Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Apollo Moon Hoax: Now Russia Says It Will "Finally" Send A Man To The Moon! (More Fakery)

One of the most highly criticized subjects that I cover in this blog is the total fraud of the Apollo Moon landings...

I will state it clearly for everyone to understand:  We NEVER put men on the moon during the period of 1969-1972, and still do not have the technology to do so today.   The entire manned moon missions of NASA's Project Apollo was nothing more than a massive propaganda stunt, and one of the worse frauds of all human history.

What happened in terms of the Project Apollo swindle, is that shortly after John F Kennedy made his famous speech of 1961 to send a man to the moon and return him safely to Earth,  scientists informed NASA that it could not be done, due to the extremely high radiation of the Van Allen Radiation Belts (that I look upon more as a barrier), and interstellar space.... But rather than cancel the entire project and admit that it could not be done to the American people, a decision was made to launch a secretive clandestine operation known as the Apollo simulation project, to simulate and fake the entire manned moon missions.

It is still hard to believe that most Americans, and many people around the world, have not caught on to the fraud of Project Apollo, and even now, according to the following article, from the Telegraph online news service (www.telegraph.co.uk) out of the United Kingdom, it appears that the Russians are preparing to fake their own manned missions to the moon, by just announcing that they will "finally" send a cosmonaut to the moon!

I have that entire Telegraph news article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and my own additional comments to follow:

Russia to finally send man to the Moon

Russia will send a team of cosmonauts to the Moon, 60 years after Neil Armstrong’s Apollo
mission effectively ended the US-Soviet space race.

Russia will finally send a team of cosmonauts to the Moon – 60 years after Neil Armstrong's Apollo effectively ended the US-Soviet space race.

Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin Jr fulfilled John F. Kennedy’s promise to reach the Moon by the end of the decade, landing there on July 20, 1969, with NASA’s Apollo 11 Photo: Reuters

A spacecraft will “conduct a demonstrative manned circumlunar test flight with the subsequent landing of cosmonauts on [the Moon’s] surface and their return to Earth” by 2030, according to a leaked strategy document from Russia’s space agency, Roskosmos.
Moscow has periodically announced ambitious plans for space exploration in recent years, but this is the first time a firm deadline has been set for a manned lunar mission.
Russia won the first round of the space race when it launched the first man to orbit the Earth, Yuri Gagarin, in 1961. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin Jr, however, fulfilled John F Kennedy’s promise to reach the Moon by the end of the decade, landing there on July 20, 1969, with Nasa’s Apollo 11. The Soviet Union subsequently cancelled its lunar programmes.
Plans to send cosmonauts to the Moon could help revive Russia’s space programme after a troubled period. A series of satellites crashed last year and in January the Mars probe, Fobos Grunt, fell to Earth after a faulty launch two months earlier. Last week, Roskosmos suffered another humiliation after reports that the head of the agency, Vladimir Popovkin, had sustained head injuries after an alleged brawl at work.
Yury Karash, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, said that prestige would not be restored with a symbolic flight to the Moon. “Back in the 1960s the Soviet Union was competing head-to-head with the United States,” he said.

“But it is hard to find a better way to hurt Russian prestige and emphasise Russian technological backwardness than by sending cosmonauts to the Moon around 2030, 60 years after Apollo.”

Mr Karash said resources would be better spent on funding a manned flight to Mars, which would stimulate science because of the demand for new technology to serve a 450-day round trip to the Red Planet.
The Soviet Union had two Moon programmes which it closed in the 1970s after the success of Apollo 11. The US knew about them, but their existence was not admitted publicly until 1990.
In the post-Soviet era, Russia has co-operated with other countries on Mir and the International Space Station (ISS). It currently shoulders the burden of shuttling supplies to the ISS in Soyuz capsules. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister and president-elect, wants to restore Russia’s space programme to its former glory.
Speaking last year on the 50th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight, he said: “Russia should not limit itself to the role of an international space ferryman.”
Mr Putin said piloted space missions should be revived by 2018, when the first flights are expected from Vostochny, a $13.5 billion (£8.6 billion) spaceport being built in Russia’s far east.
The Soviet Union, the United States and China are the only countries so far to have launched manned space flights. India’s space agency declared in 2010 that it wanted to launch a human mission to the Moon by 2020, and scientists have indicated that China could do the same by 2025.
Barack Obama, the US president, said in 2010 that he hoped to send astronauts to Mars by the 2030s, but he cut funding for robotic missions to the planet last month. He also cancelled George W Bush’s plan to return astronauts to the Moon by 2020.
Scientists believe that precious metals and Helium-3, a rare isotope that has potential for power generation, could be extracted from the Moon’s surface. Roskosmos has also suggested that a base built on the Moon could be used as a launch pad for a flight to Mars.

NTS Notes:  I look at this Russian man on the moon report this way... If the Americans can fake it, then why not the Russians?   NASA faking the entire Apollo program has always opened the door to other nations also doing the same fraud, and why not?  If the Americans ever cry foul about the latest Russian attempt, then their entire Apollo scam would be exposed...

As I have said before, my perspective about the faked Apollo moon landings has really had my critics go into overdrive.   I state the facts clearly and have always shown the evidence that the entire NASA Apollo program was a complete sham...It only takes a small amount of research into Apollo using critical thinking before anyone can see the fraud for themselves.

My perspective has not changed since first discovering some 30 years back that Apollo was a massive fraud and swindle.   It is my belief that true science, especially when it comes to space exploration, and manned space travel, has been seriously distorted due to the lies of Project Apollo.  To me, that is heresy, and an insult to real science.

It is also amazing that some 40 years since the faked Apollo moon missions that no manned space craft has gone higher into space than low Earth orbit, or some 300 miles.... I am truly surprised that many people have not looked at that fact, and asked themselves.. Why?   They should be able to deduce that there is one major reason why they cannot go any higher; primarily the radiation of the Van Allen belts, and then logically come to the realization that Apollo was a complete fraud!

Lets see how long the Russians will be able to pull off their fake manned moon missions before someone discovers it is a fraud as well....

More to come



Fowl Ideas said...

How many people were active parties to staging the hoax and how have they not spilled the beans for 40 years. In my experience, people can't keep quiet about anything.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, Fowl, but as I stated before in response to your last comment back in the last Apollo fake article, faking it and keeping it quiet is not as hard as it seems...

First, everyone should know how compartmentalized the corporations that built the devices for the Apollo scam were...Corporations that employed thousands would work on the equipment without the realization that it was all a massive fraud. The only people that would be in the know would have been the few hundred who would be putting all the pieces together in the finished project....

It is also a fact that throughout history, many massive projects were kept secret from entire nations... One clear example was the Manhattan Project of WW2 that employed well over 500,000 people, and only a handful knew that the finished product was a nuclear bomb!

And we have the examples of the former Soviet Union that was able to keep its secrets away from its own public, and the world... Their famous N1 moon rocket project was kept even secret from the Americans until the Soviet Union actually collapsed in 1991...

And of course, we have the American partnership with the Soviet Union under the false "cold war".... Many people are just beginning to see that the entire Cold War was a massive swindle, because Wall Street had been financing the entire Soviet Union since its creation back in 1917...... That made the cold war and the American buildup of weapons under the military-industrial complex a massive 5 trillion dollar swindle...

The Soviets were well ahead of the Americans in space technology and always were... They kept the Apollo fraud a secret because the Americans knew all their secrets as well... Including the fact that the Yuri Gagarin space mission of 1961 was a massive hoax.... But because the Americans worked in partnership with the Soviets, it became... We will not divulge your secrets if you do not divulge ours...

Yes, people cannot keep quiet if they are into the actual gag itself... Those 200-300 that were in the know about the fraud have done their jobs of keeping quiet very well...

Anonymous said...

NTS, what you say makes sense when you realize it was the same international bankers that financed and provided the leadership to the Russian Revolution in 1917. It would explain that cooperation since both our country and Russia's was run by neocon zionist bankers.... we know it now, but did not know it then. Or at lease the people did not know it.

The politicians knew it since they were the ones cooperating with the dual citizens and bankers in NY to finance the Russian revolution. Yup, it all makes sense. Thanks for sticking to your guns.

Anonymous said...

My mind boggles at this conspiracy nonsense from the mouths of the uneducated.Im not even going to go into the scientific aspects,as was said do you really think all those thousands of people would keep quiet when there were so americans passing trivial secrets to the russians in exchange for cash.
Please read a few books and grow up.
Also google LROC

Northerntruthseeker said...

Read above, Mr. "Anonymous"... It does not take "thousands" to keep the coverup a secret..

You have not studied very well, have you?

Unknown said...

Hi Brian,
You should realize with Russians announcing manned mission to the moon that it’s just one more smoke and mirror campaign undertaken to help Americans keep the moon hoax afloat. Nobody would go anywhere or fake going there. There were many announcements like that before, but when somebody starts doing anything real like former “Energia” corporation president Nikolay Sevastyanov, one gets punished. Sevastyanov was officially declared as being moon struck (lunatic), fired, and sent to the Russian Far East.
As for mentioned Yury Karash, he is just a clown and very likely an American Intel asset (he spent ~10 years in the USA). I saw a lot of TV and radio shows with him and his goal is to distract Russian public from the moon and draw attention to Mars in order to waste time and money on a useless Martian project. Of cause Roscomos won’t waste money on a Mars project; it’s just for the show. And Russian Academy of Cosmonautics is just a public organization anyone can be a member of.
I am telling you that Roscosmos is happy milking NASA and won’t blow whistle exposing them or attempting an independent moon mission. Since 1976 not even one Soviet/Russian probe went nowhere near the Moon.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The game is still alive and well, it seems today, Arthur...

All we need to look at is the present fraudulent Curiosity rover on Mars bullcrap as the prime example...

Anonymous said...

The fact we as humans went to space at all is good enuff for me amazing achievement

Richwood said...

Fact is thousands knew of the Manhattan Project and what its end result was to be. Certainly Russia, Germany and Japan knew they were in a race to get the bomb. Germany tried (or did) to send some heavy water to Japan. Many people suspected but didn't know for sure.....My father was chief military engineer on the project and he knew to many people knew what was going on. The general public didn't, know. Most secrets are from the general public. Those who need to know (like the enemies) or those who can put two and two together know.

Unknown said...

No one's explained to date: How'd they take a crap on the moon? Buzz Aldrin said they had a catheter in for No. one, and for No. 2, they were given a "blue bag" to dump in, which they left on the moon.

What this mean is that while on the moon, they had to REMOVE THEIR SPACE SUITS! Right. Hmmm...that must have been a bit uncomfortable, taking off their space suites in a 250 degree temperature.

As an aside, just as we are told by the "moonies" that the lethal radiation of outer space is not so bad at all, I have also heard them say, no joke, that a temperature of 250 degrees isn't hot! That's right, folks, apparently, 250 degrees, while very hot on earth, is not at all hot on the moon. That's what they say. You can't make this stuff up.