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Fantastic New Video By Anthony Lawson: Iran Bashing, Terrorism, And Who Chose The Chosen People Anyway?

It has been a while since we last heard from Anthony Lawson.  His last video showed again evidence of Israeli involvement in the attacks of 9-11 on the United States.  

Well, it seems now that Anthony Lawson is back, and again attacking the real criminals on planet Earth head on.   I have his newest video, entitled: "Iran Bashing, Terrorism, And Who Chose The Chosen People Anyway?" for everyone to see here for themselves.    My own comments are to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have shown many times in this blog that the so called "Chosen People" are absolutely nothing of the sort, and in fact are a truly fictitious group of criminals with absolutely no past.   These so called "Chosen People" invented their own history, and have used that false history as their claim to occupy Palestine, which again they have absolutely no rights to what so ever.

It is also a fact that Israeli control over the US Government is absolutely supreme.   Their control over the so called Congress and Senate is due to the fact that if any of these so called "elected" representatives of the American people ever turns against their Jewish masters, then they will be defeated in any future "election" in their own state due to Jewish money and Jewish controlled media thrown into supporting their opposition.    One prime example of this is how the Jews had Cynthia McKinney removed from Congress due to her opposition to their dominance.

This is another reason why these clowns who call themselves "Congressmen" did the 29 (made me puke) standing ovations for the criminal Netanyahu when that murderous criminal spoke in front of the US Congress on May 24th, 2011.  If they failed to pay homage and automatically on cue rise like good slaves to hail and exalt their true master, then the AIPAC agents in the lobby and observation decks observing them would take their names down and they would run the risk of defeat in upcoming "elections" as well.    This shows how none of these so called "elected" officials have any moral values at all..  They are nothing but spineless snivelling trolls, and are driven only by personal wealth, greed, and power.

What Anthony Lawson states clearly about the false vilification of Iran is absolutely true.  However, again due to the Jewish total domination of the media in the United States, the American public is being barraged constantly with outright lies and falsehoods about Iran being a "threat".   It is through that constant brainwashing that most Americans will soon be fighting and dying for their Jewish masters half way around the world to protect their glorious Israel!

This is a great video that should be taken, copied, and shown to everyone.   The insane rush to war against the peaceful nation of Iran must be ended, and Jewish complete domination over the US Government exposed for everyone to see for themselves...

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A Radical Rethinking Of "Conspiracy Theories" Is Underway Globally!

I have long been labeled as a "Conspiracy Theorist", and like many others in the real truth movement, that statement has long used against us as to make us out to be on the "edge of society", or "quacks", or even "nutjobs".   I prefer to look at it as a badge of honor, and instead of a so called "Conspiracy Theorist", I prefer to look upon myself and others as "Conspiracy REALISTS"..and the ones who have the real truth!

No matter how badly the criminals who have caused all the harm to our planet for the last few centuries are now desperately trying to suppress the truth about their evil actions and intent, we are winning this war, and more and more people today are turning to the alternative press, and sites such as this one for the real news and the absolute truth about our world...The last ditch effort to stem that tide is to of course have the criminals label us as "Conspiracy Theorists" to some how psychologically make people still think that those words mean we are nothing but just a group of nuts on the edge of society.   However, like their lies of "Antisemitism", that title is rapidly and properly losing its effect.

For this article, I want to present a fabulous article, that comes from the website: The Excavator, at, entitled: "A Radical Rethinking Of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway".    In this article, you will see how people are no longer fooled by the criminals that have used to term "conspiracy theorists" as a weapon against those who are getting the real truth out, especially about the real perpetrators behind the attacks of 9-11.  It also shows how people are waking up and turning away from the lies of the Jewish controlled media and coming to the internet for real news.   I have that article right here, and I do have my own comments to follow:

MARCH 31, 2012

A Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway Globally

You Can Laugh At 9/11 Truth-Tellers Till Kingdom Come. But You Can't Destroy The Truth About 9/11.
"Consciousness has been left at the door." - Michael Tsarion.

"The world is all the richer for having a devil in it, so long as we keep our foot upon his neck." - William James.
"Like the Gutenberg Press before it, the Internet Reformation is undermining the established myths that Western elites have concocted in their efforts to create a New World Order. We like to think that the Daily Bell is one modest example." - The Daily Bell.
"But our present "state" is the dictatorship of evil. "Oh, we've known that for a long time," I hear you object, "and it isn't necessary to bring that to our attention again." But, I ask you, if you know that, why do you not bestir yourselves, why do you allow these men who are in power to rob you step by step, openly and in secret, of one domain of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanized state system presided over by criminals and drunks? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right - or rather, your moral duty - to eliminate this system? But if a man no longer can summon the strength to demand his right, then it is absolutely certain that he will perish. We would deserve to be dispersed through the earth like dust before the wind if we do not muster our powers at this late hour and finally find the courage which up to now we have lacked. Do not hide your cowardice behind a cloak of expediency, for with every new day that you hesitate, failing to oppose this offspring of Hell, your guilt, as in a parabolic curve, grows higher and higher." - The White Rose, The Third Leaflet.
The language of the enemy contains terms like 'conspiracy theorist' that are a direct attack on the freedom of thought and insult the intelligence of civil society. We must counter-attack the totalitarian assault on our minds with the conscious use of language: the language of resistance.

You can either embrace the term conspiracy theorist and psychologically flip the language of the enemy to serve freedom, or you can use the language of the resistance, in which the smear term conspiracy theorist is dropped and replaced with the respectable term informed citizen.

We have to be ever mindful of language, especially when it is used to discredit political speech. Language conditions our thought, shapes our outlook, and defines our worldview.

In Islamist language, "infidel" is a perfect example of how one word can limit our understanding of other cultures and our recognition of the worth of other human beings who do not look like us, think like us, and worship like us. In Western language, "conspiracy theorist" is used by government officials, politicians, and the establishment media to turn dissent into paranoia, and truth-telling into a product of mental illness.

Every totalitarian state and cult leader in history has utilized the power of language to set the parameters of thought and public debate. As conscious citizens, we cannot allow language to be diluted, deformed, and debased by the state, politicians, and the establishment media. Once our language goes, so goes our consciousness and our freedoms.

What is needed is a reexamination of the use of the term conspiracy theory and Western political language in general. By restoring the independence of language and removing the parameters of debate set by the totalitarian state, our brainwashed countries will regain the freedom of thought that must be at the core of any free and dignified society.

A radical rethinking of conspiracy theories is already underway globally. Mark Fenster, a professor of law at the University of Florida, argued that there needs to be a rethinking of conspiracy theories in his book,"Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture." In aninterview with the journal Rorotoko on January 20, 2009, Fenster explained why he wrote the book, saying:
"First, I argue that the dominant mode of understanding conspiracy theory is flawed.  Academics and journalists have wrongly assumed that conspiracy theories are necessarily a pathological cry from the political and social margins.  The notion that they and their adherents are “paranoid” is most frequently associated today with the work of Richard Hofstadter, a preeminent American historian in the 1950s and 1960s, who placed conspiracy theories within what he called the “paranoid style in American politics.”  Viewed this way, a conspiracy theory is symptomatic of a larger sickness from which the believers suffer, caused in part by their marginal position within society.  Conspiracy theories are more complex than this simple story tells—historically, politically, and culturally.  They have played a key or at least non-trivial role in many of the social movements throughout American history, from the beginnings of the Republic to the present day.  Moreover, conspiracy theories remain remarkably popular. In the political world, politicians and partisans disparage their opponents’ beliefs as conspiracy theory while they maintain that those same opponents are engaged in conspiratorial acts.  Do I even need to give examples of how widespread conspiracy theories are in popular culture?  Or how in our private conversations we frequently describe dealings in the workplace or in the political world as conspiratorial, whether in jest or in all seriousness?  The book’s first claim, then, is critical: we need to rethink the basic conceptual framework by which we understand conspiracy theories."
In the interview, Professor Fenster said that he doesn't believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories. Although that's disappointing, his research and knowledge shouldn't be dismissed out of hand just because he doesn't find any merit in the argument that the governments of the U.S. and Israel carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Those of us who have looked at the evidence that's been gathered by 9/11 truth activists know that U.S. and Israeli officials are sitting on dynamite and keeping the world in the dark. These officials, in cooperation with the establishment media, are waging a sustained and multifaceted psychological war against the global mind, and especially the Western mind.

But the psychological war is not going well because the rise of the Internet as the main medium of news and opinion has turned the tables on the mass mind controllers. The new global alternative media has had a massive influence on the global public debate about the false flag 9/11 attacks and the evil war on terrorism. 

The Internet is like Zeus's lightning bolt. It has awakened the globe. The people of the planet have been de-brainwashed thanks to the work done by 9/11 truth-tellers, researchers, authors, activists, lecturers, and groups like Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

The Pentagon committed the biggest mistake in its history by deciding to cold-bloodedly kill 3,000 innocent Americans and then use the tragedy to galvanize the American people to take over the world at the behest of evil banksters, war corporations, and Israel.

The military-industrial complex's war on human consciousness and human enlightenment is failing big time. The global alternative media has exposed its crimes against humanity, especially the two biggest ones: aggressive war and state terrorism.

Washington's empire of mind control is collapsing.

A recent New York Times/CBS News poll showed that 70 percent of the American people want the government to immediately bring an end to the war in Afghanistan. That number will increase to 99 percent once more people become aware of the evidence that proves the U.S. and Israeli governments orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to mobilize international public opinion to support their radical policies in the Middle East.

9/11 truth conferences like the Toronto Hearings that took place in September 2011 have brought mainstream credibility to the global 9/11 truth and accountability movement. The strength of this movement is that it is educational in nature and not connected to any political party, group, ideology, or cause. And it should remain that way.

9/11 truth-tellers are part of a global grassroots campaign to educate the world about the biggest act of state terrorism in human history, and raise collective human consciousness in the process.

Award-winning Canadian journalist Barrie Zwicker said in 2009 that, "the worldwide 9/11 truth movement is currently the largest investigative journalism project on the planet."

The global 9/11 truth and accountability movement is not about politics and ideology. It is about restoring the rule of law, public trust in government, and government transparency in America, Israel, and the West.

Victory is more than possible. It is inevitable. 

14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts.
Turns Out the ‘Government Sachs’ Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along.
33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know…

NTS Notes: I agree with most of the findings presented here by Saman Mohammadi with just a few exceptions....  One glaring fact that I have stuck to and have been proven again and again is that the attacks of 9-11 were entirely orchestrated by criminal Jews in both America and Israel, and carried out by their Mossad and Sayanim agents operating in America.  

The fact is that these Jewish criminals are in total control of the American government, and used their compliant puppets in that slave government to assist them in the outright murder of 3000 American lives on 9-11 and have it blamed wrongly on so called "Arab terrorists".  

But after almost 11 years of constant lies by the US Government and the Jewish controlled media, people are finally seeing the lies for what they are.   Every day, more and more people are discovering the truth about the 9-11 attacks by simply turning on their computers and browsing so called "Conspiracy Theory" sites, such as this one.   They are then rudely awakened to the truth that the so called "Conspiracy Theorists" have had it right all along.

So the next time someone comes out and calls me a "Conspiracy Theorist", I will look at them and smile, because I look upon it as a true badge of honour and shows that I and others in the real truth movement have had it right all along!

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Important Health News: Vaccines And Autism: The Secret You Are NOT Supposed To Know!

I and others in the real truth movement have long been pushing for everyone to avoid poisonous and deadly vaccinations as much as possible.    It is indeed a crime that we are watching as governments actually force parents to have their children vaccinated, and have actually threatened them if they fail to comply.  I have already shown in previous articles, how these so called "vaccines" contain a multitude of different poisons, including the deadly neurotoxin, Mercury, and that everyone should NOT take any vaccines,  period.

Mercury has long been linked to horrific neurological diseases, including Autism... It is a fact that Autism has increased many fold due to the introduction of Mercury based Thimerosal in vaccines that has been given to children.

To again help show clear evidence of the linkage of Mercury in vaccines to the increase in Autism in children, I want to present the following article that comes from the website: Activist Post, at, entitled: "Vaccines And Autism: The Secret That You Are Not Supposed To Know".    It is a must read for everyone who has children, and is actually considering having them receive any vaccines over the next while.    I do have my own comments to follow:

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Michael Snyder, Contributor
Activist Post

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of children in the United States with autism has risen by 78 percent over the past decade.  It is now estimated that 1 out of every 88 children in the United States has some form of autism disorder.

Our schools are absolutely packed with "special needs" children, and millions of parents are desperately trying to figure out why so many kids are having such severe developmental problems.

Strangely, most autistic children start out perfectly normal.  Most of them develop just fine for the first year or two and then something dramatic happens.  So what could that possibly be?  Well, there is a secret that you are not supposed to know.

That secret is that vaccines are one of the primary causes of autism.  As the number of vaccines being administered to our children has risen, so has the percentage of our children with autism.  Today, in some areas of the United States more than 30 vaccines are being given to young children before the age of 3.  When you inject so much mercury and so much other toxic material directly into the bloodstreams of vulnerable young children, bad stuff is bound to happen.  The evidence linking vaccines and autism continues to mount, and yet the pharmaceutical establishment continues to vigorously deny that there could possibly be any link between the two.

Each year, there are thousands upon thousands of parents that take their perfectly healthy toddlers into the doctor to get a vaccine and later end up deeply regretting it.  Shortly after taking one too many vaccines, many children get sick, stop talking and never recover.  The parents of those children are left absolutely devastated.

If you start surfing around the Internet you can find enough testimonies like this to keep you reading for days on end.

But for the pharmaceutical establishment, a link must never be admitted between vaccines and autism.  Hundreds of billions of dollars of profits are at stake, and the legal implications of admitting that vaccines cause autism would be absolutely mind blowing.

The big pharmaceutical companies will never, ever, ever, ever admit a link.  And since those companies also spend billions of dollars advertising on the mainstream media, the mainstream media will never admit a link either.

It is all about the money. So they have to act incredibly puzzled about what is causing cases of autism to dramatically surge in the United States. And "dramatically surge" is actually an understatement.

It is getting really hard to deny that the epidemic of autism in America is absolutely exploding.  The following is from a recent CNN article....

In 2000 and 2002, the autism estimate was about 1 in 150 children. Two years later 1 in 125 8-year-olds had autism. In 2006, the number was 1 in 110, and the newest data -- from 2008 -- suggests 1 in 88 children have autism.
So what is causing this?

The mainstream media is floating all kinds of bizarre theories. But an increasing number of U.S. parents are coming to one conclusion.  Despite overwhelming propaganda in the mainstream media that vaccines do not cause autism, one poll found that one out of every four parents now believe that vaccines cause autism.

So why are so many parents not listening to the "experts"?

Well, it is because of what they have seen in real life.  The following is from a recent Huffington Post article....

It's a fact that many children with ASD regressed following normal development just as they were receiving multiple vaccines at regular doctor visits. Health officials say the timing is entirely coincidental.
Regression usually occurs between 12 and 24 months, though one study found that some children show signs of autism as early as six months, but never before that age.
By six months of age, most U.S. children have received about 18 inoculationscontaining 24 vaccines against nine diseases. Over the next two years or so, they will receive another nine shots containing 14 vaccines against 12 diseases.
So whether a child regresses at six months, or 18 months, the tragedy happens during a period of intensive vaccination. In many cases, parents report that the child had an abnormal reaction after being vaccinated (seizures, spiking-fevers, diarrhea, lethargy, high-pitched screaming and/or other symptoms).
If your kid stopped talking within days (or even hours) after receiving a vaccine, how would you feel?

The big pharmaceutical companies have funded many studies to try to show that there is no link between vaccines and autism, but many independent studies contradict the findings of those corporate-funded studies.  The following is from an article by Paul Joseph Watson....
Epidemiologist Tom Verstraeten and Dr. Richard Johnston, an immunologist and pediatrician from the University of Colorado, both concluded that thimerosal was responsible for the dramatic rise in cases of autism but their findings were dismissed by the CDC.
Cases of autism in the U.S. have now increased by over 2700 per cent since 1991, which is when vaccines for children doubled, and the number of immunizations is only increasing. Just one in 2,500 children were diagnosed with autism before 1991, whereas one in 91 children now have the disease, up from one in 150 just six years ago.
So what is so bad is about thimerosal?

Well, thimerosal contains mercury which is one of the most toxic substances known to mankind.  Mercury has been proven to severely impair neurological development.  The following comes directly from the EPA website....
For fetuses, infants, and children, the primary health effect of methylmercury is impaired neurological development. Methylmercury exposure in the womb, which can result from a mother's consumption of fish and shellfish that contain methylmercury, can adversely affect a baby's growing brain and nervous system. Impacts on cognitive thinking, memory, attention, language, and fine motor and visual spatial skills have been seen in children exposed to methylmercury in the womb.
So why in the world would we want to pump massive amounts of mercury into our young children when their brains are just starting to develop? It is literally insane to do this!

Many other countries around the world have recognized this and have banned thimerosal from vaccines.

The following comes from an article by Dawn Prate....
In 1977, a Russian study found that adults exposed to ethylmercury, the form of mercury in thimerosal, suffered brain damage years later. Studies on thimerosal poisoning also describe tubular necrosis and nervous system injury, including obtundation, coma and death. As a result of these findings, Russia banned thimerosal from children’s vaccines in 1980. Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries have also banned the preservative
So why is it not banned in the United States?

And why do so many American parents still allow it to be pumped at very high levels directly into the bloodstreams of their precious young children?

There are thousands upon thousands of parents that are willing to testify that they would never have allowed their children to be vaccinated if they could go back and do it again.

The following are some testimonies about vaccines and autism that were posted by readers of Organic Health....
My son developed autism after his 15 month vaccinations. It is no surprise considering he took 26 vaccinations up to that point. His fragile system could take no more poison and regressed from speaking 19 words (consistently) at 15 his month check-up to speaking 2 words (infrequently) at his 18 month check-up. I STRONGLY believe doctors are being manipulated/deceived in Medical School……and therefore…….get out only to manipulate/deceive their patients. 3 WORDS…..NEW WORLD ORDER……Research it. I’m glad to see that many of us 'sheep' are starting to wake up. This is all biblical revelation by the way. In Revelations, The City of Babylon is said to have 'deceived the world with their SORCERY' (greek translation is Pharmekia…..which is Pharmaceuticals!!!!) When are the CHRISTIAN churches going to wake up to this??????
Well, I have not one, but two children with autism after getting the childhood vaccines. I trusted the doctors who bullied me into it. They talked me into it and said there was relatively little chance my children would have a reaction. Well, after the shots my kids got so sick I had to put both of them in the hospital for 4 days on IVs. Their limbs were limp and they couldn’t hold their heads up – all they could do was lay there and have diarrhea and fevers. I thought they were going to die. After that they were delayed and got autism diagnosis. Now explain with your statistics how many children had autism before the ’80s….1 in 10,000!!! Recently it has been figured at 1/60 -90 depending on the source or state. Statistically there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. There is likely a genetic component or weakness that is set off by some environmental insult to the system. I’d say a likely culprit is vaccines in combination with our crappy modern diet of highly processed foods and junk plus a lack of proper sunlight and vit D3.
I have had four kids and have never been told or encouraged to get a flu shot from my OBGYN during any of my pregnacies. Please don’t get this vaccine if you are pregnant and don’t give it to your children!! Vaccines cause many illnesses and even deaths. I almost lost my daughter to Autism she was slipping away but I stopped vaccines & she became healthy again. Why would anyone give or allow their newborn child to be injected with these toxins. They are the cause of many of the childhood illnesses & diseases we have today. Autism, ADD, ADHD, Asthma, allergies and others too. There’s alot of info. available to find out more. Please find out the truth for yourself…
When our daughter was 18 mos she had a severe reaction to her immunizations – extremely high temp, inconsolable, and it lasted for days after the shot – it was awful. She even displayed some signs of autism, which scared us to no end, but finally subsides. We began to be wary of all vaccines and now regret giving the few that we did to our three kids. Of course the Dr’s have all given us a hard time. We homeschool, and I have heard that since homeschooled children usually have less vaccines (the schools require all vaccines to be “up to date”) that there are less incidents of autism. I think a lot of people have made bad decisions in addition to making a lot of money off of vaccines. God did not intend for us to pump toxins into our blood streams. On the back of my kids’ records it says “Baby Shots, A Healthy Dose of Love!” – NOT.
Do you have any idea how many people I know, mainly little boys, have developed autism after having one of those very small, harmless shots that we’re told are perfectly safe? Nearly a dozen! Without investigating every single thing that is going into our bodies, we are lambs led to slaughter. Our lives and the lives of our kids are at stake. The day the Pharm companies gives vaccines free and they don’t make any money from it, I will trust them more. Until that day, be very cautious that we are all being manipulated for the almighty dollar!
Autism is 1:91 with 1:58 boys as of last month. The signs of autism are not visible until the child is at least 12 months old. Until then TAKE CARE. Follow the alternative vaccine schedule posted on Eat organic foods, cut out sugar and junk foods, take your prenatal vitamins/multi-vitamins after birth and get your vitamin D & B12 levels checked after you give birth. BREASTFEED YOUR BABY FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. In the meantime, extra vitamin A and C are helpful for their developing brains and immune system. Probiotics can be given to a newborn too. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF & YOUR BABIES NOW…hopefully your child won’t become part of the autism epidemic, or get severe food allergies, automimmune disorders or even cancer in the future. I wish you all the best motherhood has to offer . Sincerely, from a mother living w/autoimmune disorders, who was 'vaccine injured' many years ago, with two children, one with autism. Since then, we started on a GFCF diet for the whole family, biomedical intervention for my autistic son, eating more organic foods & taking supplements to boost our health everyday. God bless.

But it isn't just young children that are being harmed by vaccines. Thousands upon thousands of pregnant women have lost their babies very shortly after taking vaccines. Thousands upon thousands of adults have become permanently disabled very shortly after taking vaccines.

If you want to read more, you can find dozens of vaccine horror stories here and here.

The good news is that if your child has autism there is hope.

Once you understand that vaccines can cause autism, it becomes much easier to treat it.  The following is a quote from Dr. Russell Blaylock....

Studies of autistic children have frequently shown very high levels of mercury, with no other source but vaccines found for the exposure. These levels are equal to those seen in adults during toxic industrial exposures. Several autism clinics have found dramatic improvements in the behavior and social interactions in children from whom the mercury was chelated. Results depended on how soon the mercury was removed following exposure, but permanent damage can be caused if the metal is not chelated soon enough.
Still, even in cases of severe damage, because of the infant brain's tremendous reparative ability, improvements are possible. The problem of autism involves numerous body systems including the gastrointestinal, immune and nervous systems; as a result we see numerous infections and magnified effects of malnutrition. Intrepid workers in the shadows, that is outside the medial establishment, have worked many miracles with these children using a multidisciplinary scientific approach completely ignored by the orthodoxy. Some children have even experienced a return to complete physiological normalcy.
So if your child has autism, do not give up hope. There are things that can be done.

Sadly, authorities all over the nation are responding to the anti-vaccine movement by becoming harsher with parents than ever. For example, all over America children that have not received all of the "required vaccines" are being banned from school. In some instances, children are actually being taken away from their parents for not giving them the "proper" vaccines.  In one recent case in Pennsylvania, a social worker took custody of a baby just after it had been born just because the mother would not consent to have the child vaccinated.

This is complete and utter madness.

Shouldn't parents have the right to determine whether or not their young children will be pumped full of mercury and other toxic substances?

Shouldn't parents have the right to question whether it is a good idea to inject kids with dozens of vaccines before the age of 3?

But that is not the way that our system works.  The big pharmaceutical companies fund the campaigns of our politicians, and then they get our politicians to bully us into taking their vaccines.

For much more on all of this, please check out an article entitled "Autism & Vaccines" by Barbara Loe Fisher.

There is so much that could be written about this subject, but hopefully this article will get you started.
The key is to do your own research.  Don't blindly listen to the pharmaceutical companies or to anyone else.

Before you ever decide to vaccinate a child, educate yourself about vaccines as much as possible.
Once again this year, thousands upon thousands of American children will become permanently disabled needlessly.

How bad will autism have to get in America before we all finally admit the truth?

This article first appeared here at the American Dream.  Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter here.

NTS Notes: On a personal note:  My friend Whitewraithe (, who lives in Tennessee, had informed me recently that her own grand-children were recently administered vaccines as recommended by their Pediatrician.   She told me that she tried to persuade her daughter and son-in-law to not have their children vaccinated, but it fell on deaf ears, and was all for naught.    These children have already been subjected to dozens of vaccinations, and the parents will not stop them from being subjected to further poisoning!   I present this as an example of how the general public has been brainwashed into believing the lies that vaccinations are good for their children and themselves!

The fact is simple.   Mercury causes Autism... Plain and simple.    Vaccines used today contain Mercury and MUST be avoided at all cost.   Our childrens' very lives and their futures are now at stake.

Please take this important article and pass it around for others to see.   Evidence is now coming out that Vaccines do not help the body's immune system at all... So why take them at all?

More to come


The Global Warming Fraud: Global Warming Happened In Medieval Times, With NO Carbon Dioxide Emissions!

First, I want to let my readers know that I have recovered from my most recent bout of Sinusitis (finally!).. I had decided to spend more time relaxing the last few days and let my body recover from illness and try to stay away from the computer... Which for me is extremely hard to do!!!!

I want to clear up a few articles that have been sitting in my "editing and need to be posted" files...

First, today is "Earth Day", when we have many Global Warming nutters going out and saying that we should do our part to "save the planet" by switching off power for one hour this evening... I on the other hand will be giving the criminals that are pushing the Global Warming fraud the finger by turning on as many lights and appliances as possible....This is my statement to people to wake up and see that these fraudsters are pushing the lie of "Global Warming" because they want to use it as a method of bringing in our enslavement to a One World Government.

In honor of "Earth Day", I want to present the following article, that comes from the website: Digital Journal, at, entitled: "Global Warming Happened In Medieval Times With No CO2 Emissions".    It shows evidence that the Global Warming nutters have tried to suppress that shows that the world was much warmer during the Middle Ages, less than 1000 years ago, and it was NOT due to man made CO2 emissions.   Here is that article, and of course, I have some comments to follow:

Global warming happened in Medieval times with no CO2 emissions

By JohnThomas Didymus
Mar 26, 2012 in Environment

A team of scientists have raised questions about current scientific theories about global warming. They showed there was a similar pattern of "global warming" during medieval times and that the planet cooled down after that leading to a "mini ice age."
The group of scientists from the Syracuse University in New York state, led by geochemist Zunli Lu, found that the period known as the "Medieval Warm Period" occurred about 500 to 1,000 years ago and was not limited only to Europe as previously thought, but covered almost the entire world, including the Antarctica.
The significance of their work, as Daily Mail points out, is that the world has experienced global warming in the past, even in the absence of the current CO2 emissions that many scientists have blamed for the current pattern of global warming.
The consensus among scientists that the Earth is warming up due to CO2 emission, according to The Register, comes largely from the work of Michael Mann and Phil Jones, with its conclusions upheld by the IPCC. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that the Medieval Warm Period was only in Europe and that, therefore, the global warming we are experiencing now is caused by greenhouse gases emitted by man's industrial activities.
The Blaze reports that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cautiously aligns with the IPCC view that the Medieval Warm Period was a local anomaly. EPA says temperatures have been relatively stable in the last 2,000 years apart from the periods of the Little Ice Age and what it terms the "Medieval Climate Anomaly," that is, the Medieval Warming Period, and now finally the temperature increase of the Industrial Era believed to be caused bygreenhouse gas emissions. According to The Blaze, EPA acknowledges the fact of the Medieval Warm Period but says that “the geographical extent, magnitude and timing of the warmth during this period is uncertain.”
Northern hemisphere temperature reconstructions for the past 2 000 years
Robert A. Rhode
Northern hemisphere temperature reconstructions for the past 2,000 years
But in their study recently published online in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, and titled "An Ikaite record of late Holocene climate at the Antarctic Peninsula," Professor Lu and his colleagues argue that there is evidence that the Medieval Warm Period was a global phenomenon. According to Lu, the clinching evidence that the Medieval Warm Period was global comes from study of the rare mineral ikaite which is formed in cold waters. According to The Register, Lu described ikaite as "an icy version of limestone. The crystals are only stable under cold conditions and actually melt at room temperature.”
Daily Mail reports that the researchers, in their study, showed that ikaite is a reliable way to study past conditions of the Earth's climate. Studies of the rare mineral derived from sediment cores off the coast of Antarctica deposited over 2,000 years ago includes those deposited in the so-called "Little Ice Age" about 300 to 500 years ago. The Little Ice Age occurred after the Medieval Warm Period. Previous studies have documented both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age in Northern Europe but it was never established with certainty that the conditions extended beyond Northern Europe.
Lu and his colleagues explain that hydration water that holds the crystal structure of this rare mineral together can give clues about temperature levels at the time when the crystals were formed. According to a Syracuse University release: "Ikaite crystals incorporate ocean bottom water into their structure as they form. During cooling periods, when ice sheets are expanding, ocean bottom water accumulates heavy oxygen isotopes (oxygen 18). When glaciers melt, fresh water, enriched in light oxygen isotopes (oxygen 16), mixes with the bottom water. The scientists analyzed the ratio of the oxygen isotopes in the hydration water and in the calcium carbonate. They compared the results with climate conditions established in Northern Europe across a 2,000-year time frame. They found a direct correlation between the rise and fall of oxygen 18 in the crystals and the documented warming and cooling periods."
Large piece of ice collapses as the glacier advances
Large piece of ice collapses as the glacier advances
In other words, the team looked at the amount of heavy oxygen isotopes found in the crystals and found that during cool periods there were high concentrations of the isotopes and during warm periods there were low concentrations of the isotopes. Using the evidence from levels of heavy oxygen isotopes in the crystals from the Antarctica, Lu and his colleagues were able to show that the Medieval Warm Period was a global phenomenon.
Factory emissions 
Thorold  Ontario  Canada
Factory emissions, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
The Register reports Lu said: "We showed that the Northern European climate events influenced climate conditions in Antarctica. More importantly, we are extremely happy to figure out how to get a climate signal out of this peculiar mineral. A new proxy is always welcome when studying past climate changes."
The importance of showing that the Medieval Warm Period was a global phenomenon rests on the fact that a major debate in the global warming controversy is that the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age were only regional. The Medieval Warm Period occurred approximately between 900 AD and 1250 AD and according to scientists temperature levels during this period were as high as what we are now experiencing. Evidence that the phenomenon was global would, of course, call the current global warming theories based on effects of CO2 concentrations into question and suggest that global warming is a natural process that occurs periodically.
Climate Change: Greenhouse Gas  Hamilton Ontario Canada
Climate Change: Greenhouse Gas, Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Forbes‘s Tim Worstall points out a subtle fact that opponents of the current theories of global warming will miss, the fact that while global warming might have occurred in the past, a new complicating factor has been introduced into the phenomenon in the Industrial Era, and that is rising CO2 levels. The Register notes that the present CO2 levels in the atmosphere is 0.04 per cent "and may climb to 0.07 per cent in the medium term." These are projections of significant changes in CO2 levels which complicate the simpler picture of what happened in the medieval. It is too early to say with certainty that the present pattern of climate change will behave exactly as it did in the medieval when global warming gave way to a "mini ice age." Lu's findings suggests the need to build new models of climate change which incorporate the new findings that global warming may occur independent of industrial emissions and then attempt to predict the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the current trend we are witnessing.

NTS Notes: What this evidence shows is that the world goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling, and these cycles are caused by our own Yellow Dwarf Star, Sol, and definitely not due to man's own production of CO2...

What is also missing in this article, is the simple fact that CO2 is NOT a so called "Greenhouse Gas" as the proponents of the Global Warming fraud have been pushing for decades.    I have many previous articles that show the evidence and facts that show this to be absolutely true.   Please check my archives for that evidence...

What we need to do is to finally put the lie of Global Warming out of its misery.  Too many people have been fooled by the swindlers behind that con, and their lies must be fully exposed for everyone to see...

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