Thursday, November 10, 2011

Important Video: Why A Dollar And Euro Collapse Is Guaranteed

America is finished.   I have been saying that for a very long time now, and there has been nothing that has happened since to persuade me otherwise.   The sick Elite Jewish money junkies who control the private banks have basically raped the American public of their hard earned money and put them into perpetual debt enslavement.   On top of that, the American economy is a total shambles with very little manufactured in America at all, due to criminal corporations off shoring all manufacturing jobs to foreign nations in their pursuit of greed and profit.   The net result is entire American families totally destitute, unemployed, and living in extreme poverty on the streets in the cities of that once great nation. 

For my continuing expose on the truth about the failing American (and world) economy, I want to present the following short, but to the point, video from Youtube user: "StormCloudsGathering", entitled: "Why A Dollar And Euro Collapse Is Guaranteed".   The facts presented in this video are absolutely factual and paint a very dark image of things to happen very soon!  I, of course, have some comments to follow:

NTS Notes: It is a proven fact that all Debt based monetary systems throughout history ALWAYS collapse eventually.   What is happening with the Dollar and the Euro is just history repeating itself again!

I am truly astounded how the American public has ever allowed this mess to continue.  These criminal monetary "junkies" in the Federal Reserve System and the European Central Bank should be in JAIL for their selfish and criminal crimes against humanity.   But with their total control over governments, I very much doubt that anyone will see that happening any time soon.

So where do we go from here?  Our best course of action is to make everyone painfully aware about the truth about our entire financial system and how it indeed is nothing more than a ponzi scheme concocted by swindlers and thieves.    The sooner that happens, the better we are able to cushion the blow and be prepared for when the entire evil enterprise collapses!

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