Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Great Video: "Dial M For Mass Murder...What Killed You Where You Sit... Deal With It!"

I have made it my goal with this blog to present any news pertaining to the still ongoing disaster with the failed nuclear power reactor cores at Fukushima Japan as it becomes available.  

It is a fact, readers, that what we have been told by our own governments, and our almost laughable media outlets, has been nothing but pure lies, and a shockingly deafening silence, when it comes to the dangers to the citizens all over the world from Fukushima radiation.  The truth about this situation MUST be told!

I just came across this fabulous video that surprisingly came out back in August of 2011.   It contains information about the Fukushima disaster that is very relevant even today.  It is called: "Dial M For Mass Murder...What Killed You Where You Sit... Deal With It!", and gives all of the same shocking truths about the dangers from Fukushima that I have put forward in this blog for over a year now.... I do have some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Much of the first part of this video showing the Earthquake/Tsunami was taken from "official' records.   The information that the Israeli Stuxnet virus implanted into the control systems at Fukushima causing the meltdowns was not fully realized or known to the producers of this video in August of 2011,  and was revealed to the world shortly afterwards.

Only now, with the revelations from Jim Stone, and presented here in this blog in previous articles, are new questions arising about the actual magnitude of the Earthquake that hit Japan, as well as a very different scenario as to the cause of the entire deadly disaster.   As more information pertaining to Jim Stone's revelations come forward, I will be presenting that evidence here in this blog.

This video gives some very startling yet very true facts about the intensity of the radiation that is hitting us here in North America, and much of the Northern Hemisphere as well....  It is truly shocking that our own governments and media continue to coverup the real facts about this still ongoing disaster, and again the silence is truly deafening!

The situation at Fukushima today is not much better than what it was during and right after the initial disaster.   The failed reactor cores are still spewing out massive amounts of radiation, and much of that radiation is still bombarding much of the Northern Hemisphere from radioactive fallout.   We could potentially be seeing millions of deaths from this disaster, which will surely eclipse the previous greatest nuclear disaster at Chernobyl Russia.

We should all be demanding full disclosure of the truths about this disaster no matter how bad it may be.  It is as I have always said nice to hope for the best, but it is still better to be prepared for the worst!

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