Friday, November 18, 2011

Global Debt For Dummies

One of the major subjects that I touch on in this blog is the financial crisis situation that the world is presently entangled in.   Many people are still totally unaware or are simply oblivious to the harsh reality that their very lives may change shortly due to the impending collapse of the world economies due to the nefarious actions of some very criminal groups.

To help everyone to understand how we got into this global debt crisis in the first place, I want to present another great new video by Snordelhans, entitled: "Global Debt For Dummies".   It is very well done, and I do have a few extra comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This video explains one method of how the criminal financial banking institutions destroyed our economies due to their incessant pursuit of greed by giving loans to clients that had absolutely no means of every fulfilling their obligations to pay them back. 

It is a fact that one way to get out of this financial mess that we are in is to simply let these criminal institutions collapse and not give them one red cent as a "bailout".   The bailouts of these criminals by our governments has only saddled our future generations with a massive debt load that will leave them as debt slaves for their entire lives.  That, readers, should never be the case.

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