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The Apollo Moon Hoax - The Audio Delay Problem: Earth-Moon Delay: Wrong?

As a man of science, I started my enlightenment to the lies and frauds of history, and to the evil forces out for our enslavement, by discovering some 32 years ago (I really cannot believe it has been that long!) that we absolutely did not and could never put men on the moon.   I researched the facts early on, and came to the conclusion that what NASA sold to the American public, and the entire world, was total nonsense and hogwash.

The problem that NASA has always had, and what I learned early on, was space radiation.  The existing technology of the 1960's could not properly shield any Astronauts from first the deadly radiation they would encounter in the Van Allen Radiation Belts, and secondly from the deadly radiation in both interstellar space and on the moon itself!    What happened in the 1960's was that the government and NASA both realized that they could not solve the radiation problem, and therefore meet JFK's desire to land a man on the moon by 1971.  Rather than admit defeat, they decided to fake the entire Moon missions through a clandestine operation called the Apollo Simulation Project (ASP).  

In my own research, I found something that was extremely puzzling about the audio/video recordings of the "Astronauts" on the "Lunar" surface when they were in contact with Mission control on Earth.   For years I could not put my finger on it... But what I discovered hit me like a ton of bricks... The audio delay in the Earth-Moon transmissions was much too short for coming from the moon.   In fact, the lack of delay means that these "Astronauts" were right here safe on Earth the whole time!

Recently, when I did a podcast with Whitewraithe, I described in simple terms for the listening audience how the Earth-Moon distance is approximately 241,000 miles, or 1.26x the speed of light.  This means that any audio/visual transmissions would have to have at LEAST a 1.26 second DELAY in first the transmit direction, and a further 1.26 second DELAY in the receive direction back on Earth.  This 2.52+ second (minimum) delay does not also incorporate other factors, like the time for the full context of the message to be sent,  then diagnosed by the human brain, and finally responded by the "Astronauts" as a verbal reply.

What I found in the original Apollo landing videos was that the audio response was too QUICK to account for the Earth-Moon delay due to the speed of light!   When I began to listen to more audio on other Moon Landing videos, I came to the realization that NASA blew it big time by not factoring in the audio delays.... THIS exposed the entire missions as totally fraudulent!

For those that do not understand how this exposes Apollo as a total fraud, I want to present the following article from the website:, at entitled: "Earth-Moon Delay: Wrong?".  I have this entire report by Andrew Longham right here that blows NASA out of the water and shows how they purposely ALTERED the NASA tapes at a later date to try to "correct" them for the audio delay... I do have some additional comments to follow:

Earth-Moon delay: wrong?

The Earth-Moon distance is, on average, 384,404 km.  If you subtract off one moon-radius, and one earth-radius, you get the average surface to surface distance of 376,289km.  That’s a long, stinking, way.

So long, in fact, that light takes a bit to make the trip.  The real and radiant glory of the sun is only reflected from the moon. There’s no real light of its own there – we find only the impression of light-giving because of the moon’s theft of the burning-sun of heat, that the moon beholds night and day.
Light, the ultimate speedster, travels at 2.99 x 10^8 meters per second, or about 186,000 miles per second.  Fast, but not infinite.  The silvery moon light you see on a cloudless night left the craggy surface of the moon 1.26 seconds previous.

I have been an admirer of the moon, honestly, not for its natural beauty, but for the symbol of achievement it has become in the matter of science and spaceflight.  Having worked in science and engineering fields, the lunar missions take on a kind of professional glow, a bright light of conquest.  It’s a warm glow to think of “our guys” having done “all that”.

I am a Purdue alum, and Purdue’s most famous alum is Neil Armstrong.  I have wondered for years why it was that 40 years on, Purdue could never get around to honoring the most famous person in the world.  The words were taken from my mouth when, finally, they dedicated the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering just recently.  Purdue’s history is loaded with astronauts, and many showed up, including Armstrong, Cernan, and others.  They gave speeches and sat in the front row, next to a statue of Neil.  I went, and was totally jazzed by the whole thing.

So, you know, I’m not a natural prejudice for all the lunar-hoax business that is out there.  I have spoken to friends and colleagues about the importance of a manned mission to mars.  I tended to believe in America’s technical prowess as a civilisational achievement, a happy thing, one of those bright spots in life that gives you happiness.

So, its been with a critical eye that I’ve looked around at what people offer as evidence that the Apollo moonscapes were shot on a sound stage.  It seemed a ridiculous nay-saying to me.  An absurd argument of the kook-fringe.  Most of the arguments I’ve looked at in mild curiosity seemed silly.  The physicist in me was aroused, and I thought that the claims should be easy to debunk.

For example, the Moon’s acceleration due to gravity is well known.  In the videos, an astronaut drops a feather and a hammer from rib-cage height.  If on the moon, in the video, the time it takes to hit the ground, from a known height, should be calculable, and different than the earth.  I watched. I measured. I calculated.  It was about correct.  But thinking about it, the effect could be achieved by playing with the speed of film shot on earth.  So this proved only that if there were a hoax, a bunch of physicists or engineers were in on it. No gain.

Then I thought of something equally simple.  Radio waves travel at the speed of light.  Any live communication with the earth, between Apollo 11 and Houston, would have to have the precise Earth-Moon delay in the conversations.  No problem, I thought.  Just listen, measure, and compare.
If this is the definitive live record -

We have this -

“Columbia, Columbia, this is Houston, AOS, over.”
[1.07 second pause]

“Houston, Columbia…”

The pause ought to be 2.51 seconds – minimum.  That’s 1.258 seconds for the message to go out, and 1.258 for it to come back, if the astronaut replied instantly.  If both Houston (H) and Columbia (C) spoke instantly, and both continually spoke without interrupting each other, you would see a pattern, if recorded on earth, like this:


A pause of 1.07 seconds would be a distance between Earth and Columbia of 159,965 kilometers, or 42% of the journey to the moon.  Had Columbia begun her reply in order for the message to arrive at the time recorded in this record, she would have had to start speaking when Houston was saying “Columbia, Columbia.”  But etiquette and standard practice is to wait until the “over”.  When you listen to the record, it sounds like a natural conversation, with everybody saying “over” at the end, to punctuate the communication, wait for the other party to speak.  But the pattern continues.

“I guess you’re about the only person around that doesn’t have TV coverage of the scene.”
[1.07 second pause]

“That’s alright, I don’t mind a bit.”

In order for “That’s alright” to arrive on earth 2.5 seconds after transmission, Columbia would have had to utter it when Houston was speaking the word “doesn’t.”  It would have been like this at the Columbia end:

“I guess you’re about the only person around that doe-That’s alright I don’t mind a bit.”
Talk about completing each others’ sentences!

But what really attracted my attention is that in the “brand new” and “refurbished” NASA video of the same situation, the pauses are the right length.

“I guess you’re about the only person around that doesn’t have TV coverage of the scene.”
[3.37 second pause]

“That’s alright, I don’t mind a bit.”

More, there is an echo-artifact stuck in the middle, in-between “scene” and “That’s alright”.  It’s an
“echo” of “the scene”.  It arrives at a perfect 2.62 seconds after being uttered, exactly the time it would take to moon bounce. It’s “perfect”. Here is the “refurbished” audio, showing the end of the sentence, and the echoed word “scene”.

The problem is that neither the pause nor the echo in the “original” version was there.  The proper signature delay is only there in the “new and improved” version.

NTS Note: At this point, it should be quite obvious to anyone that NASA purposely altered the original version with this startling evidence!

NTS Note:  Andrew Longman's Original Pictorials were removed (now why would they do that?) and in their place, I want to present the following video by Hunchbacked that again shows the problems with audio delay:

What’s clear, if I am indeed working with the original audio footage, is that the original recording could not possibly have been a live conversation between the earth and the moon. Physics defies it.  You cannot travel faster than the speed of light with a radio packet, and these recordings clearly show communication with a delay that is 42% of the value it should be.

And it’s clear that the new and improved version has delays that are just right, to sound as though they were between the  earth and the moon, complete with a little moon-reflection to “prove” that they were exactly “that distance” away, along with a human pause before replying.

Of course, the easiest explanation is that I simply got ahold of a piece of audio which had all the silence edited out, trimmed for presentation.  It’s normal practice, and hardly a conspiracy.  But the video on youtube is labeled as original rendering, and it seems that way in the fine-grain of the audio.  The static is continuous, there are no abrupt transitions, and the human conversation has a very natural rhythm, cadence.

At first, it seems this would be easy to settle.  Hundreds of people with audio editors and original recordings all over the world can measure it and post their findings to the internet, along with a detailed description of the origin of their recording.

But this has been complicated.  NASA apparently rounded up many of the original television tape recordings in order to make their “new and improved” versions.  People who possessed them previously no longer do.  Then NASA says it thinks it destroyed the original tape.

Everyone who has original, live, as-aired audio of conversations between earth and the moon should post them, and begin to measure the time delay between transmissions.  They should also make copies of their as-aired original, and keep track of it.  The transmissions were recorded on earth, so the time delay between Columbia’s audio and Houston’s reply can be zero.  But the audio delay between Houston’s statement and Columbia’s reply needs to be 2.51 seconds.  1.258 to go out.  1.258 to come back. Minimum.

One last word.  The origin of the delay we expect is physics.  It is the most established physics in the world.  We are not talking about equipment delay, or digital delay, or what have you.  Physics requires that no signal, of any kind, can make the trip faster than 1.258 seconds, closest edge to closest edge, using the average distance earth to moon.  There is a little variation in, for example, edge of earth to edge of moon, as opposed to most direct path, but these would make the time lag longer, not shorter. 

 The other citeable source of distance variation is the natural gravitational apogee and perigree. Two published values for these distances are 357250 km and 406628 km. Assuming the shortest path

Distance, and the moon closest to the earth, at 357,250km, this would represent a 5% change in our stated numbers above, or about 6/100ths of a second. So, we can safely make this statement.

Neglecting atmospheric attenuation, the minimum time of travel for any radio communication from the surface of the earth to the surface of the moon is 1.26 seconds +/- 6%.

Trying to find original live recordings on youtube has become difficult.  One lengthy video, which had a lot of discussion of the delay issue, has vanished.

I offer this discourse to my readership as a challenging puzzle.

NTS Notes:  This is not a challenging puzzle at all... If you consider that these criminals purposely altered the data and the audio to fit their neat little lie of the Apollo moon landings.

No matter what the Apollo believers can say and scream about, the laws of physics cannot be changed.  The speed of light in a vacuum did not magically and suddenly speed up for the Apollo missions.

Andrew Longham does not come out and say it, but I will... NASA purposely altered the audio recordings to try to make them fit in with the Earth-Moon transmission delay a long time after the actual "landings" took place.    THIS type of criminality on the part of NASA should finally make even the most ardent believers in Apollo realize that they have been had.

NASA lied to America with Project Apollo, and bilked some 40 BILLION DOLLARS out of US taxpayers in the 1960's-1970's.   It is high time that everyone take these criminals to task for this outright lie of history and expose for their criminal wrongdoing.

I want to thank my friend, Gregg, aka.."pt1gard" for bringing this Andrew Longham article to my attention, and thus vindicating again what I have long known about the faked Apollo moon landings.

There are those out there that have said recently that I have abandoned my stance on Project Apollo as being a fraud... I say to them that I never left, and never abandoned efforts for the truth to be known.  And now I am back!

More to come



AbbyK said...

Great post. Had my jaw on the floor for a while there.

2 points - How would the massive project(even if it was staged) have overlooked such a basic consideration for keeping the story credible ?

And how can we verify an original 'live' broadcast ?
Did no geek record it at home from some early recording device - how about the tv footage. Any confirmed Live unedited broadcast footage ?
It is conceivable Nasa at the time claimed it to be live, but sent out a tv/radio friendly edited broadcast 'as live'. ?

Could this be another disinfo trap like Dr. Judy Wood ?

Fascinating to get to the bottom of this or put it to bed.

Great blog, regards :)

Northerntruthseeker said...

Not disinfo at all... The article shows clearly how they manipulated the original audio to stretch it to the 3.5+ seconds necessary (minimum) to justify the delay... But in doing so, clearly show their manipulation of the data...

The original telecasts were taped and then played over NASA tv screens claiming to be "Live", BTW...

Not a disinfo trap.. I have been examining NASA as a bunch of liars for over 30 years, and I am not swayed by any excuses from the Apollo believers' camp...

You want additional facts.. check out for some of the best evidence of other factors regarding Apollo...

I would challenge anyone to find this evidence as disinfo, BTW....

Northerntruthseeker said...

And about in trying to keep the story credible...How did they overlook this problem?

I guarantee that nobody at the time thought about this factor (criminals always get sloppy somewhere down the line...) and hoped that the general public would be ignorant to this fact due to the psychological propaganda effect of the "wow" factor of being the first "on the moon".. .Remember that at the time of Project Apollo there was so much patriotic fever about this that nobody had the guts to question its entire authenticity.

Only now, decades later, is the entire project subjected to scrutiny, and many saying "Hey now.. Wait a minute...."

ngant17 said...

In Nov. 1963, NASA was given a direct order from the Whitehouse, NSAM 271, to cooperate with the Soviets in matters of outer space. For reasons of economy as well as to foster a climate of peace between the two countries. Although the order was not signed by Pres. Kennedy it was clearly his intention. He personally toured Cape Canaveral shortly after NSAM 271 was issued, prior to traveling to Dallas where he was killed.

Upper level management in NASA refused to obey this presidential order. It was 'technically impossible' to do this, some of the NASA management stated. But in fact is was absolutely possible, because the Apollo-Soyuz missions happened under Nixon/Ford so why couldn't NASA cooperate with the Soviet Union in space in Nov. 1963, about a decade earlier?

Probably there was less profit for the military-industrial complex, which got lucrative government contracts with Apollo and the Vietnam War(both events were taking place at approximately the same time). None of that would have been tolerated by JFK.

NASA has been a living fraud since Nov. 1963. They even try to idolize Kennedy when in fact they did everything in their power to obstruct his commitment to world peace and space cooperation.

I'm sure Kennedy would have never signed off on NASA's appropriations in Dec. 1963 had he lived long enough to see their constant arrogance and treasonous behavior against his policies.

Anonymous said...

The assholes shut down Andrew Longman's website entirely! The 3 moonFaker Asstronuts should have complained of radiation burns while going to the moon and if so lucky to had survived the radiation, should have died of cancer by now. But those lying bastards who claimed did not see any stars and refused to swear on the bible that they really went to the moon, are today very healthy except for being stupid and arrogant which can be seen on YouTube. Watch the one and only interviews of the 3 asstronut liars on YouTube

Anonymous said...

But what was the delay between Apollos transmissions and Nasa's responses? This is not given in the transcript and looks spookily dishonest. If Nasa were only broadcasting the conversation as the astronauts heard it there would be no delay between the astronauts heatring Nasa and responding but there would be a big delay in Nasa then speaking again. If there was such a delay in the original broadscast then the broadcast was genuine,

Northerntruthseeker said...

Yes... They shut down Andrew's website, and the pictorial parts of this article therefore have gone bye bye as well....

Lets be clear... All anyone has to do is to just listen to the back and forth banter between the clowns on the "moon" and Houston... Anyone with even 1/2 a brain can see that there is NO delays that have to be there due to the Earth-Moon distance!

American people have been hoodwinked by this lie long enough, and the proof is right there...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Careful, anonymous.. You are trying the old attempt of twisting this argument...

No delays means no men on the moon, plain and simple...

Northerntruthseeker said...
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Torben Bo Hansen said...

Great post.
And then there is the missing blast crater from the rocket that landed the Eagle on the moon.

Let me recommend you a book that sets the world in a new perspective.
“The Controversy of Zion,” by Douglas Reed.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Controversy of Zion? Way beyond that...

Understanding the Jewish problem and the tribe being the cause of the world's woes is now common sense...

Anonymous said...

You guys aren't very smart are you. The moon hoax theory is so painfully stupid. Shame on your bullshit meter, its out of tune. Didn't take long for the Jewish conspiracy to get mixed in there did it. Weak sauce.

Northerntruthseeker said...

More "anonymous" clowns coming in and rather than debating the issue, trying to insult...

If you want to ever debate the lack of time delay and show that the facts presented are false... Please do so... If not, stop wasting my time and go and continue to live in your dream world..

Apollo is a fraud and a horrible lie in our history.... Please show me otherwise, if you dare!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Another anonymous clown just sent a message full of insults and slurs.. Claiming that I do not know my basic Physics... Little does he know that my major was Physics in University, so I do know what I am talking about..

Also his math is just wrong.. The distance from Earth to moon is 1.25 light seconds, not the 1.07 as he erroneously claims.. And the delay would be the complete turnaround time including the time for astro-NOT to think and respond.. which would be 2x1.25 plus at least 1/2 second.. or over 3 seconds minimum... NOWHERE in any of the audios do you see that delay..

Also he claims that the films were "edited"... but you cannot edit the video without the piggyback audio also edited.. It would therefore appear choppy and not uniform as we hear and see...

I am disgusted by the fact that he also overlooks the infamous "wait" that is heard in the background of several of the audios which means the controller in the background is trying to get the response delayed in a vain attempt to "simulate" the Earth-Moon audio delay.... Sad

I have given up on anonymous posters that do not use intelligence and instead go back to insulting... They are a waste of time..

Swedish Critic said...

Okay, I've been looking at this with Audio Delay at The Apollo 11 project myself and I found some interesting facts to add to this blogpost.

I went to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal and found some useful links (see at end of post).

I used the transcripts of the Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transmission and the NASA Audio Collection from Apollo 11 at and found out that the delay of your first example is (in it's unedited form) in fact actually ~52 seconds long...

(File: 175-AAA from NASA Audio Collection)
43:31 "Columbia, Columbia, this is Houston. AOS. Over."
44:26 "Houston, Columbia on the high gain. Over."

Now, I'm a critic of the Apollo moon landings from Sweden myself and I can't figure out why the hell it isn't any dust on the landing pads...

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transmission (search for "stars and stripes")

NASA Audio Collection from Apollo 11 (file: 175-AAA)

Swedish Critic

Northerntruthseeker said...

The key, Swedish Critic, is in the audio where they are rapidly speaking back and forth and foregoing the need for any delay, only to have their "controller" in the background clearly interrupt and say "wait"....This was done to make sure they are aware that they need to fake the delay to make it look like they are on the moon...

The more you look at it, the more you can not help yourself but to laugh at the gullibility of people and how we ALL were suckered for so long.

Swedish Critic said...

Okay, I have now analyzed the supposed "Wait dammit!" in the conversation between Parker and Cernan att Apollo 17 (142:49:05) and I'm not convinced about any controller saying "Wait dammit!". It's more likely an echo through Cernan's microphone of Parker saying: "...clamps and the..." - listen for yourself in the linked mp3-file of the conversation and compare the two sections (what Parker says and the echo) and you'll be as convinced as I am.

on my list.mp3

Swedish Critic

Swedish Critic said...

The next example in the Youtube-video is where Houston is supposed to scold Schmitt for replying to early...

But with a simple sound-editing-software like Audacity you can clearly hear that the supposed scolds are echoes from Scmitts microphone of Parker saying: " have any..." (first scold) and "...those today." (second scold) in the conversation at (169:28:09).

I think Schmitt simply started to reply Parker when he thought the sentence were over, after the second "Rover", where he makes a short pause. And the supposed scold (the actual echo) is exactly 2.5 second delayed.

I'm sorry but I'm not convinced about the audio-delay-problem with the Apollo moon landings. Analyze it for yourself and listen carefully.

we emptied those in 5.mp3

Swedish Critic

John Campion said...

Never mind the archive material. I watched live — I am 76 — and noted at the time the lack of audio delay. I thought dumbly there must be some reason I haven't thought of. I had just graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Natural Sciences.

John Campion MA Cantab

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have not put up a comment here for a while.. I was just looking at "swedish critic" and his comments.. Obviously a defender of the lies of Nasa...

I too was watching the live feed when I was a young man, and I do recall the constant lack of delays in the back and forth banter between Houston and the "men on the moon" (more likely a soundstage or in northern arizona)... And there was NO delays...

Critical analysis of the entire fraud can now take place.. thankfully...

Tommy Scott said...

Actually, what this may in fact prove is that the one-way speed of light is instantaneous as suggested by the Anisotropic Synchrony Convention. Read about it at the following link. This also is evidence for a young universe that was created, not evolved from a big bang.

Gary said...

I came across this curious statement by Buzz Aldrin. He said The EVA began seven hours after the landing with practical matters: the state of the spacecraft. the Moonwalkers turned to consider the Lunar Module and how it fared during landing. Aldrin remarked that there was “absolutely no crater there at all from the engine” and wondered if “right under the engine is where the probe might have hit.” Armstrong, meanwhile, found signs of their sideways velocity during landing in the probe’s mark underneath the engine bell; they’d clearly been moving sideways right up until touchdown. Mmmmm
Just a thought how in 2 and half hours did they constuct the rover answers on a postcard please

Gary said...

I came across this curious statement by Buzz Aldrin. He said The EVA began seven hours after the landing with practical matters: the state of the spacecraft. the Moonwalkers turned to consider the Lunar Module and how it fared during landing. Aldrin remarked that there was “absolutely no crater there at all from the engine” and wondered if “right under the engine is where the probe might have hit.” Armstrong, meanwhile, found signs of their sideways velocity during landing in the probe’s mark underneath the engine bell; they’d clearly been moving sideways right up until touchdown. Mmmmm
Just a thought how in 2 and half hours did they constuct the rover answers on a postcard please

DataMiner said...

I have one more little tidbit of data that you can add to your already convincing explanation. From the ARRL web site, regarding this guy (W4EJA) who tuned in on the conversations on VHF between NASA and the astronauts: he said that he received things about five seconds before they were broadcast on TV. This would indicate that NASA (or someone) was injecting an artificial delay for some reason. See about 2/3rds of the way down the page. And also notice that the calculated path loss for his setup would NOT allow for him to receive unassisted, un-amplified transmissions from the moon (all that stuff was on S-band, where W4EJA was not trying to hear). The only conclusion is that he was receiving them from somewhere closer, for example, low-earth orbit?

Good luck, keep searching for the truth, which seems to be getting brighter and brighter.

Mark Loper said...
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Northerntruthseeker said...

I have known about the problems with the audio delay almost from the moment I discovered Apollo was a fraud some 37 years ago...

My expertise in communications and telecommunications has led me to the reality of how satellite transmissions are indeed induced with a massive delay due to the speed of light and signals bouncing off geosynchronous satellites at altitudes of around 23000 miles in orbit.. The delay is absolutely seen in television transmissions from around the planet and cannot be "corrected" and/or edited if they want the transmission to indeed be "live"....

The problem with the audio delay is especially prevalent in the Apollo 16 and 17 telecasts where the talk between the fraud astronauts and Houston has almost ZERO delay, which is impossible considering the moon is 1.24 light seconds away from Earth... The turnaround time for response therefore MUST BE at least 3-4 seconds in conversations... And yet when you watch the videos there is almost none....

It is too bad that so many people and also so many Apollo hoax researchers do not see this for themselves and scream "NASA is absolutely caught here in their lies"....

Northerntruthseeker said...

And do not get me started about the fraud Mars landings..... I could write a book about what I have discovered and continue to discover about that fraud!

Mark Loper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

This is very interesting, my interest was first piqued by the mysterious "talk" sound that was recorded supposedly on the way to the moon. That got me thinking and listening to the Apollo 11 landing, and the speed of the conversation, notably the part when they get the Go from all the different groups monitoring the flight, it's all too quick, as mentioned there should be at least 2.5 second delay, plus thinking time to formulate a reply. Things just don't seem right. There are issues that need further investigation. I think you need to widen the period you monitor the sounds, it could be the reply is taken out of context and answers a previous question. I recall an Asimov short story that predates Apollo and worked through the issues over communications with a long time delay, so you need to be careful and check the previous statements before the dodgy looking part of the conversations.

People over the years have asked why did the USSR keep quiet. I think I have an answer to that one, a guaranteed period of the provision of grain, and/or other foodstuffs and commodities, at highly subsidised prices to prop up the Soviet state and the satellite states under it's iron heel. In return the Russians would have happily kept their silence in order to retain their hegemony. Once again, only a few people need to know the facts, those making the decisions. Everyone else just needs to do their job.

One thing often thrown in the face of those questioning the official line is how could everyone in the process be kept in the dark. That is a specious argument, you only need a handful of people to know the truth, some to know partial truths, and the rest to do their work in honest good faith and were as deceived as the rest of us. I have worked on defence projects, but I wasn't privy to classified material or the thinkings of the generals and admirals. You don't need to be, you do your job and that's the end of it.

The truth may never be known fully, too much time has passed, too many people who could have told the truth have died, and many of those still alive want to stay alive, or they remain true to the conspiracy.

If we didn't go then I feel a large part of the inspiration that has driven my life was a lie. I was young when the moon landings were happening, for me it was an inspiration, what could be achieved in peace, people working together to push the frontiers of exploration, science, and technology. Now I look back and feel cheated, to think that it may all have been a hoax...that is a crushing blow.

Unknown said...

I am dumbfounded as to why such highly intelligent and qualified people today still believe NASA or the US could have faked such an event. From the beginning please answer these questions.
1) Were the Gemini missions faked - did man orbit the earth in the late 50 and 60s.
2) Were the Apollo missions all faked - was the Saturn V rocket a big plastic dummy fake.
3) If so far you believe 1 and 2) were not fakes did Apollo 8 orbit the moon?
4) Did Apollo 9 and 10 practise the undocking and redocking of the lander module?
5) In all the moon missions, whether they landed or not, how did NASA contrive to make the direct line of site radio signals appear to come from the moon and no where else.
6) How is it that virtually anybody today, with the right equipment, can bounce a laser signal off the reflector left at the 11 landing site?
7) How is it that we can today, actually see the landing sites with image enhancing telescopes?

For me it would have been harder to fake all the missions leading to the moon landings then to have actually gone there....

I feel sorry for those who continue to hang on to single points of evidence to debunk the the moon landings when there is today so much evidence to prove that the missions did indeed take place... said...

100:49:15 Near moon, Command Module Data Storage Equipment records Armstrong audio

"You have it."

Armstrong's message travels the speed of light for 1.3 seconds before it reaches Duke in Mission Control.

Duke replies, "Thank you, sir" into the Huston microphone.

Duke's reply travels 1.3 seconds to get back to the astronaut at the moon, and then gets recorded on the Data Storage Equipment in the Apollo Command Module.

100:49:16 Duke: Thank you, sir.

Only one second elapsed (16 - 15)

Audio MP3

At about 1:55 into this recording you'll hear the exchange transcribed above

Loaded this image directly from nasa's website into (try it yourself) and it clearly shows the earth is a cube!! hmmm.

Either we are living on a cube earth, or nasa copy-pasted the earth in this image said...

Your questions are irrelevant and clearly designed to distract from the Apollo lie uncovered here. Address the facts or move along.

We only have to prove a single Apollo deception to discredit the entire thing, and we clearly have.

1. Who cares
2. Who knows? Who cares?
I would say the rocket was probably real but it doesn't prove anything.
3. Who cares?
4. Who cares?
5. They were engineers with billions of dollars, and who cares?
6. We were bouncing lasers off the moon long before the reflectors were placed there. How wide do you think the laser beam has spread by the time it hits the moon? A tiny reflector is not going to matter. The moon is so bright in the sky because it reflects light.
7. What you can see is a bunch of smuged images that don't even have the correct dimensions of the supposed artifacts. Why would t NASA release high resolution fly over images of the sites? Why have they already established no fly zones over the sites for any future missions?

Northerntruthseeker said...

But people do care.. The entire Apollo Program was created as a sense of "pride" in an American nation that was tearing itself apart through corruption of government and social issues that were not being addressed or rectified...

And the issue of "laser reflectors" has been answered already since you do not need "reflectors" to bounce lasers off the moon and to be detected on Earth...

You are right in the fact that Americans are blinded even today of the reality that the majority of their history is full of frauds and lies....

Apollo Greed said...

Hello, everyone not 100% sure but wasn't the Aollo 11 feed relayed to Houston from Australia. I read or heard that a while ago and can't find the source. If that is the case the delay would be even longer.

Josef said...

"If this is the definitive live record"

It's not. It's from the documentary Moonwalk One starting 1:09:12. See this post for details.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Josef.... We are talking about 1960's audio and visual technology, right??? If the 'delay' was removed, then the attached video would be choppy as well and show a lack of continuity everywhere... However, we see NO lack of that continuity from that "editing" of the film as you are claiming...

The facts are simple.... The delay had to be there always in every single video made from the entire Apollo film library... And if there was NO delay through editing, then the editing would be apparent from watching the videos... Since we find almost zero choppiness in so many of the videos with their audio, the feed was not edited in those cases and the audio delay must be there... But we see so many instances instead of the lack of delay!

No delay means no men on the moon, plain and simple....

Tommy Scott said...

Northerntruthseeker Have you not watched the recent TV series called Truth Behind the Moon Landing? The show conclusively debunked all the objections to a moon landing. Even the skeptic on the show, who clung to his beliefs to the bitter end had to admit that we'd been to the moon after it was over. Time to get over it and accept the truth.

Mark Loper said...

Well, that settles it... Tommy Scott says we went, therefore we did!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Not to worry... I get those comments all the time from the ones who cannot live with the reality that Apollo was a massive fraud..

I have looked at all of the so called "debunking" sites by now, and all I see is the same arguments over and over again that fail to address the science and physics that blows Apollo to smithereens.... Their usual arguments about "why has nobody in NASA blown the whistle" crap that I see regurgitated over and over again is just one that falls to pieces using logic...

Every single "debunking" video and so called website fails to answer:

(a) the audio delay problems
(b) the temperature variances on the lunar surface and how NASA has failed to explain how they dumped the excess and residual heat into space (NASA claims "air conditioning", but that requires convection/conduction for the heat to be dumped)
(c) the problem of the vacuum, and how the space suits had ZIPPERS of all things for their "air tight" closures which is so astonishing!
(d) the fact that the film used for the Apollo record was regular Kodak Ektochrome 110 that would have been heavily distorted by radiation on the lunar surface
(e) the outgassing effect of the chemicals within the film itself that would have occurred in the vacuum of the lunar surface (10 to the -14 TORR level on the moon)
(f) the radiation of not only crossing the VA barrier but exposure on the lunar surface (astronaut suits were made of rubber/silicone/plastic with NO radiation shielding!)
(g) no radiation shielding of the spacecraft/LM (aluminum when exposed to cosmic rays releases Xrays!)

I could go on and on with more factors added to this list.... I have looked at the supposed "debunks" of some of the facts behind the fraud, and they fail to answer the key questions of the actual physics involved and how Apollo was unable to overcome the problems with those physics...

Tommy Scott said...

Northerntruthseeker, your information is out of date. I've never heard about your items b - e, but the TV series Truth Behind the Moon Landing answered both f and g with simple scientific experiments that cannot be denied/refuted.

You need to watch the series. You are holding on to bad/old information.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, "Tommy Scott" but that information is very much valid and has NOT been proven wrong.. Therefore to make the disingenuous claim that those FACTS are "out of date" shows that you are either a troll, or a fool for not seeing the obvious..

I therefore am done with such stupidity, and you are banned from further comments here..

Northerntruthseeker said...

And I have watched this "truth beyond the moon landing" garbage, and I dismissed it as garbage within the first 10 minutes.... Their idea of trying to claim believers in the hoax are somehow "idiots" shows again that the criminals behind the fraud cannot hold up their claims under close scrutiny...

Mythbusters was the worse piece of garbage imaginable, and those in the know have shredded their "evidence" to pieces already....

straydog said...

NTS, I also watched that ridiculous TV show called Truth Behind the Moon Landing but it was anything but the truth.. In fact, the hoax evidence those two clowns pretended to debunk, wasn't debunked at all, as they purposely left out many important facts.. The entire series was an insult to everyone's intelligence.. The NASA shills did however manage to blurt out an important fact that not many people are aware of.. While attempting to prove the death of Apollo Safety Inspector Thomas Baron was just an accident, they clearly stated that THE TRAIN THAT KILLED HIM WAS OWNED BY NASA!!!! So even though it was difficult watching the blatant disinformation that stupid program promoted, at least it was worth watching it to find out that NASA did indeed murder whistleblower Tom Baron.