Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fantastic New Video By Anthony Lawson: Iran Bashing, Terrorism, And Who Chose The Chosen People Anyway?

It has been a while since we last heard from Anthony Lawson.  His last video showed again evidence of Israeli involvement in the attacks of 9-11 on the United States.  

Well, it seems now that Anthony Lawson is back, and again attacking the real criminals on planet Earth head on.   I have his newest video, entitled: "Iran Bashing, Terrorism, And Who Chose The Chosen People Anyway?" for everyone to see here for themselves.    My own comments are to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have shown many times in this blog that the so called "Chosen People" are absolutely nothing of the sort, and in fact are a truly fictitious group of criminals with absolutely no past.   These so called "Chosen People" invented their own history, and have used that false history as their claim to occupy Palestine, which again they have absolutely no rights to what so ever.

It is also a fact that Israeli control over the US Government is absolutely supreme.   Their control over the so called Congress and Senate is due to the fact that if any of these so called "elected" representatives of the American people ever turns against their Jewish masters, then they will be defeated in any future "election" in their own state due to Jewish money and Jewish controlled media thrown into supporting their opposition.    One prime example of this is how the Jews had Cynthia McKinney removed from Congress due to her opposition to their dominance.

This is another reason why these clowns who call themselves "Congressmen" did the 29 (made me puke) standing ovations for the criminal Netanyahu when that murderous criminal spoke in front of the US Congress on May 24th, 2011.  If they failed to pay homage and automatically on cue rise like good slaves to hail and exalt their true master, then the AIPAC agents in the lobby and observation decks observing them would take their names down and they would run the risk of defeat in upcoming "elections" as well.    This shows how none of these so called "elected" officials have any moral values at all..  They are nothing but spineless snivelling trolls, and are driven only by personal wealth, greed, and power.

What Anthony Lawson states clearly about the false vilification of Iran is absolutely true.  However, again due to the Jewish total domination of the media in the United States, the American public is being barraged constantly with outright lies and falsehoods about Iran being a "threat".   It is through that constant brainwashing that most Americans will soon be fighting and dying for their Jewish masters half way around the world to protect their glorious Israel!

This is a great video that should be taken, copied, and shown to everyone.   The insane rush to war against the peaceful nation of Iran must be ended, and Jewish complete domination over the US Government exposed for everyone to see for themselves...

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Anonymous said...

Fellow Canuck, I just stumbled across this gem: Seems that now we are owned by Israel (spit!) we are all about to be treated like Palestinians on our own land!

Keep up the great work!