Sunday, October 16, 2011

The War In Libya: Important Video -Testimony Of Libya By Lizzy Phelan

With all of the world news focusing on the push by the criminal state of Israel and their obedient slaves in the US Government for a new war, this time against the innocent country of Iran, we tend to forget about another war of aggression against an innocent people that is still ongoing.  I am of course speaking about the criminal NATO/IMF war against Libya.

Right now, there is little reporting being pushed out by the Jewish controlled mainstream media about the truth about the war in Libya.  And no wonder... Right now, NATO is losing that war as forces loyal to Muhammar Gadaffi are pushing out the NATO puppet TNC murderous criminals out of all of the towns in northern Libya, and the capital city of Tripoli itself.   NATO has responded to the retaking of these towns and cities by conducting horrific and genocidal carpet bombing raids on civilian targets!   So much for "winning the hearts and minds" of the civilians.

With NATO committing mass murderous bombing campaigns against the civilians of Libya, the people of Libya are all now aligning themselves with Gadaffi's forces are are fighting a life and death struggle to remove the criminal NATO and TNC forces out of Libya once and for all.  But will you hear about this on the controlled media?  Of course not!

To help understand the real situation in Libya, I want to present a fabulous video that shows the testimony of one brave reporter, Lizzy Phelan, who came forth the other day and told the truth in front of a panel about what exactly has been going on in that latest war of NATO brutality.  Here is that video, and I have additional comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I live in Canada, which is of course a NATO country, and I am truly sickened to see how this criminal government supports the NATO genocidal attacks on innocent civilians in Libya.    

This war against Libya is, and always has been, for all the wrong reasons.  Libya was one of the most advanced countries in Africa, and was working to free itself and most of Africa from the evil clutches of the Rothschild criminal elite and their criminal private banking institutions. It is for THAT reason that the Rothschild empire demanded that their puppet governments under "NATO" go and destroy Libya and bring in a criminal private bank into that country.  

Thankfully, the proud people of Libya are resisting the evil aggression of NATO and have now almost won their country back.... However, I guarantee that the Rothschilds have at least one more evil trick up their sleeve, and may shortly order their puppets under NATO to place forces on the ground in Libya to "free" that country... Almost the same way that they "freed" Iraq, and Afghanistan!

Lets get the truth out about the real situation in Libya.   The push for world domination by these criminals must be ended.... If Libya is lost to these criminals, then the next stop is definitely another peaceful nation, Iran!

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Lizzie has done some wonderful work and is an amazing woman.

Might I suggest two more sources of amazing information on the situation in Libya.

In YouTube there is

Morris in in Britain I think. He has built up a good network and updates the world on the truth in Libya sometimes several times a day including interviews with the people over there.

Yesterday I put up an article introduced by Cynthia McKinney, a great brave warrior, written by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. I highly highly recommend you read it.

Mahdi and Lizzie were both in the Rixus hotel in Tripoli at the beginning of the war and both were targeted (threatened)by the mainstream media members also locked up with them because those two spoke the truth, not the acceptable party line. In fact, attempts were made on Mahdi's life, about the same time Lamb was also shot in the leg.

In fact, I cannot express how important this article by Mahdi is. It is titled:


Although it is part III of a series on Libya, it is, IMHO, the most important so far. I found a LOT of tiles slipped into place, not just of Libya but of African history for the past hundred years.

Then I followed it up with a nasty dirty little song dedicated to NATO.