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College As Stepping Stone To Jobs MYTH!

For years now, I have been letting everyone that will listen try to understand that our so called education system is a complete shambles.   What our children are being educated with in our institutions these days is programming by big corporations for them to be unthinking zombies that do nothing more than become yes men.   It is further a sad fact that most of the so called College graduates can not find work in the fields that they have spent astronomical amounts of money to learn and obtain, and instead are hopelessly saddled with a student debt that leaves them as debt slaves for years to come!

To further show how how people have been misled into the false belief that having a College education automatically gives them high paying positions in the job market, I want to present a great article from Ryan Dawson, from his site: "Anti-Neocons" at, entitled: "College As Stepping Stone To Jobs Myth", right here for my own readers to view.  I do have some additional comments to follow:

College as stepping stone to jobs myth
Ryan Dawson

The economy doesn't reflect skills in education. People assume well if I learn such and such which is harder than not learning it then I should get paid X amount. The problem is it doesn't matter how cool your skill is, if it isn't needed then it doesn't make money and you don't get a job. The majority of our economy is mainly just mindless entertainment, and service jobs, which require little more than showing up on time and being obedient. There can only be so many dentists etc because there is a relatively fixed demand, (there are only so many teeth,) we crank out way too many professional people without the industries for them to work in because either the capital isn't out their to support those industries, or the demand just isn't there. Manufacturing is dead, (shipped over seas for off shore slavery) there are way too many lawyers, too many academics, etc. Knowledge does not equate to success or economics. That is one of the biggest myths in our society that-wealth comes from schooling and work. Wealth comes from work. Work doesn't come from schooling, it comes from a demand for it. It comes from a demand for the skill set and not everything academic translates to selling products.

For example you knowing history doesn't benefit someone else. Sure its vital, it is important in the long run that someone know history, but it doesn't have an immediate turn over monetarily. Does it help you understand politics, economics, culture etc sure, but that all has abstract value not monetary value. Can you smile and sell people food on a registrar? Well then that has a daily certain monetary value. People eat everyday. Education although it should be important and it is in its own right, does not reflect the needs of the consumerist society.

Being willing to work hard won't matter unless there is a place for you to work hard. If you look good you can make money as a stripper than teaching physics. Most of the economy isn't even tied to "work" at all. The majority of the money is all in "speculation" AKA gambling, making money from having money. And this is why the capital isn't out there to float more industries for more professional jobs and a higher quality of life across the board.

Go to college to learn about the world and personally enrich yourself, or to socialize. Do not go to college as a stepping stone into the job market because it won't work. Odds are, you'll just be in debt and know a bunch of stuff than no one cares about and half wouldn't even understand. When you do get a job after college its not because you went to college its because you stopped going to college and had to get a job and you will get it the same way you would have had you not gone to school. You get it for being able to do what you're told.

I would like to get rid of speculators completely. Money should be made by producing something or doing something tangible. I think if we could tax churches and close the stock market for a 2 months, we'd be the wealthiest nation in the world. And that's my two cents on that.

Just imagine if telling the truth paid. Make it happen and more of us would be doing that. But no, we work other jobs and do this second job for moral reasons at our own detriment. That's why people ask for donations, the corporate sponsors are not coming, not ever.

I could make more money from a book about wizards than I ever could from writing philosophy. That's the world we live in. Money is tied to the will of the lowest common denominator.

NTS Notes:  It used to be years ago that maybe the idea of the necessity of having higher learning meant better and higher paying positions, but sadly, not anymore. 

I must again include the following video, entitled: "College Conspiracy" that further emphasizes the criminality of the College education system in making its students nothing more than debt slaves.  Here, again, is that important video:

NTS Notes:  I am not here to dissuade any one from seeking and obtaining knowledge through a college education.   Many considerations MUST be taken into account these days before anyone decides that path in their lives, including the fact that such an education no longer guarantees them high paying jobs.   Times have definitely changed and the facts presented here speak for themselves!

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mary sullivan said...


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Timster said...

I think Dawson speaks the truth in this piece...mainly.
I must disagree with him on one key issue however. He states that "Wealth comes from work". No. Sorry. That is just not true. Wealth arises from either somehow inheriting it, or taking it in one fashion or another from someone else...usually many others and usually immorally. That is just a fact. I have never met a wealthy person, nor do I believe they exist, that does not fit one of these two descriptions. No one is paid well for real work. They never have been nor ever will be.