Saturday, October 8, 2011

The War In Afghanistan: America's Longest War In History Now Over 10 Years Old And Still Going!

I have said it for years and I will say it again... The war in Afghanistan has been lost for a very long time, and nations must demand that their governments withdraw their forces from that country and bring their troops home.   Fighting a war for the evil Rothschilds so they can continue to get rich off of the profits from Opium and Heroin derived from Afghanistan poppy fields is morally wrong and must be ended immediately!

But it seems that the war in Afghanistan is not to be ended any time soon, and according to this article from The Raw Story online news site, at, the war in Afghanistan has just marked 10 years since it started, with absolutely no end in sight... Here is that article:

Afghanistan marks 10 years since war started

By Agence France-Presse
Friday, October 7, 2011

KABUL — Afghanistan marks 10 years since the start of the US-led war against the Taliban Friday amid heightened security and questions over what the next decade will hold.
Security is being stepped up in the capital Kabul after a string of major attacks including the assassination of peace envoy Burhanuddin Rabbani, which has thrown government strategy for talking peace with the Taliban into turmoil.
On the frontlines, it is likely to be business as usual for the 140,000 international troops in Afghanistan, of whom 100,000 are from the United States, as they continue the fight against a brutal, Taliban-led insurgency.

For many Afghans, the anniversary will be a time for reflection on what the war has meant for their country and how the withdrawal of all foreign combat troops by the end of 2014 will affect them in future.
“I spent a year in the city of Kabul during the Taliban regime and they made life difficult as they banned everything. We were forced to flee the country and live in Pakistan,” said Abdul Saboor, a 30-year-old cook in Kabul.
“I was very pleased when finally the dark era of the Taliban ended in (our) country.”
But Kabul street vendor Khan Agha, 30, highlighted discontent over civilian casualties and called for foreign troops to leave,
“Since the Americans and their allies came to Afghanistan, our security has deteriorated and they have also been involved in the killings of innocent Afghan civilians,” he said.
A senior Afghan government official speaking on condition of anonymity to AFP said security would be stepped up for the anniversary.

“We do have some security measures,” the official said.

“There will be more security, more checks. Police will be on high alert. But it’s not going to be extraordinarily big measures — there will be some preparations like more security and more checks.”
Around 200 Afghans called for the withdrawal of foreign troops and shouted anti-American slogans at a protest in Kabul Thursday ahead of the anniversary.
They shouted “Death to America and its Afghan puppets” and torched an American flag at the end of their peaceful march through the city centre, an AFP reporter at the scene said.
The war was launched to oust the Taliban for harbouring Osama bin Laden, leader of Al-Qaeda which was behind the September 11, 2001 attacks in the US, and destroy Al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.
On October 7, 2001, just under a month after September 11, American planes dropped dozens of cruise missiles and laser-guided bombs on strategic targets in Kabul and other Afghan cities.
That was followed by a ground campaign which defeated the Taliban within weeks.
Insurgents lay dormant in Afghan and Pakistani hideouts for the next few years, severely depleted by the invasion, and US attention turned to the war in Iraq.
But violence flared back up again around 2007 and 2008, prompting a surge in the number of troops sent to fight the Taliban — the US alone sent 50,000 more.
As troops start limited withdrawals ahead of 2014, the Taliban have increasingly focused on launching targeted attacks against foreign forces as well as the Afghan military and officials.
The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) argues this shows it is winning the fight on Afghanistan’s battlefields.
Figures from the United Nations indicate this year is on course to be the bloodiest yet for civilians, with 1,462 killed in the first half of this year, 80 percent by insurgents. ISAF insists it does all it can to minimise such deaths.
Experts argue that the 10th anniversary finds Afghanistan at a key turning point.
“Time is running out to leave Afghanistan in an acceptable shape that would justify the time, money, and lives spent in expanding the mission from counter-terrorism to state building,” said Terry Pattar, senior consultant at defence intelligence group IHS Jane’s.

NTS Notes:  OK... Where to start with all the glaring errors in this article...  First, the war in Afghanistan was NOT started for seeking out the CIA operative Osama Bin Laden, but was planned months before the Israeli Mossad 9-11 attacks, and has always been aimed for two reasons... To secure an oil pipeline route to the Indian Ocean, as well as securing the Opium Poppy Fields that were being destroyed by the Taliban to put them back into full production for profit!   The primary reason for the entire invasion was for the drugs!

And, I very much doubt that the foreign troops will be withdrawing in 2014 voluntarily... The Rothschilds will find a reason before then to make sure that their drug profits continue to flow....

I am truly sickened to see how a once great country, Afghanistan, has suffered the ravages of endless warfare for the last 3 decades... It was bad enough when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan to control the drug trade, but now the Americans have taken over from where the Soviets have left off with absolutely no end in sight.

What we have seen over the last decade of US/Nato involvement in Afghanistan is the total destruction of that nation, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, thousands of foreign troops dying for the evil Rothschilds of Europe for their drug profits, and those nations providing these troops spending countless billions of dollars for a war that they cannot possibly win....  

Afghanistan has always been known as the graveyard of empires, and from what we are seeing is now happening to the United States, that statement is again ringing true....

Again, the war in Afghanistan is lost.   The people of Afghanistan deserve to decide their future without the constant interference from outside forces.   It is definitely time to end this truly insane war, and demand that the troops be brought home.. NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Can terrorists be terrorized? If so, then there are terrorists who can be terrorized and terrorists who cannot. It would seem that ZOG is trying to terrorize the terrorists it doesn't like while approving of terrorists it does like, for instance, the Israelis who terrorize the Palestinians. As Oscar Wilde once said, "If terror is, then terror was and probably."

Anonymous said...

I watched a bit of Lard Bawl at Fordham U. with Chris Matthews and cabbage head McCain. One of the issues was ZOG's anticipated devastation of Iraq. Chris asked those who were in favor of a war, to shout fervently. He then asked the same of those who opposed a war. It appeared that the in-favor-of people had a slight edge on those who didn't, maybe 55-45%. Chris then asked all of those students in the group who favored a war, to stand up if they were ready to volunteer to go and fight. One smiling fellow stood up. Shit-for-brains McCain got flustered and said Chris asked an "improper" question. The conclusion, as Chris noted, what that people favored a war as long as they didn't have to do the dirty and bloody work. That, my friends, is the Judeo-American attitude and it includes the blightwing -- Here's $50. Go and save the White race. Everyone seeks some plan which not only will guarantee success but will insure that they, personally, will not be imposed upon beyond a donation and well wishes. A pervasive attitude such at this not only guarantees failure but it insures the continuation of wheel-spinning activities such as election campaigns, writing your Congressman and sending money so some charlatan can improve his standard of living. The young people at Fordham have told us what to expect from them -- nothing. They simply do not care beyond exercising their vocal cords. That's all academia is all about anyway. ZOG knows this and ZOG plods murderously on. We have descended a long way since those immortal words "...with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

Anonymous said...

The concept of envy -- the hatred of the superior -- has dropped out of our moral vocabulary ... The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn't occur to us, because it's not a nice idea. ... Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It's Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn't conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.

Anonymous said...

In 1933, a new light shone upon the world. It was the hard light of Nature's laws embodied in political form. A partial aim was to build better people by blocking the avenues of degeneracy. Imagine a world with a limited number of beautiful, intelligent and healthy people; a world where all areas were not open to plunder serving the interests of the greedy and ugly. Inspired not by a lust for power, although that was present at lower levels, but by that described "In that hour it began." It was not a new idea since the thrust of Nature has always been towards improvement, that is, if Nature's laws were not circumvented. Left alone, coyotes become better coyotes as do the gophers and birds they feed upon. Man, and in particular the White man, was never content to work with Nature, he had to impose himself on it -- subdue it -- control it -- and thereby become a god himself, at least in his own mind. Over the centuries, the outcome of this egocentricity has created millions of people mentally deficient and physically deficient, where millions no longer cannot live as other life on this planet but require artificial contrivance to even exist at all. To overcome the obvious, man self-imposed a delusional state where he considered whether he was "happy" as if this would detract from his poor eyesight, rotted teeth, weak heart, and little resistance to disease. From the first burbles of Socrates, which developed into a cacophony of amens, to the present, we remain assured that the physical and mental being is of little consequence as long as the invisible, nay, intangible, "soul" remains unscathed. That is what life is all about, so they tell us. To hell with real life, let's look for the end of the rainbow. We'll call it heaven. But then, what be heaven's purpose other than stagnation and the eternal boredom of bliss? It cannot be "life after death" for life is growth and struggle.
The new expression of Nature's Idea was cause for concern among the deformed, depraved and perverted. Their whole existence was an affront to Nature and now they perceived danger. The profiteer and middleman, those who remain parasitic upon all those who truly work, did not like the sound which was beginning to expand its range. What if the "idea" caught on? We'd be doomed! That's what they must have been thinking. Inward they turned and brought out the only response their selfish and narrow minds could offer. If it offends -- bludgeon it. If it appears threatening -- kill it. And kill it they tried. A proud and accomplished nation, the manifestation of the Idea, was put to ruin by claiming that the threat to the deranged and criminally powerful, was the same as a threat to all, which is decidedly wasn't. After the gloating funeral of 1945, the working people were placated by another batch of lies and the lying has continued for over one-half a century, and shows no sign of abating. In fact, new fiction is being manufactured on an assembly line basis. Lying to the public has taken on a life of its own. It's now an accepted industry and usual government policy.

You can starve a people and you can humiliate a people. You can force them to watch their homeland being populated by people of dubious stock, but even if you killed them all, the Idea would persist for that Idea belongs to Nature, and hence, all life.

The technological power, now wielded by the White man, remains unprincipled and unrestrained. That will be his downfall unless a new generation of White people decide that they've had enough of our eventually futile combat with Nature.

Anonymous said...