Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interesting Interview With The Passionate Pragmatist

Well... I finally did it.... After discussing it for months now, I finally decided to do an audio interview with Debra, aka Whitewraithe, who writes the PragmaticWitness (  It is about an hour long, and the audio is a bit scratchy and not in full stereo (We are working out the bugs).   Here it is for everyone to listen:

NTS Notes:  Damn... I did sound scratchy and a bit nervous...We will be refining the audio and the interviews in the future, and this is just our first attempt.  I have noticed that it comes out as mono instead of full stereo along with a bit of feedback, but we will eventually work out those bugs too....

What everyone needs to understand is that this was fully unscripted, and uses material that has not been prepared at all.  ALL of the information comes right off the top of my own, and Debra's, heads.   It comes from our own facts and research...

There were also a few mistakes in my own wording... When I said "sentient" lifestyle, when describing how people are not getting enough vitamin D in their bodies, I actually meant "sedentary" lifestyle... Of course there was other minor mistakes that everyone will pick up on, and have a chuckle...But hey... We are only human!

Overall though, not bad.... There will be future audio shows that I will be getting involved with, and I will present them here for readers to listen to... Stay tuned...

More to come


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