Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Important Video From Global Research: Media Lies And The Onset Of War!

When I first discovered how truly sick this planet is, and how everyone has been lied to through our failed education system to accept Historical lies rather than the true facts about our history, I made it one of my goals to get the absolute truth out, and to make sure that our real history is seen and read by all.

What we have today is a mainstream media totally under the control of very evil forces and doing nothing more than trying to brainwash people to accept falsified history and to try to galvanize the public into accepting new wars of conquest.   For the last 100 years at least, our media has promoted total lies and fabrications, especially when it comes to the real truths and facts behind the murderous conflicts of the last century.  I have always said that if everyone knew the real facts about our true history, then there would be hell to pay and we would have the maniacs behind the lies on the run.

For this article, I want to present the following important video that comes from Global Research out of Canada, and presented by Youtube user: "DangerousDan77777", entitled: "Media Lies And The Onset Of War".   The facts presented here are absolutely factual and will be a shock to those who still cling to the lie that our media is out to promote the truth to the public.  I have my usual additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The only thing missing in this video is further detail on some of the facts presented.   The sinking of the Lusitania, for example, was done on purpose to try to get America involved in the European war AND the ship was definitely loaded with munitions for England which was a direct violation of American neutrality.  And that phony Nayirah was definitely the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador and she did her jot well in getting American sympathy for an atrocity that the Iraqis were NOT committing... The result was America getting into Gulf War I back in 1991!

What this video shows is how gullible much of the public is in accepting the lies promoted by the media.  And these criminals are at it again in trying to promote a multitude of lies about Iran just to sway the American public into accepting another illegal and unjust war primarily for the criminal state of Israel.

Thus, the beat goes on until the public finally realizes that their own media sources are nothing but liars and finally does the right thing and just turns them off.   That time is long overdue.

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