Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Reason To NOT Have A Facebook Account: Corporations Are Demanding Applicants' Facebook User Names and Passwords!

I have said for the past year at least, and I will say it again.. Never, ever, sign up for a "Facebook" account.   This so called "social network" is nothing of the sort... It is a data mining spy network for obtaining personal information from its users, to potentially be used for very dangerous and nefarious reasons.

Knowing Facebook is a massive data mining operation is bad enough, but now comes new information from a Commentary, from Karen Barnes, at www.voices.yahoo.com, where it seems now that many US corporations have been demanding any job applicants to give them their Facebook user names and passwords!   First, I want to present that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have some comments and my own opinion on this matter to follow:

Job Interviewers Want Facebook Username and Passwords

COMMENTARY | It's not bad enough so many people are out of work due to cutbacks. It gets worse for people being interviewed to share their Facebook username and passwords. This is apparently become mainstream during an interview.

Not only that, asking an interviewee for their Facebook username and password is against their terms of service. That means no company has the right to sign in under your username; much less ask for it.
Right there ought to tell you something about the company you are interviewing for. If they are willing to break a website's TOS for their own gains, they are willing to go even further in breaking laws.
Not only is it inappropriate for an interviewer to ask for this type of personal information, it also smacks of an invasion of privacy. Before any interviewer asks a potential employee for such information, they best be prepared to share the same information with the person they are interviewing.
If you aren't comfortable with giving your Facebook username and password as an interviewer, don't expect the person you are looking at for a position with your company to do the same. It seems apparent, such companies haven't read the fine print of the TOS of Facebook.
Not only that, any Facebook user who uses the internet daily, knows to never share login information with anyone. Not only that, if you do give your username and password for Facebook, who's to say they won't log with your information in the future.
The person could also not log out after checking your profile, thus leaving your Facebook username and password showing on their computer. This includes not clearing their daily web browser history of your Facebook username and password.
If at any time the company comes under investigation and their computers are confiscated, your information could still be located on their hard drives. This could lead you to more vulnerability with people seeing what you do on Facebook.
There are so many things legally wrong with a job interviewer asking for your Facebook username and password. For me, this is as bad as big brother watching your every move.
Published by Karen Barnes
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NTS Notes:  OK, WHERE is the massive public outcry in all of this?  Isn't this action by any company still a clear violation of an individual's personal freedoms?  And if so, then any company asking for that information is leaving itself wide open to major lawsuits.

If anyone goes and applies for a job in the United States and the company that wants to hire them demands their Facebook ID and Password, the applicant MUST immediately say NO.   If that company then uses that as an excuse to prevent that individual being hired, the individual has every right to seek immediate legal action against that company.  NO company has the right to infringe on anyones' personal information at any time.

THIS is another clear example as to why it is important to NOT have a Facebook account at all.   Not having such a dangerous "social network" information file would automatically insulate that person from these type of incredibly stupid demands from companies.

Again, if you do have a Facebook account, I highly recommend you close it immediately.   It is becoming more and more obvious with this type of absolutely horrendous action by companies that such a "social network" is too dangerous to have, period.

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