Friday, December 16, 2011

Newest David Duke Video: No War For Israel In Syria And Iran!

Yes, David Duke is still arrested and being held in Germany... I am awaiting for any information to come forward about what the Kangaroo justice and court system in Germany with their Jewish judges will formally charge David with.    I guarantee that their charges against Dr. Duke will be frivolous, and based on outright lies.

In the meantime, it does appear that David Duke has still been producing some videos, and his latest is dynamite.   It is entitled: "No War For Israel In Syria And Iran!" and I have it right here for everyone to see...  I do have some of my own comments, as usual, to follow:

NTS Notes:  Readers, the Israeli slave nation of the United States of America is indeed gearing up for a major conflict against Syria as we speak.  Just earlier this week, it was revealed that US special forces have been strategically moving into position in Jordan on the border with Syria.   I also guarantee that the same is happening on Syria's northern border with Turkey.

After the IMF criminal war against Libya, the next domino to fall in the US wars of aggression will be the peaceful nation of Syria.  And of course after Syria falls, the peaceful nation of Iran will definitely be next!

I have always called for the American people to wake the hell up and stop this madness.  It does seem however that that plea has fallen on deaf ears, and most Americans are still completely in the dark about their own nation's subservience to Israel, and the push for continuous wars to support the criminal Jewish state.   I therefore doubt if most Americans will ever wake up!

I am also waiting on any word about David Duke.... If any readers have any further information about his upcoming trial, please send me a comment...

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