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A Rebuttal To Newton Gingrich's False Assertion That Palestinians Are An "Invented" People

Ever since the insane Republican party candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections in the United States, Newton Gingrich, opened up his big mouth and spewed the outright lie that the Palestinian people, the true and rightful owners of the land of Palestine, are an "Invented" people, there has been an amazing amount of uproar in the alternative media that has slammed this idiot for making such an erroneous, and outrageous statement.  It appears that this idiot made the statement entirely to sway and buy Jewish votes in the United States for him to win the upcoming Presidential election.  This again shows how much power the Jewish lobby has over America and the American political system as a whole.

Right now, I want to present a great article that comes from the Vatic Project blog site, at  It is entitled: "A Rebuttal To Newt Gingrich's Call That The Palestinians Are An "Invented" Group!".   I have that entire Vatic Project article right here, and of course I have some of my own comments about this article to follow:


A Rebuttal to Newt Gingrich's call that Palestinians are an "Invented" group!

*** Wow, I had this scheduled for 5 am this morning and I just discovered they put it into draft so you would not see this or read it.   NOW YOU KNOW WE HAVE HIT ON SOMETHING IMPORTANT HERE. Please read this below.  

Vatic Note:   My question is, if he will cheat on his wife,  ask his wife for a divorce on her deathbed, lie to the public about his lobbying, and now deny the existance of  a well recorded history of Palestinians existing, as bogus, then WHAT LIES CAN WE EXPECT IF HE BECOMES PRESIDENT?   What we know for a fact is that Israel and Zionist bankers are running this country and  its been proven all over the net.  He OBVIOUSLY, belongs to them.  Why would we want another President run by either of them?  Its cost us the lives and limbs of our children,  our nations wealth and sovereignty, and up til now,  lives of millions of Muslims who have done nothing to us.

Soon, it will be millions of American lives if Israel gets her way.  Battle Hardened, Satanized Soldiers with robotic obedience will soon be on our soil since they have removed them from Iraq.   Look in their eyes and try to talk to them and if they are oblivious to what they are doing, then we must consider them dangerous to us and ours.  WELL, HERE IS THE SURPRISE OF THE CENTURY.  It appears the zionists are the ones who are invented.   This was a scholarly work and a best seller in Israel.  So read this and rejoice at the veils being lifted one at a time. 

Haartz News paper report out of Israel answering Newts new assertion is below and, in part said to Gingrich about his assertion, the following (1) 

"... Your friend Bibi will tell you about our innovative, can-do nature. He may, however, omit this: We have proven ourselves incapable of doing the one thing that has come, against our will, to define us more than anything else we do as Israelis: Occupation.  Why not? Why the woeful preparation, the inappropriate equipment, the proven recipe for military fear and anger and, across the firing line, civilian tragedy? What's our problem?
Somewhere inside, we know that to succeed in occupying, we would have to truly believe in it. To believe in it, we would have to fully acknowledge that occupation, in all its obscenity, is what we are, in fact, doing. To acknowledge the occupation is to recognize the Palestinians; not as terrorists or poseurs, not as inventions, but as full, flesh and blood human beings, as entitled to their rights as we are to ours. 

And that is something that your friend Bibi, and this Israel, are not prepared to do."   

Israeli Scholar Disputes Founding Myth | Consortiumnews
by Morgan Strong (Originally published April 12, 2009)
December 13, 2011
From the Archive: Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich seems to be
laying the groundwork for ethnically cleansing Palestinians from Greater Israel,
calling them “an invented people” who “had a chance to go many places.” But an
Israeli scholar offered a contrary view, as Morgan Strong reported.

Morgan Strong is a former professor of Middle Eastern history, and was an
advisor to CBS News “60 Minutes” on the Middle East.

The [official] founding narrative of the modern State of Israel was born from the words in the Torah (or Old Testament), that God granted Abraham’ descendants the land of Israel and that Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt
to conquer it. [Moses actually led the Israelites and not the Jewish people.
Middle-Eastern Jews are Edomites and at that time, European Jews , who today
make up 95% of the Jewish population and are Khazarites/Ashkenites who converted
to Judaism-Babylonian-Talmudism in the 8th century AD, did not exist.]  (VN:  Babylonian Talmudism is paganism) 

A second part of the narrative was the story of the Diaspora – that after Jewish
[Edomites] uprisings against the Romans in the First and Second centuries A.D.,
the Jews [Edomites] were exiled from the land of Israel and dispersed throughout
the Western world. They often were isolated from European populations, suffered
persecution, and ultimately were marked for extermination in the Nazi Holocaust.

Finally after centuries of praying for a return to Israel, the Jews [now
European Khazarites/Ashkenites] achieved this goal by defeating the Arab armies
in Palestine and establishing Israel in 1948. This narrative – spanning more
than three millennia – is the singular, elemental and sustaining claim of the
State of Israel as a Jewish nation.
But a recent book by Israeli scholar Shlomo Sand challenges this narrative,  claiming that – beyond the religious question of whether God really spoke to Abraham and Moses – the Roman-era Diaspora did not happen at all or at least not as commonly understood.

In When and How Was the Jewish People Invented? [published in English as  The Invention of the Jewish People], Dr. Sand, an expert on European history at the University of Tel Aviv, says the Diaspora was largely a myth – that the Jews [Edomites] were never exiled en
masse from the Holy Land and that many European Jewish populations converted to the faith centuries later.

Thus, Sand argues, many of today’s Israelis who emigrated from Europe after
World War II have little or no genealogical connection to the land. According to
Sand’s historical analysis, they are descendents of European converts,
principally from the Kingdom of the Khazars in eastern Russia, who embraced
Judaism [Babylonian Talmudism] in the Eighth Century, A.D.

The descendants of the Khazars then were driven from their native lands by
invasion and conquest and – through migration – created the Jewish populations
of Eastern Europe, Sands writes. Similarly, he argues that the Jews of Spain
came from the conversion of Berber tribes from northern Africa that later
migrated into Europe.

The Zionist Narrative
Sand, himself a European Jew born in 1946 to Holocaust [WWII forced labor camps] survivors in Austria, argues that until little more than a century ago, Jews thought of themselves as Jews because they shared a common religion, not because they possessed a direct lineage to the ancient tribes of Israel.

However, at the turn of the 20th Century, Sand asserts, Zionist Jews began assembling a national history to justify creation of a Jewish state by inventing the idea that Jews existed as a people separate from their religion and that  they had primogeniture over the territory that had become known as Palestine.

The Zionists also invented the idea that Jews living in exile were obligated to
return to the Promised Land, a concept that had been foreign to Judaism, Sand

Like almost everything in the Middle East, Sand’s scholarship is fraught with
powerful religious, historical and political implications. If Sand’s thesis is
correct, it would suggest that many of the Palestinian Arabs have a far more
substantial claim to the lands of Israel than do many European Jews who arrived
there asserting a God-given claim.

Indeed, Sand theorizes that many Jews [Edomites], who remained in Judea after
Roman legions crushed the last uprising in 136 A.D., eventually converted to
Christianity or Islam, meaning that the Palestinians who have been crowded into
Gaza or concentrated in the West Bank might be direct descendants of Jews from
the Roman era.

Despite the political implications of Sand’s book, it has not faced what might
be expected: a withering assault from right-wing Israelis.

The criticism has focused mostly on Sand’s credentials as an expert on European
history, not ancient Middle Eastern history, a point that Sand readily

One critic, Israel Bartal, dean of humanities at the Hebrew University, attacked
Sand’s credentials and called Sand’s thesis “baseless,” but disagreed mostly
over Sand’s assertion that the Diaspora story was created as an intentional myth
by Zionists seeking to fabricate a direct genealogical connection between many
of the world’s Jews and Israel.

“Although the myth of an exile from the Jewish homeland (Palestine) does exist
in popular Israeli culture, it is negligible in serious Jewish historical
discussions,” Bartal wrote in the newspaper Haaretz. “Important groups in the
Jewish national movement expressed reservations regarding this myth or denied it
completely. …

“The kind of political intervention Sand is talking about, namely, a deliberate
program designed to make Israelis forget the true biological origins of the Jews
of Poland and Russia or a directive for the promotion of the story of the Jews’
exile from their homeland is pure fantasy.”

In other words, Bartal, like some other critics, is not so much disputing Sand’s
historical claims about the Diaspora or the origins of Eastern European Jews, as
he is contesting Sand’s notion that Zionists concocted a false history for a
cynical political purpose.

But there can be no doubt that the story of the Diaspora has played a key role
in the founding of Israel and that the appeal of this powerful narrative has
helped the Jewish state generate sympathy around the world, especially in the
United States.

“After being forcibly exiled from their land, the people remained faithful to it
throughout their Dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return
to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom,” reads the
preamble to the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Reality from Mythology

In January 2009, as the Israeli army bombarded Palestinians in Gaza in
retaliation for rockets fired into southern Israel [these rockets are actually
fired by Zionist agents to give the pretext for Zionists to inflict more terror
on Palestinians], the world got an ugly glimpse of what can result when
historical myths are allowed to drive wedges between people who otherwise might
have a great deal in common.   (VN:  Also notice the deception used similar to what they use in Iraq, Afghanistand and Egypt.  They pretend to be someone within the country harming others or themselves so they can start a war or do harm and justify it through their own terrorist acts posing as someone they wish to harm.  The CIA and Mossad will start doing exactly that here as well.  An example similar to Afghanistan and the Taliban, would be if say the mossad dressed and came to the OWS group and tried to start violence, Oh, thats right,  they already did that and we have it on video which is on this blog.  It didn't work, because the real protesters are absolutely against violence and the bankers/Israel need that violence to do martial law LEGALLY.)

After the conflict ended – with some 1,400 Palestinians dead, including many
children and other non-combatants – the Israeli government investigated alleged
war crimes by its army and heard testimony from Israeli troops that extremist
Rabbis had proclaimed the invasion a holy war.

The troops said the Rabbis brought them booklets and articles declaring: “We are
the Jewish people. We came to this land by a miracle. God brought us back to
this land, and now we need to fight to expel the non-Jews who are interfering
with our conquest of this holy land.”

In his book – and in an interview with Haaretz about his book – Sand challenged
this core myth. In the interview, he said:

“I started looking in research studies about the exile from the land – a
constitutive event in Jewish history, almost like the Holocaust. But to my
astonishment I discovered that it has no literature. The reason is that no one
exiled the people of the country.

“The Romans did not exile peoples and they could not have done so even if they
had wanted to. They did not have trains and trucks to deport entire populations.
That kind of logistics did not exist until the 20th Century. From this, in
effect, the whole book was born: in the realization that Judaic society was not
dispersed and was not exiled.”

The True Descendants

Asked if he was saying that the true descendants of the inhabitants of the
Kingdom of Judah are the Palestinians, Sand responded:
“No population remains pure over a period of thousands of years. But the chances
that the Palestinians are descendants of the ancient Judaic people are much
greater than the chances that you or I are its descendents.

“The first Zionists, up until the Arab Revolt [1936-1939], knew that there had
been no exiling, and that the Palestinians were descended from the inhabitants
of the land. They knew that farmers don’t leave until they are expelled.

“Even Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, the second president of the State of Israel, wrote in
1929 that, ‘the vast majority of the peasant farmers do not have their origins
in the Arab conquerors, but rather, before then, in the Jewish farmers who were
numerous and a majority in the building of the land.’”

Sand argues further that the Jewish people never existed as a “nation race” but
were rather an ethnic mix of disparate peoples who adopted the Jewish religion
over a great period of time.

Sand dismisses the Zionist argument that the Jews were an isolated and seminal
ethnic group that was targeted for dispersal by the Romans.

Although ruthless in putting down challenges to their rule, the Romans allowed
subjects in their occupied territories a great many freedoms, including freedom
to practice religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly.

Thousands of Jews [Edomites] served in the Roman legions, and there was a
sizable Jewish community in Rome itself.

Three Jewish [Edomites] descendants of Herod the Great, the Jewish [Edomite]
Emperor of Jerusalem, served in the Roman Senate.

Jewish dietary laws were respected under Roman law, as well as the right not to
work on the Sabbath. Jewish slaves – 1,000 carried to Italy by Emperor Titus
after crushing the first Jewish [Edomites] rebellion in 70 A.D. – were bought
and set free by Jewish [Edomites] families already long settled into Roman

After the final Jewish [Edomites] rebellion, the Bar Kokhba revolt of 132-136
A.D., historians say the Romans placed restrictions on Jews entering Jerusalem,
which caused other areas, such as Galilee in northern Palestine, to become
centers of Jewish [Edomites] learning. But there is little or no evidence of a
mass forced relocation.

Sand says the Diaspora was originally a Christian myth that depicted the event
as divine punishment imposed on the Jews [Edomites] for having rejected the
Christian gospel.

Genetic Evidence

There has been no serious rebuttal to Sand’s book, which has been a bestseller
in Israel and Europe. But there were earlier genetic studies attempting to
demonstrate an unbroken line of descent among Ashkenazi Jews in Europe from the
Hebrew tribes of Israel.

In a genetic study published by the United States National Academy of Sciences,
the Y chromosomes of Ashkenazi, Roman, North African, Kurdish, Near Eastern,
Yemenite, and Ethiopian Jews were compared with 16 non-Jewish groups from
similar geographic locations. It found that despite long-term residence in
different countries and isolation from one another, most Jewish populations were
not significantly different from one another at the genetic level.

Although the study also demonstrated that 20 percent of the Ashkenazim carry
Eastern European gene markers consistent with the Khazars, the results seemed to
show that the Ashkenazim were descended from a common Mid-Eastern population and
suggested that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from
neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the supposed Diaspora.

However, a monumental genetic study entitled, “The Journey of Man,” undertaken
in 2002 by Dr. Spencer Wells, a geneticist from Stanford University,
demonstrated that virtually all European males carry the same genetic markers
found within the male population of the Middle East on the Y chromosomes.

That is simply because the migration of human beings began in Africa and coursed
its way through the Middle East and onward, stretching over many thousands of
years. In short, we are all pretty much the same.

Obsessive Delusion

Despite the lack of conclusive scientific or historical evidence, the Diaspora
narrative proved to be a compelling story.

It is certainly true that all nations use myths and legend for sustenance; some
tales are based on fact, others are convenient self-serving contrivances.

However, when myth and legend argue for excess, when they demand a racial,
ethnic or religious purity to the exclusion of others – so that some prophecy
can be fulfilled or some national goal achieved – reason and justice can give
way to extremism and cruelty.

The motive for creating the state of Israel was to provide respite for the Jews
of Europe after World War II, but that worthy cause has now been contorted into
an obsessive delusion about an Israeli right to mistreat and persecute

When right-wing Israeli Rabbis speak of driving non-Jews out of the land that
God supposedly gave to the Israelites and their descendants, these Rabbis may be
speaking with full faith, but faith is by definition an unshakable belief in
something that taken by itself cannot be proven.

This faith – or delusion – also is drawing in the rest of the world. The bloody
war in Iraq was an appendage to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as is the
dangerous rise of Islamic fundamentalism [Al-Qaeda is a Zionist creation to
provide an excuse to attack Arab/Muslim populations] across the region. There is
also now the irony that modern Israel was established by Jews of European
origin, many of whom may be ethnically unconnected to Palestine.

Another cruel aspect of this irony is that the descendants of the ancient
Israelites may include many Palestinians, who are genetically indistinct from
the Sephardic Jews who were, like the Palestinians, original and indigenous
inhabitants of this ancient land.

Yasir Arafat told me quite often that the Israelis are really cousins of the
Palestinians. He may have been wrong; they are more likely brothers and sisters.

Morgan Strong is a former professor of Middle Eastern history, and was an
advisor to CBS News “60 Minutes” on the Middle Eas
1.  "Newt Gingrich may be able to occupy Palestine, but Israel can't",  By Bradley Burston,  Haartz, published 12/13/11.

NTS Notes:  The information enclosed in this Vatic Project article definitely blows Newt Gingrich's laughable assertions right out of the water, and should put the claim of the Palestinians being an invented people to rest...

What is missing from this article is the true origins of the so called "Hebrew" people.... There is evidence coming forward that shows that the so called "Hebrew" people themselves are the real "Invented" people..Their true past rests with a group of invading bandits that came to Egypt back around 1500BC who called themselves the Hyksos.    These Hyksos seized control of Egypt and enslaved the Egyptian people through their criminal banking system (Usury).  These criminals were eventually overthrown by the Egyptian people, and forced to flee Egypt for their lives....More facts are coming out that these Hyksos eventually settled in the area of Palestine amongst the population there.

You can read about the mysterious Hyksos right here:

The facts are now coming out that the entire so called Jewish "Exodus" is a complete fairy tale that twists the story of the Hyksos in Egypt around and creates the entirely false claim that the Hyksos (Hebrews?) were the enslaved ones, were freed from Egypt by "Moses" and their "God", and led to and given the land of Palestine.

So we now know who the real "Invented" people of Palestine are.... And they have absolutely NO right or rightful claims to that land at all!

More to come


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