Saturday, December 3, 2011

Very Important Video: 50 Year Old Cartoon Tried To Warn Us! (Too Bad We Did NOT Listen!)

 I came across a video that was first released over 50 years ago, that warned the American people of the need to defend their freedoms and liberties against very evil forces that are out to destroy and enslave their great nation.  However, it does appear that Americans have failed to heed the message in that video, and we now have the situation today where America is not only a shadow of its former greatness, but is now clearly a police state where freedom and liberty no longer exists.

I have that video right here for my own readers to view.  It come courtesy of Youtube user:"thekswatcher", and its important message is as valid today as it was 50 years ago...Please watch this important video, and I do have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes: There is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin, which puts into perspective the situation that the American public, and most people living in supposedly "free and democratic" societies face today.   Here is that quote:

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty, to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

 It is so sad to see how we have the horrible situation today in the United States where the people have surrendered their liberties for what their corrupt government claims is a need for "security".   As Benjamin Franklin warned, the pursuit of safety (security) is absolutely NOT worth the surrendering of freedoms and liberty.   

Yes, the "isms" have finally conquered America... Several of these "isms" are the following:  Communism, Totalitarianism, and Despotism....And I guarantee that my own readers will come up with a list of many more.

I used to say:  When the hell will Americans finally wake the hell up?  But with the passage of S1867 and the end of freedoms and liberties in America, it appears that Americans are not only still fast asleep but will be shortly be experiencing horrible nightmares!

It does appear again that the lessons of history are never learned..

More to come


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Deltawolf said...

There's a better quality version here:

They just don't make good ol' cartoons like this anymore.