Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Canada Is Israeli Occupied Territory: Israelization Of Canadian Political Process

With all the troubles that are going on in the United States of America these days, many in that former land of the free have been eying Canada as a land of refuge to escape all the problems and loss of freedoms there. However, I have long warned my friends and colleagues in America to stay clear of Canada, because it is just as much under the control of Jewish forces as their own country is.

To further show how far Canada has slid down the path towards total Jewish domination, I want to present the following article that comes from the website: Rehmat's World, at, entitled: "Israelization Of Canadian Political Process".   In this article, you will all see for yourselves how Canada's political system is now totally under the control of Jewish interests only.  I have that article right here, and my own comments to follow:

Israelization of Canadian political process

With the election of Thomas Mulcair (born 1954) as the new leader of Canada’s third largest party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), and leader of the Official Opposition in Canada – has completed, like the nextdoor neighbor United States, the Israelization of country’s political process. Canada’s three major political parties; the Progressive Conservative Party, lead by Israel-Firster Zionist prime minister Stephen Joseph Harper (with Jewish family roots); the interim leader of the Liberal Party, lead by Robert Keith Rae (a former leader of NDP with Jewish family roots) is on the board of Jewish National Fund, a criminally racist organization, even Israel wants to stay at a distance from it.

Like Bob Rae, Thomas Mulcair, is also an academic. Mulcair was born into a Catholic family. However, he is married to Catherine Pinhas with Turkish Jewish roots. Thomas Mulcair has very strong bonds with Canada’s Israel Lobby. On May 1, 2008, he told Canadian Jewish News: “I am an urdent supporter of Israel in all situations and all circumstances“. The Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) even put a video (watch below) urging NDP members not to vote for Mulcair, claiming that he represents Israeli interests in Canada.

Mulcair’s co-campaign chairman is former MP Lorne Nystrom, now a director of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, the Israel Lobby’s main pressure group.

Canadian blogger and author, Greg Felton, has this to say on Mulcair’s election: “The NDP voted for self-destruction. Mulcair won the party leadership, but it took four ballots. and even then he won only 57 percent of the vote. The deep division between corporate Zionists and social democrats is now out in the open. When Joe Clark called for a leadership conference in 1983, he at least had 66.7 percent support. The NDP will now have to spend considerable effort to defend its integrity, which means it will be less effective as an Opposition party“.

Canadian veteran reporter, Marci McDonald, in her book ‘The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada’, asks when will “Canadian wake up to the reality that slowly, covertly, the political process is being co-opted by an extremist vision of Christianity…“?

She is referring to evangelical belief that Israel (Anti-Christ) must first rule the world, then be destroyed in order for Jesus’ return. Then those Jews and Christians who accept Jesus as the Saviour, will be whisked to Heaven while the rest of human race destroyed.

NTS Notes:  This last weekend's selection of the ultra-Zionist Mulcair as the new leader of Canada's official opposition party, the New Democratic Party, is indeed a sad day for Canada as a whole.

With the total control now of all Three major political parties in Canada, the Jews can now put down what ever they want to be the policies of these parties, and to make sure that Canada stays firmly in their evil grip.  So much for freedom in this country!

I have watched over the years as Jack Layton worked very hard in building the entire New Democratic Party almost from scratch and turn it into a major political force in Canada.  He had stood for the rights of the people and usually steered (supposedly)  the New Democratic Party away from Jewish lobbies and interest groups.   Now that party that many here in Canada have hinged their hopes on standing against the pro-Israel policies of the shill Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has been lost to these same diabolical Jewish interest groups.   Poor Jack must be definitely spinning in his grave!

A truly sad time for Canada, and again shows that this country, just like the United States, does not answer to its citizens, but answers first and foremost to its masters in Tel Aviv!

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Greg Felton said...

Excellent post. Thanks for picking up Rehmat's article ion which hge cited my conclusion about Mulcair's election as NDP leader.

However, I doubt very much that Jack Layton is spinning in his grave. Layton is largely responsible for the NDP's slide into zionist servitude, as I showed in my satire: "Layton Tendencies"

Also, Layton recruited Mulcair to run for the NDP. Jack Layton was the worst thing happen to the NDP. His reputation is deceptively sympathetic and positive because of his illness and the fact the other two party leaders he faced (Harper and Ignatieff) were so odious by comparison.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have heard voices from both sides on the issue of Jack Layton being nothing but a Zionist shill....

I agree that Mulcair is not the best choice for Canada, and shows how the grip of Jewish control on Canadian politics is now complete.

It does seem that there is now no hope for Canada, and whom ever we select in any elections, it is for Jew shill (A), Jew Shill (B), or Jew Shill (C)... Take your choice, and Israel wins always!

Anonymous said...