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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: ‘Mind-Boggling’: Far More Cesium Released Than Previously Thought, Says Japanese Government Agency: (40,000 Trillion Becquerels Estimated -Asahi)

I have been trying for a very long time to get everyone who reads this blog to fully understand that we have been LIED to by both our governments and the clowns in the controlled media, about the actual extent of the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power station that is still ongoing now, since the reactors went into full meltdown back in March, 2011.   It is absolutely atrocious that we are not being supplied with the absolute truth about the situation and the dangers to human health, and to me, I find that to be absolutely criminal!

To help everyone understand fully the disaster that is still continuing today... I want to present the following report that comes from the Japanese website, The Asahi Shimbun, at that shows that the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster is unleashing a mind boggling amount of Cesium 137 into the atmosphere and into the Pacific Ocean... An amount that is far more than what has been previously reported.  First, here is that article for everyone to view for themselves, and I have my usual additional comments to follow:

Scientists: Far more cesium released than previously believed

February 29, 2012
By AKIKO OKAZAKI / Staff Writer

A mind-boggling 40,000 trillion becquerels of radioactive cesium, or twice the amount previously thought, may have spewed from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant after the March 11 disaster, scientists say.
Michio Aoyama, a senior researcher at the Meteorological Research Institute, released the finding at a scientific symposium in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Feb. 28.
The figure, which represents about 20 percent of the discharge during the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, is twice as large as previous estimates by research institutions both in Japan and overseas.
It was calculated on the basis of radioactive content of seawater sampled at 79 locations in the north Pacific and is thought to more accurately reflect reality than previous simulation results.
Scientists believe that around 30 percent of the radioactive substances discharged during the crisis ended up on land, while the rest fell on the sea.
This makes it especially difficult to accurately evaluate the total amount of radioactive materials released. Thus, seaborne data is essential to the process.
The scientists measured cesium concentrations in seawater as of April and May last year. They then used a model of diffusion in the atmosphere and the oceans to evaluate the total amount of cesium released. The calculation produced estimates of 30-40 quadrillion becquerels.
The researchers also estimated that 24-30 quadrillion becquerels of that cesium reached the sea.
That combines the roughly 70 percent of the total discharge, which is thought to have reached the ocean, and the cesium content of radioactive water that Tokyo Electric Power Co., the nuclear plant operator, released from the plant to the sea.
While the latest study said 15-20 quadrillion becquerels of cesium-137 was released into the atmosphere, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency estimated the amount at 8.8 quadrillion becquerels. Similar data released by other researchers both in Japan and overseas ranged between 7 quadrillion and 35 quadrillion becquerels.
In the meantime, TEPCO on Feb. 28 began pouring cement on a trial basis from a marine platform onto the seabed in the port at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. The work is intended to cover 7 hectares of seabed inside the breakwaters.
The aim is to prevent radioactive cesium that accumulated there from spreading offshore. The project is expected to take 3-4 months to finish.
During the trial, TEPCO will determine what thickness of cement cover is effective for the purpose. Choppy waters due to adverse weather conditions had obstructed the work.
By AKIKO OKAZAKI / Staff Writer

NTS Notes:  Readers, 40 QUADRILLION Becquerels of Cesium 137 radiation is absolutely nothing to sneeze at... And what is missing in all this is that this Cesium is continuing to fall all over the Northern Hemisphere as radioactive fallout!

The fact is again that we are being lied to, and I say it is being done purposely to keep the public from having the real truth about this disaster.   Our governments are not wanting the public to understand the dire nature of this disaster to primarily avoid any panic.  Therefore, they will continue to lie and deceive everyone instead.

I have long said that everyone deserves the truth, no matter how dire the truth is.   People deserve the right to have at least the opportunity to be prepared for the worst.   By not telling the people the truth about this situation, the government has doomed thousands if not millions to possible contraction of Cancer sometime over the next few decades from exposure to this Cesium fallout.

As I have always said.. Especially when it comes to the Fukushima disaster...We can only hope for the best, but must be allowed to be prepared for the worst!

More to come


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