Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interesting Video: How The Jewish Mafia Screwed You!

In this blog, I sometimes present material that many naysayers may falsely deem as being either racist, hateful, or their constant laughable BS phrase: "antisemitic".   I have made it my endeavour to continue to present as much truthful material as possible in this blog, and sometimes the articles or videos presented are open to ridicule, and do make these naysayers (That I sometimes call my "favourite fan club") uneasy to say the least... But the truth must be told!

For this article, I want to present the following video that shows how the criminals have taken control over our lives and have basically screwed us all..   It is from Youtube user: "northpal1", and is entitled: "How The Jewish Mafia Screwed You".    Here is that important video, and I have some additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  ALL of the information in this video is very factual, and is easily verifiable by just doing a small bit of research.

Yes, the naysayers may scream foul about some of the material in this video, and I do challenge them to show where the facts presented are in any way in error.   I guarantee that many of them have nothing to counter these claims, and instead will try to again scream their fraudulent: "antisemitism" and hope that people ignore the facts presented!

Readers, I guarantee that this video will be eventually removed from Youtube.   Therefore, I do recommend that you take this video, make copies when possible, and pass it around for others to see for themselves.     The truth must be told!

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Anonymous said...

OWS protest organizers and controllers won't allow this information to be voiced in the protests. It is so obvious that the Jewish Mafia is in control of the OWS in the streets. The real criminals are being protected by the official OWS spokespersons claiming to not be anti-semitic when they very darn well should be ranting against the Jewish criminals taking America down. Shouting it out in the public streets. Alternative media is even supporting the cover-up, one notably claiming that anti-semitic claims is a ruse to discredit the OWS agenda. What a phony, false truth seeker he has become!

Whitewraithe said...

Added this to my Vodpod account. Thanks for uploading this vid, my friend.

buelahman said...

The info contained is excellent. But, I must say that I could have done without the music (maybe just a personal preference, but it also seems to detract from the info). This is a constructive critique for the video maker.

Thanks for sharing this!