorist state at all... However, the real threat to world peace is of course the criminal and terrorist state of Israel itself with its hundreds of nuclear weapons.  Thankfully, that information comes out loud and clear in this video!

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