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The Apollo Moon Landings Fraud: Moon Hoax Proven By Fake Moon Rocks

Readers of my blog know my stance when it comes to the entire NASA Apollo Moon Missions, and NASA itself.  I first came to the realization some 33 years ago now that the entire Project Apollo was a massive fraud and swindle concocted by the US Government for the basic reason that they knew that they could not put men on the moon with the technology at hand (and still can not).   Therefore a decision was made early on in the 1960's to fake the entire project and sell it to the American public and the entire world as the real thing.   To this day, the majority of people are still under the illusion that man actually landed on the moon, which shows how powerful the methods and tools of propaganda truly are in our modern world!

Just last weekend, I received an email from my friend, Noor, who writes the excellent blog: Snippits and Snappits, at   She gave me a link to an interesting article that comes from the website: Before It Is News, at, entitled: "Moon Hoax Proven?".   That article, that I am sharing with all of my own readers here, shows more evidence that pounds the nails into the coffin of Project Apollo,and again shows that the entire project was a massive lie.  I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have some additional comments to follow:

Moon Hoax Proven?
Sunday, March 18, 2012 4:36

New edition:

Apollo astronauts did not bring back moon rocks, for the “moon rocks” contain numerous fossils of neurons and blood vessels, which could not have originated from our lifeless moon that had no atmosphere and little gravity . Fossilized neurons and blood vessels found in the “moon rocks” are identified in the following figures:

and described in the following posts:  

Added on March 10, 2012:“Moon rocks” could not be rocks or meteorites collected on the moon, period.

If “moon rocks” were meteorites collected on the moon and brought back to Earth by Apollo astronauts, at least some of the “moon rocks” should contain chondrites, as 86% of meteorites found on Earth do (ref. 1). 

However, none of the “moon rocks” contains chondrites (ref. 1). It’s impossible that Apollo astronauts collected only achondrite meteorites on the moon.

Ref. 1: Wikipedia article on meteorites

Quote from Ref. 1: “About 86% of the meteorites that fall on Earth are chondrites,…”

Quote from Ref. 1: “Two small groups of achondrites are special, as they are younger and do not appear to come from the asteroid belt. One of these groups comes from the Moon, and includes rocks similar to those brought back to Earth by Apollo and Luna programs. The other group is almost certainly from Mars and are the only materials from other planets ever recovered by man.”

Added on March 15: Further evidence NASA faked moon rocks 

Scientists know for a long time that our moon has no global magnetism. So,  moon rocks should not be magnetic. But many "moon rocks collected by Apollo astronauts" are magnetic. This further proves that NASA FAKED MOON ROCKS.

Added on March 15: Evidence for Above Claim 

"Until the Apollo missions, many prominent scientists were convinced that the moon was born cold and stayed cold, never melting enough to form a liquid core." (Ref. A) Such a liquid core is essential for a long-lasting magnetic dynamo, which in turn is essential for the magnetism found in the "moon rocks". No one ever proved the Moon had a liquid core. (Ref. A)

The Moon has "pockets" or "areas" of "local" magnetism based on the distributed material in the crust, and on the small magnetic fields present in the alloys of ferromagnetic material there (that is, meteorites that landed on the Moon) (Ref. B). Such local magnetism could not result in many magnetic "moon rocks" brought back by Apollo astronauts, for remnant magnetism is created only when molten rocks cool and iron bearing minerals form and align themselves parallel to a global magnetic field (Ref. C). The Moon had no global magnetic field (Ref. B) .

Ref. A:

Ref. B:

Ref. C:

Added on March 15: Moon never had an atmosphere, as it had little gravity/magnetic field.

The Moon has no strong gravity or magnetic field, so there's
virtually no reason to expect it to maintain an atmosphere for any appreciable length of time (Ref. D). Anyway, the Moon was far more likely lifeless than otherwise. Or do you think the neuron fossils originated on the Moon?

Added on March 18: Damp Moon Falsifies Bone Dry Moon Rocks.

The "Apollo moon rocks" are at least 3 billion years old. Every day for 3 billion years water molecules were made all over the Moon and deposited in the lunar soil (Ref. 1, 2) and rocks. But Moon Hoax Producers collected 2,415 pieces of "moon rock" samples, almost all of which are bone dry (Ref. 3, 4). God cannot accept that.

Quote from Ref. 1: "Water may have been delivered to the Moon over geological timescales by the regular bombardment of water-bearing cometsasteroids and meteoroids [9] or continuously produced in situ by the hydrogen ions (protons) of the solar wind impacting oxygen-bearing minerals.[10]"

Quote from Ref. 2: “… solar protons (the nuclei of hydrogen atoms) allow our own supposedly arid moon to make enough water every day to offset evaporation and maintain trace amounts of moisture all over its surface. Forget those bone dry textbook images. In September, several research teams made the case for a damp moon in Science online. A decade of data from several spacecraft showed water concentrations up to a liter per ton of lunar "soil". The European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed that finding with a study of its own announced last month…The water trick works like this. Lunar "soil" is a loose mix of dust grains that soaks up protons in the so-called solar wind. Trapped between the dust grains and absorbed, the solar protons react with the oxygen there to make water. They continuously make enough to offset the water that evaporates back into space. A European-supplied instrument on board India's Chendrayaan-I craft now orbiting the Moon found the data to back up this scenario.” Unquote

Quote from Ref. 3: “Almost all lunar rocks are depleted in volatiles and are completely lacking in hydrated minerals common in Earth rocks.” Unquote

Ref. 4:

Quote from Ref. 4: "Some Apollo and Luna samples contain very tiny amounts of water (~50 parts per million) but it is virtually impossible to tell whether this water originated on the Moon or arose from Earth contamination."

NTS Notes:  We have already seen previous evidence of the fraud of the moon rocks when the piece of supposed moon rock that was given to the Dutch government in Europe turned out to be a piece of petrified wood! (article link here).

The fact is that all of the supposed moon rocks were actually collected right here on Earth.  As this article shows, that is the only way that there could be terrestrial fossils, neurons, and blood vessels, in the rocks!

Readers, it does take some real critical thinking and putting pride aside to see that there was no way that man could have put men on the moon with the technology of the 1960's.  Even today, NASA admits that they still have not the technology or the capabilities of putting men on the moon. Logic only then dictates that if they cannot do it now, they could not do it then.

I have made it the purpose of writing this blog to expose all of the lies of history, and Project Apollo is definitely one of the greatest falsehoods ever promoted on all mankind.    As more evidence of this swindle comes forward, I will do my best at getting that information out for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned..

More to come



Winner said...

hi Northerntruthseeker. great articl thanks for sharing. I am a regular reader. I just want to point out something weird "i think the NASA hoax is not only on the moon landing but in all its missions i have been searching for a non edited video and a clear video of a NASA misson but i couldn't find any. please try to search for yourself.... by the way i am not so sure that the earth is a glob coz i ve never find a real video or picture of it...

Winner said...

please watch this video and see how they cut the video from a flat earth and then use a 2d or the 3d model of a globe "look how the images looks after the cut to see the fall outs"

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, Winner, but being a man of science, I can tell you that the Earth is definitely a globe... Not a perfectly shaped one though...

Thanks, but the flat earth theory is out in my books!

Anonymous said...

the moon landing picture with no burn crater under the module ,,shit ,,and the stupid lem sesame street car for cruizin on the moon had not even been unpacked yet and there were tire tracks in the "moon" dust ...referance HILO where the assholenauts were "vacationing" and the mountain background fits the moonscape background like an irirs scan you know how much $$$$$$ the kikes siphoned thru that hole ...a good example is the 3-4 trillion$$ dov zackheim snatched out of the pentagon...go from there

Winner said...

hi northerntruthseeker. first of all you should know that i am on of your biggest fan.I am not saying that the earth is absolutely not a glob or it is a flat! I just can't understand why there is no real video of the rotating earth or any real picture of the earth please after 50years of space missions. please whatch the vidos and notice how the use of 3D is evident and undeniable. i am a man of science too. "i am in the field of electrical engineering" i do acknowledge the benefits of science. "the true science" but not in the manipulated data and the few well choosen experiments. I read like all your post since 2008 and saying that you are a man of science but still you had a lot of doubts in this one when it comes to cancer cures, floride, sunlight,chemtrails,aspartam, GMOs,Vaccines,HAARP,moon landing...please consider spending one hour of your time on this. and if you find a real complete picture or a non edite video that shows a clear transactions from a flat earth to globe send me a link and i ll forget all of this! TAKE GOOD CARE....

Northerntruthseeker said...

Winner... Thanks for your comment..

I agree that there have not been any pictures of Earth from other than low earth orbit, due primarily to the fact that man has not been beyond low earth orbit for one..That and the robotic probes that have gone to other planets...Yes, it does puzzle me that there have been no pictures from probes showing the Earth in full rotation..

There was a few recent pictures from the Japanese probes, and the LRO, around the moon showing the Earth in "Earth rise" above the moon, but again, those are stills and not videos....

It must be also noted that to catch the Earth in full rotation would require a very high orbit with a probe set in (slower?) motion to compensate for the Earth's rotation. Most satellites above low earth orbit are put into geo-synchronous orbits where they rotate in sync with the Earth's own rotation.

A higher orbit and using rockets, and on board computers, to compensate for the probe's speed, and the Earth's speed of rotation, would be required to do the trick, but I do suppose that such a task is not in NASA's immediate and limited funding..

Doubts in Science? Not really.. Other than the fact that we have been taught whopping lies for centuries and having them passed off as "science"...

debdah said...

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debdah said...

check this:

Unknown said...

Typo? The piece of petrified wood was given to the Dutch government not Danish.