Thursday, December 15, 2011

Real History Revealed: American Genocide In World War II (Video)

As a true student of history, I am always troubled by the constant lies and falsehoods taught to our children in our failed education system.  It seems that the education that most of our youth get these days is nothing more than brainwashing and total indoctrination, to prepare them for years of service to corporations and the criminal elite.   Few these days are taught to use critical thinking skills which is woefully missing today in our society.  The net result are graduates who are nothing more than mindless automatons that can not think and rationalize for themselves.

For this article, I want to present a great video, that comes from Youtube user: suedeslounge,  and is entitled:   "American  Genocide: What The Public Schools Don't Teach".  It shows again how the Allied nations committed massive genocide at the end of World War II, which again is absolutely not taught in our so called "History" books.   I have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have put up several articles in this blog exposing these "Eisenhower Death Camps", which came as a shocking revelation even to myself some years back. 

We are always taught that the only "genocide" that actually took place in World War II was the Jewish "Holocaust" which is absolutely drilled into the minds of our youth today in our failed education systems.  The proven and researched subject of the genocide of German civilians at the end of that war is never discussed, and shows the tremendous bias of the so called "education" system today.

We see monuments, memorials,and museums, going up in cities everywhere dedicated to the Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II, but you will never see even a plaque dedicated to the mass genocide and starvation of German civilians at the hands of the Allied powers.  It does seem again that history is written by the victors of any war, and real history belongs here in the alternative media!

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