Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Upcoming War On Iran: ALL "Reasons" For War On Iran Are "Emperor Has No Clothes" Obvious Lies!

I have read today that the criminal and very evil Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) out of the United States wants the United States to attack Iran immediately.   I need to again ask the hard question:  WHY?  What exactly has Iran ever done that would give the criminal state of Israel and their puppets in the United States their excuse for an immediate attack?   Their lies of Iranian "nuclear weapons" has already been proven to be an utter lie and falsehood.  Therefore we are left to turn to other lies and excuses to get their insane war off and running...

For this article, I want to present the following report, from the website:, at, entitled: "All "Reasons" For War On Iran Are "Emperor Has No Clothes" Obvious Lies", for my own readers to view in its entirety.  It may be short, but it does explain how the existing excuses for war on Iran are nothing but total BS.  I do have some more comments to follow:

All “reasons” for war on Iran are “emperor has no clothes” obvious lies 

Nonpartisan Examiner

The US and Israel lie for war with Iran in two key areas of propaganda that you are responsible to understand if you want a US government operating UNDER the law:
  1. Iran’s president never physically threatened Israel.  
  2. All of Iran’s nuclear material is fully accounted for peaceful and legal use for energy and medicine.
The US completely lied for its unlawful attack and invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. We now know from our own government’s disclosure of the evidence that all “reasons” for war were known lies.

Our soldiers, government employees, and citizens who operate under good faith have been duped with the above “Big Lies” that are easily proven but difficult to embrace from cognitive dissonance.
 When the facts are so clear, the obvious conclusion any rational citizen must make is that the US has planned and is considering a false flag attack to use a dirty or nuclear bomb, blame Iran, and finalize their Middle East tyrannical policy of domination.
The solution is to arrest and prosecute the obvious criminals in areas of war policy and corporate media that lie in provable commission and omission to continue US CRIMINAL wars.

NTS Notes:  With the American economy on the precipice and about to fall into oblivion, it would make more sense for the American government to put its efforts to better use at home to save the American nation from total economic collapse, rather than show again that they are nothing more than Israel's slaves by attacking another innocent country without any justifiable provocation!

But again, we are stuck with a bunch of war mongering criminals in charge of the US Government who will bow to their true Jewish masters and go off and fight a war that will see many American soldiers dying as a result.   And for what?

There is also the wild cards in the entire Iranian war scenario, which are Russia and China.  We are already aware with recent statements that the Chinese will not sit idly by while America destroys Iran, and I doubt that the Russians will also not do anything as well... What we could have, therefore, is all the makings of World War III that would surely destroy the United States itself!

Lets all put an end to this madness and demand that our governments do not partake in another war for Israel.    The American public must be told the truth about the real situation with Iran, and that time is NOW!

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