Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Global Warming Scam: Canada Formally Withdraws From Kyoto Accords! (Good!)

Man made Global Warming is a total fraud, and a scam perpetrated by some very evil criminals out to squeeze more money out of an already destitute populace and as a stepping stone towards their ultimate goal of a One World Government.   That, readers, is absolutely fact and has been backed up over the last few years by more and more evidence coming forward primarily through the alternative news and the Internet.

On the subject of "Global Warming", one aspect of this scam that has troubled me over the last few years is the so called Kyoto Accords that were signed in 1997 by almost all nations on Earth before more and more people became aware of the fraudulent science behind the entire push for Carbon Taxation, and the IPCC exposure of the entire Global Warming scam a few years back.    According to the Kyoto Accords, almost all nations that signed this horrendous act were to drastically cut their carbon emissions under the false assumption that by doing so they would halt the false "warming trend" on planet Earth.

But now, thank goodness, many nations are beginning to back away from the terms of the fraudulent Kyoto Accords, and according to the following report from the National Post, at www.nationalpost.com, my country, Canada, has announced that it is formally withdrawing from the Kyoto Accords all together.  First, here is that National Post article, and I do have some additional comments to follow:

Canada pulling out of Kyoto accord

Dec 12, 2011 – 5:47 PM ET | Last Updated: Dec 12, 2011 7:32 PM ET
Chris Wattie / Reuters
Chris Wattie / Reuters

Canada's Environment Minister Peter Kent delivers a statement announcing Canada will formally withdraw from the Kyoto protocol on climate change on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Monday

By Mark Kennedy

OTTAWA — Canada is formally withdraw from the Kyoto accord on climate change, Environment Minister Peter Kent said Monday.

“The Kyoto Protocol does not represent the path forward for Canada,” Kent told a news conference in the foyer of the House of Commons, after his return from an international climate-change summit in Durban, South Africa.

“It’s now clear that Kyoto is not the path forward for a global solution to climate change. If anything, it’s an impediment.” Canada will formally withdraw from the Kyoto accord on climate change, Environment Minister Peter Kent said Monday.

“We are invoking Canada’s legal right to formally withdraw from Kyoto.”

The announcement marks the end of years of controversy — as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government repeatedly made it clear it would not be tied to the international commitment made by the previous Liberal government.

The Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 and ratified by most major countries except the United States. It committed industrialized nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to below 1990 levels and provided financial help to developing countries to accomplish the task.

Although Canada had ratified the accord, it was not on track to meet its targets. Harper’s Conservative government has opposed an extension of the Kyoto accord to future international agreements, arguing that other large emitting countries in the developing world, such as China and India, should be required to meet targets.

Kent blamed the former Liberal government for being “incompetent” by signing the accord and failing to meet its targets. As a result, he said, the current Conservative government, which took office in 2006, now faces “radical and irresponsible” choices if it is to avoid the $14 billion in international penalties he said it must pay for failing to meet those targets as a signatory to the accord.

Kent said that in order to comply with Kyoto, dramatic action would need to be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“To meet the target under 2012 would be the equivalent of either removing every car, truck, ATV, tractor, ambulance, police car and vehicle of every kind from Canadian roads, or closing down the entire farming and agricultural sector and cutting heat to every home, office, hospital, factory and building in Canada.”

Kent said this cannot happen, particularly since other major nations such as the U.S. aren’t covered by Kyoto.

“Domestically, we will do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Kent.

“Canada, though, cannot do it alone,” he said, noting that this country produces just two per cent of global emissions.

But the minister was immediately blasted by opposition critics for abandoning attempts to find a solution to global warming, and for using scare tactics to explain his rationale.

NDP environment critic Megan Leslie accused Kent of “fearmongering” and of spreading misinformation.
“It was unbelievable and reprehensible, what he was doing,”she said.

“It’s not enough to be afraid of the criminals in our streets. We now have to be afraid of driving cars and afraid of the international community taking all of our money away.”

Leslie said Kent was not telling the truth when he warned of billions of dollars in international penalties.
“They are just trying to hide their failures here by constructing this scary story and then saying hey it wasn’t us, it was the Liberals.”

Leslie said the decision to abandon Kyoto will have “long-term implications” on Canada’s international reputation.

“I wonder what international treaty we’re going to back out of next. I can’t imagine anyone will want to come to the table to negotiate with Canada in good faith.”

Greenpeace Canada spokesman Mike Hudema said in a written statement that the Harper government “has imposed a death sentence on many of the world’s most vulnerable populations by pulling out of Kyoto.”

He said the move “destabilizes” the promise of future action on global warming.

“This is a further signal that the Harper government is more concerned about protecting polluters than people.”

Over the weekend, the 195 members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change finished a marathon session two days behind schedule in Durban, and charted a course toward a new regime to be finalized by 2015 in an effort to stave off dangerous human interference with the atmosphere.

The framework agreement salvaged the Kyoto Protocol, but it became clear that it would not include Canada’s participation.

Although countries agreed on terms to establish a new global green climate fund to support efforts in developing countries to adapt to climate change and promote clean energy growth, Kent said Canada would not provide any new money for the fund until the recipients committed to targets and transparent reporting of their efforts.

Countries have agreed that they must limit global warming to two degrees Celsius of average global temperatures above pre-industrial levels to avoid serious damage to ecosystems and the economy.

At the summit in Durban, the Canadian government’s anti-Kyoto Protocol views angered emerging economies. They suggested Kent’s position was putting global action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions “in peril” and out of reach.

The Kyoto Protocol not only set binding targets on its members, but it also established mechanisms for an international market promoting clean energy development and innovation.

Scientists and government from around the world have also agreed that humans are within years of reaching a tipping point of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that could cause irreversible damage to the global economy and ecosystems.

Postmedia News

NTS Notes:  It does seem that most nations are finally waking up to the fact that they have been lied to by the shysters behind the entire Global Warming scam, and are not abiding by the Kyoto Accords at all.   It seems that Canada is leading the way by withdrawing from these false accords, and I guarantee that other nations will shortly follow.

But the excuses promoted by the Harper Government in Ottawa for their withdrawal from these accords, according to this article, do indeed puzzle me... To claim that the previous regime in Ottawa failed to meet the targets set forward by these phony accords is complete and utter BS simply because there was no way that Canada could ever meet the terms set forward by these insane accords without destroying its economy! I do believe this statement was put forward to try to appease those who still have swallowed the fraudulent Global Warming kool-aid...  It does show in this article by the follow up statements by all the proponents of the scam.....

What is also troubling is that most of the so called news outlets here in Canada are saying now, since this announcement, that the Harper Government in Ottawa is "wrong" in withdrawing from these accords.  It seems that the Global Warming fraud artists still have a lot of pull in terms of the media outlets and they still sway the public in promoting their lies.... We therefore still have our work cut out for us, readers, in getting the message out that the entire man made Global Warming push is a massive lie....

This is a step in the right direction for Canada, and I do hope that other nations follow suit and withdraw from these false accords.   It is time to put the Global Warming lie out of its misery once and for all...

More to come



Bob said...

Global warming is a man made scare tactic that is simply used as a money grab. Good blog post.

Anonymous said...

The climate change solutions have produced some phenomenal changes which can be a great indication of a positive future and for this it's important that one takes necessary steps to increase the activity and ensure a sustainable environment for the coming generations.

The carbon footprint of these industries is the measure of their earnest intentions which are not just driven by some profit making plans and procedures.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, but the entire Global Warming scam has NO "Climate Change Solutions" because their only solution is to bleed the Gentiles with more fraudulent taxes on their way to creating their one world government... It is a total fraud..

And about this so called "carbon footprint".. That is also appearing to be a fraud.. There is new revelations coming forward that puts the idea of carbon dioxide being a "Greenhouse" gas into the category of fraudulence as well... Tests and real science are now concluding that CO2 does NOT cause global warming and that CO2 is absolutely NOT a so called "Greenhouse" gas!!! We have been lied to again, so it appears!

People need to wake up and go after the scoundrels in charge of the Global Warming fraud...