Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shocking Must See Video About The TRUTH About The "Humanitarian Intervention" Into Libya

Yes, the war against Libya officially ended back in the fall of 2011, and the criminals in NATO and the United States have been celebrating their so called "victory" against the proud people of Libya.   The nation of Libya, now destroyed thanks to the criminals in NATO, can now enjoy the same criminal enslavement through the Jewish Rothschild Usury private banking Usury monetary system that the rest of us so greatly enjoy today!

I have been so thoroughly disgusted about the involvement of my own nation, Canada, in that so called "humanitarian intervention" into Libya, and have already put up some articles previously decrying the evil actions conducted by this once great nation.

But now, I want to present a great must see video, that comes courtesy of Youtube user: "TheEricleeparker", that shows the real TRUTH about the so called "humanitarian intervention" into Libya last year.   It is entitled: "I Cried Watching This.  Americans And NATO Bombing Babies, Every Human Must Watch. Spread It!", and it is a perfect testimony to the criminal actions conducted against the innocent nation of Libya!   I must warn people that some of the pictures here are absolutely graphic.... And of course I have some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  While watching this video, I had to turn my head away ever so often when the truly graphic pictures of the death and destruction of innocent people was shown.   After finally finishing this video, I did not cry, but instead, I got damn well angry!

I am so pissed off at our governments for doing this to innocent people.   And what exactly was the crime that the people of Libya committed that they had to endure this?  What we know now, the only crime that Libya did was to stand up to the tyranny of the IMF and the criminal Rothschild empire in trying to keep their people free of the impoverishment of having a Rothschild controlled central bank!

For Libya standing up against true evil, the Rothschilds commanded their slaves around the world to have that entire Libyan nation destroyed.  And they cared absolutely not about the civilian population... The facts are now coming out crystal clear that the aerial bombardment war on Libya has killed between 50,000 to 100,000 innocent civilians... So much for a "humanitarian intervention".

This is definitely a video that everyone should see... Please take this video, and attach it to your own blogs, emails, etc and spread the truth about what happened in Libya for all to see... We must put an end to this madness, because these same maniacs are right now planning another of their "humanitarian intervention" wars on Syria, and potentially... Iran.

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Frank Fredenburg said...

The Video The US Military Doesn't Want You To See

I feel the same way about this governments war crimes Northern. This video was sent to me today by I mentioned it over at Norr's site.