Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another Reason To Close Your "Facebook" Account: Facebook Will Require Social Security Number (!) For Member Login!

I have said it for years... If you ever want to consider opening up a Facebook account... Do NOT!  And if you already have a Facebook account...Close it IMMEDIATELY!...  Facebook is nothing more than a criminal enterprise used primarily for data mining of personal information from its users!   I have not been swayed by those critics of this statement, and I have yet to see any evidence of the contrary...

Now comes another report that should have everyone who has an insidious Facebook account closing it immediately... According to this report, from the online site: Free Wood Post, at www.freewoodpost.con, it appears that the criminals behind Facebook will soon demand that users primarily in the United States to  have to login to Facebook itself by giving their Social Security Number!   First, here is that article, and I do have some more comments to follow:

Facebook will Require Social Security Number for Member Log In

February 29, 2012

February seemed to be the month of Facebook, with new updates and new privacy settings. Today, Facebook announced a new procedure to address the recent wave of spam that has plagued the website. Starting April 2nd, users will be required to enter their social security numbers to log in to their Facebook accounts. Facebook’s media relations department released this statement.
The new member log in format will be both safe and efficient for our users who fear having their Facebook identity stolen. The requirement for users to enter their social security numbers during log in, will completely take away the element of spam from unauthorized access. With cooperation from the United States government, we have compiled a database to verify that each person’s social security is accurate. Also, the last four digits of each users social will be displayed in their info section of their profile. Further upgrades to security are currently being planned, and will be announced as more information is given.

The announcement will for sure create outrage across the internet, where tensions are already high due to Facebook’s new privacy policies. Google has also hinted to a similar procedure to verify user identification.

Calls to the Facebook corporate offices have not been returned.

NTS Notes:  When the hell will people finally wake up and see this insidious "Social Network" for what it truly is... A data mining operation for getting personal information from its users for potential criminal use against the users themselves!

Here it is in a nutshell (again)... There has long been suspicion that Facebook is an offshoot of a spy program (Israeli?) developed years ago for obtaining personal information from potential victims... At the time it would have cost BILLIONS of dollars for the implementation of the program to obtain personal data.  But lo and behold, Mark Zuckerberg comes along.   All he would have to do is take the original spy program, tweek it a bit, and sell it to the gullible public as a "Social Network", where the dumbed down public will give their personal information out for FREE!  And in the process make Billions of dollars to boot!

Readers, there are too many problems with this so called "Social Network" that have already been exposed in previous articles by myself, and others.... Again, why risk the potential usage of your personal and private information by criminals via "Facebook"?    The simplest thing is to close your Facebook account immediately to stop these criminals in their tracks....

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

This is a HUGE step towards the NWO total package for complete data mining of anyone foolish enough to participate.

I think from now on I will refer to it as "FOOLSBOOK".

Sigh. My daughters post their information on it and tell me that if I want to see their photos this is how.

I still cannot sign up to the damn thing.