Sunday, December 11, 2011

Newest David Duke Video: The Chosen Criminal Elite

Most of my readers by now, and most everyone that gets their information from the alternative media, rather than the Jewish controlled Mainstream media, knows that Dr. David Duke was arrested in Germany late last month on totally bogus and absolutely laughable charges.  It does seem that the criminal Jewish elite are now trying desperately to suppress David Duke's message to Europeans by all means necessary!

But just before he was arrested, he was doing the finishing touches on a new video, and I have that finally completed video right here for my own readers to view.  It is entitled: "The Chosen Criminal Elite", and I do have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It does seem that these criminals are now desperate to get rid of Dr. David Duke.  It does appear that shortly he will be in a German Kangaroo courtroom being served with absolutely ridiculous charges.  

I can also guarantee that David Duke's trial will be magistrated by a Jewish judge, who will have his orders by the criminal Jewish elite to have him guilty no matter what the findings and truth is revealed in any trial!   Where have we seen this before?  Oh yes, when Ernst Zundel went to trial in a kangaroo court in Germany on laughable charges and was already guilty even before the trial began!

Such is the uphill battle that we all face in trying to get people to wake up to the criminality that the entire planet faces today.   As shown in this video, these criminals are truly the most evil people on planet Earth today.  They think of themselves as chosen ones,  superior to all "Gentiles", and well above any laws!   

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Anonymous said...

What exactly are the ridiculous charges? I can't find any information.

Franklin Ryckaert said...

If these Jewish criminals go on with their brazen crimes against our people ,there will come a time like the French revolution and then even such "out dated" instruments like the GUILLOTINE will be relevant again!