Sunday, December 18, 2011

Desperation To Get The War With Iran Off And Running: Judge FALSELY Rules That Iran Linked To Zionist Israeli False Flag Attack On 9-11

Israel did the attacks of 9-11.  That is beyond any shadow of a doubt and everyone should be brought up to speed about that truth as soon as possible.  Israel, through its evil Mossad operatives and their useful idiots in America (Sayanim) carried out the 9-11 attacks that killed some 3000 innocent people, and to this day there has yet to be any formal charges against that criminal state for that act of cold blooded murder!

But with the absolutely insane desperation of the criminal Israeli regime and their useful idiots and slaves in the United States government to find any possible tangible excuse for getting their nice little war against the innocent nation of Iran, comes an incredible new video that just came out the other day.  This video comes from Youtube user: skb0rzn, and is rightfully titled: "Judge FALSELY Rules Iran Connected To Zionist False Flag Attack On 9-11", and I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves.  Don't laugh... CNN is actually promoting this as real.   I do have my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Set your BS meters on overload, readers, because this is one that absolutely goes off scale...

I cannot believe that any sane person in America will actually believe this total BS, but considering that the majority of Americans still think that "19 A-rabbbbs with box cutters" seized control of 4 civilian aircraft and were able to fly them into 3 buildings, I would not doubt that they will also fall for this total piece of crap.

It does seem that this is another piece of pure desperation to find any excuse to attack Iran.   The question again becomes... When the hell will the American public say "enough" and put an end to their own media's lack of integrity, and continuing promotion of pure lies!   That time is long overdue.

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