Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fabulous New Video By Snordelhans: Kennedy Was Right! In 1961

I have been a fan of Patrick, aka, "Snordelhans" for some time now.  His videos and his haunting voice make for such a great combination, and the messages promoted through his videos definitely touch so many people, and are extremely concise....

I have Patrick's latest video right here for everyone to view.  It is entitled: "Kennedy Was Right! In '61", and shows how the late great President's message to the American nation in 1961 rings true today.  I have some comments of my own to follow:

NTS Notes:  In these troubling times where the criminal and terrorist state of Israel controls the United States like its personal Golem, to go out and destroy other nations for itself, it is shocking to realize that just some 50 years ago, President Kennedy saw such great aspirations and a bright vision for the American nation.

The fact is that America, I do believe, can be great again.. It must first halt this mad rush to war for its Jewish masters, and break their shackles of enslavement once and for all.  After that, it must end its enslavement to these criminals, and immediately stop giving some 112 BILLION dollars annually to that criminal state!

America must also end the power of the evil Federal Reserve System private banking swindle, just as President Kennedy tried by the passage of his Executive Order 11110 back in 1963 to print money directly by the government interest free.  President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 for his vision of making America no longer subjected to that Usury debt based criminal banking scheme, and the ultimate homage to his vision and principles would be for the American people to re-introduce his dream of interest free money, which would surely re-energize the American economy, and eventually making the nation great again...

The time for Americans to stand up and take their nation back is definitely long overdue....

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The Realist Report said...

"The time for Americans to stand up and take their nation back is definitely long overdue...."

Yes it is... sadly, Americans are brainwashed cowards that have neither the intellectual capability or the balls to figure this stuff out and call a spade a spade. I hate to say it, but it's true.

Citizenfitz said...

Way to go,NTS!

Anonymous said...

Americans are the dumbest animals on earth. Their govt have brainwashed them with lies and fried their brains with MSG, fluoride and Aspartame.
This way they get to perpetrate the most brutal crimes against humanity and pull it off as 'fighting terrorism'.

Its a clever con trick Americans neither have the brains or the will to figure out. They are docile animals grazing in the fields waiting for their deathknell toll that summons them for another war.

Its a country with the highest violent crime rate and ignorance. A country that purports to democracy and liberty yet there is NONE to be found in its own walls! A country that's drowning in its own hypocrisy and lies. It is the Babylon prophesied in Revelation Chapter 18. Read it and weep!